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PHP String Interview Questions give you best knowledge about your intervew. First of all, what is a string in PHP? If you are starting from the base we are here to guide and help you in all possible ways so that every criterion of an interview process gets covered up and you are not left wondering what and where to prepare. Shall we get started?

The word “string” refers to a series of characters. PHP supports a number of data types, including strings. Alphanumeric elements are allowed in string variables. A string is formed when you create a variable and allocate it to string characters. With the echo argument, you can use PHP Strings explicitly. String functions in PHP are language constructs that aid in the capturing of words.

Understanding how PHP strings function and manipulating them can help you become a more successful and efficient developer. PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Pre-processor and is a recursive acronym. It’s a common open-source programming language that’s ideal for building interactive websites and mobile APIs. Therefore, if you’re thinking about starting a profession in PHP and want to learn the necessary skills, grab the opportunity and get going.

The list of top PHP string interview questions are as follows-

Q1. How can PHP interact with Javascript?

Ans- Since PHP is a server-side programming language and javascript is a client/customer programming language, PHP cannot directly communicate with javascript. Nevertheless, when the javascript code section compiles on the server, we can embed the PHP variable values, or javascript can interact with a PHP page through HTTP calls.

Q2. How to manipulate video files using PHP?

Ans- In PHP, there is no built-in library, but there are several open-source libraries that have such kind of features. FFmpeg is a cross-platform audio and video recording, conversion, and streaming tool. This extension can be built in PHP and used to perform a number of tasks.

Q3. What is the difference between stripes and strops?

Ans- Stripos and strops are used to locate the first appearance of a string inside another string. The strops() function is case sensitive, while the stripos() function is not.

Q4. PHP String Interview Questions – What is cron jobs?

Ans- Pre-programmed tasks that run at the developer’s specified intervals are known as cron jobs. They work by executing pre-determined scripts; the time intervals for operating these scripts can be set. It is not a feature of the PHP compiler; however, depending on the platform or the type of hosting control panel.

Q5. Explain how PHP string interpolation is done?

Ans- The process of inserting variables into a string of data. While executing the string, PHP parses the interpolate variables and substitutes them with their own values is known as interpolation.

Q6. What’s the difference between include and required?

Ans- The prime difference between include and required lies in the fact that how they are dealt with failures. If require() fails to locate the file, a fatal error may occur, halting the script’s operation. Include() will give an alert if the file is not found, but execution will proceed.

Q7. What is the difference between session and cookie?

Ans- The primary distinction between sessions and cookies is that session is mainly used for login and logout, while cookies are used to monitor user behavior.

Sessions are stored on the server, while cookies are placed in text file format on the user’s computer. Different variables cannot be stored in cookies, but different variables can be stored in a session. A cookie’s expiration date may be set, but the session only lasts as long as the window is open. The data saved in session is not accessible to users, as the storage is in the server.

Q8. PHP String Interview Questions – What is Heredoc in PHP?

Ans- Heredoc is a PHP function that allows developers to write a multi-line string without using the single and double quotes delimiters. It works with <<< symbols, and a token to indicate the ending of a series.

Q9. What are the different data types in PHP?

 Ans. 8 data types in PHP

  1. Integers
  2. Doubles
  3. Booleans
  4. NULL
  5. Strings
  6. Arrays
  7. Objects
  8. Resources

Q10. PHP String functions trim(), ltrim() and rtrim() Example

Ans. trim(string,charlist)

$sample_string = '  Welcome to ';
$clean_string = trim($sample_string);

Q11. What is strpos() function Example?

echo strpos("The color of apple is red.","apple");

Q12. What is PHP ucwords() function example?

echo ucwords("welcome to the php tutorials");

Q13. PHP str_replace() function?

echo str_replace("Hello", "Hi", "Hello PHP!");

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