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PHP Array Interview Questions: Array functions in PHP one of the most in-demand features that an interviewer looks for in a candidate. For those who are not quite sure about PHP arrays, it can be defined as a data structure that provides a developer to store various components of similar data types in a single variable, saving them the time and effort of creating a separate variable for each data type.

PHP Array Interview Questions
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The PHP array functions are useful for generating a list of similar-type elements that developers can reach through the index. The most popular PHP interview questions and answers are discussed below so that you may get a better insight and not get one of those nervous feels in your next interview. Let’s take a look at some of the most asked PHP interview questions-

20+ PHP Array Interview Questions

Describe array_count_values() in PHP?

Ans- It is a PHP built-in feature; a function used for counting all of the variables. It can be said that in an array it’s used to measure the frequency of all the components present in it.

What is PHP?

Ans- Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a commonly utilized open-source server-side script tool for web creation. A lot of databases are supported, including MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Strong, PostgreSQL, and Generic ODBC.

Explain PHP parameterized functions?

Ans- Functions with parameters are known as PHP parameterized functions. Inside a function, you can move any number of parameters. Inside your function, these parameters are used as variables. After the given function, they are listed inside the parentheses. The function’s output is determined by the complex values placed in as parameters.

How do you declare an array in PHP?

Ans- A variable that can store several properties of the same form is referred to as an array. The array() function in PHP is used to build the array. This function accepts any number of key-value pairs divided by a comma. In the array feature, you can only give the value by default.

Explain some of the PHP array functions?

Ans- There are several PHP array functions like sort(), array_intersect(), array(), array_chunk(), count(), array_search(), array_change_key_case(), and array_reverse().

What is an array in PHP?

Ans- An array is a type of data structure that allows users to store multiple values in a single value. It is used to organize maps of key-value pairs in PHP and stores data type.

What is the difference between associative array and indexed array?

Ans- Associative array assigns and stores values in the database using specific keys while indexed array uses a numerical approach to save and assign values, with the counting beginning at zero.

What is implode() in PHP?

Ans- A string is used to connect array elements is called a implode() function in PHP. Do not elaborate your answers unnecessarily as all technical questions demand a straight answer, clarity is a crucial thing in any technical round.

How to split a string into an array?

Ans- The PHP explode() function divides a string into an array regarding a particular element, substring, or sign.

Name the types of arrays in PHP?

Ans- Mainly three types of the array are there in PHP, which include- numeric (indexed) array, associate array, and multidimensional array. If the interviewer asks to define them, you can state the three types of arrays as-

Numeric (indexed) array: The values in these arrays contain a numeric index. While in the index number’s linear order they are stored and accessed. The value of the index begins at one.

Associate array: Instead of using the index value, these arrays have a key for each value to save and manage. The primary value of the associative array is a string.

Multidimensional array: Elements of multidimensional array comprise an array as a sub-element, and so forth. Here, each element could be an array; multiple indexes are used to reach the values in these arrays.

What is the use of array_chunk()?

Ans- The array chunk() function divides the given array into pieces of the specified size based on the parameters passed to it and it is a PHP built-in feature.

How to compare two arrays in PHP?

Ans- In PHP, the array diff() function compares two or more arrays and returns the differences between them. The values that are available in the very first array but not in the others comprise of the difference.

PHP starts with what index?

Ans- All arrays in PHP begin with the index value of zero by default.

What are the different PHP functions available to sort an array?

Ans- Various PHP functions to sort an array include- rsort(), sort(), assort(), ksort(), krsort() and arsort()

All PHP array interview questions discussed here have been curated with the aim to provide the best information possible and guide you to give your best in any technical round. If you wish to know more about such technical stuff, mention it in the comment section.

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