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Zend interview questions

Zend Interview Questions: The Zend Framework is an object-oriented web application framework written entirely in PHP 7. Zend Technologies developed and manages this platform, which was first published in the year 2005. The Zend framework’s latest stable version is 3.0.0, also known as Zend 2.

About Zend
Developer(s) Zend Technologies
Initial release March 3, 2006; 15 years ago
Stable release 3.0.0/ June 28, 2016; 4 years ago
Repository Zend Repository
Written in PHP 7
License New BSD license

The Zend system is composed of loosely linked components that can be easy to implement into an application. It’s for web software that requires a lot of functions and libraries but doesn’t need a load of coding. It’s an object-oriented web application architecture based on the upgraded MVC design pattern.

Check out the following questions to get a better understanding of the topic-

What are decorators in the Zend framework?

Ans- The decorator pattern is used by the Zend system to render elements and shapes. The decorator is widely used to adhere to the single responsibility principle since it allows usability to be separated among classes with distinct areas of concern. A design that enables the behavior to be introduced to a specific object is one simple method for defining a typical decorator pattern.

Zend Interview Questions – What is Zend engine?

Ans- Zend Engine is a set of elements that PHP uses internally as a compiler and runtime engine. The Zend Virtual Machine is the most critical part of the Zend Engine, and it is made up of the Zend Executor components and the Zend Compiler. Zend opcodes are used to arrange PHP scripts that are stored in the memory.

What is Bootstrapping?

Ans- Several PHP programs route server requests via a single (or a few) PHP source file that sets up the application’s environment and configuration, manages sessions and caching, and invokes the MVC framework’s dispatcher. Several things can be done, but their main job is to make sure that the goals on each page of a web application are regularly met.

Which version of PHP does Zend framework require?

Ans- PHP 5.2.4 or higher is needed for Zend Framework. The Zend framework has been updated to reap the benefits of all of PHP 5.2.4’s object-oriented functionality as well as major performance and security improvements.

Zend Interview Questions – What is Zend_registry?

Ans- A container used to store objects and variables in the application space is known as Zend_registry. The Zend registry objects are accessible within your application. A user may use the Zend registry to replace global storage.

How to check whether a form posted or not in the Zend framework?

Ans- In Zend Framework, we can check if a form has been submitted in one of two ways- the first one is to process and save the form submission to the database and the second one is to show a form for the user to fill out with information.

What is Lucene is in the Zend framework?

Ans- A powerful, full-featured text search engine that stores search indexes in an open, binary format and uses a structured question interface to query them is known as Lucene. It was created as part of the Apache project and was originally written in Java. Zend Search Lucene is a PHP extension that provides complete binary compatibility with the Java Lucene search engine.

Explain- Zend-Cache allows a generic way to cache any kind of data

Ans- Caching in Zend Framework is controlled by frontends, and cache records are retained using a versatile system of IDs and tags in backend adapters (File, Sqlite, Memcache, etc.). It is simple to remove various types of records after using them.

What are Plugins in the Zend framework?

Ans- The Zend platform makes extensive use of plugin architectures. Plugins allow easy framework enforcement and modification while keeping the code apart from the Zend framework code.

Difference between Zend-Registry and Zend-Session?

Ans- Zend Registry is used to keep track of the current request’s objects and properties. The Zend Registry object is used to prepare configuration and database parameters for worldwide usage. While PHP sessions are used by Zend Session. The data saved with Zend Session can be accessed from any/all sites.

Name the default methods provided by decorators in the Zend framework?

Ans- Decorators are used as part of the framework to provide flexibility and ensure the elements operate properly. The default methods given by decorators in the Zend system include- view helper, HTML tags, labels, and errors.

Explain routing in Zend framework.

Ans- In Zend Framework, routing is the method of aligning a request to a specific server.

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