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Symfony PHP Interview Questions and Answers: Symfony is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks with a set of reusable components and options. Symfony aims to expedite the creation and maintenance of web applications and replace repetitive coding tasks.?… In which technology?Symfony routing configuration files are written?

What is symphony?

A development framework based on PHP that is used to create websites and dynamic web applications. It is popular for its features and components.

What is a controller under symphony

A PHP function that gets information from HTTP requests to process and return a HTTP response.

Describe a few tasks that are handled by controllers in symphony

They handle virtually everything in this development environment. A few examples of these tasks include rendering templates, redirecting, forwarding, and accessing core services.

What are bundles in symphony?

Symfony Interview Questions

They are akin to packages and plugins in other content management systems and frameworks. Developers can take advantage of these pre-built features or build their own noting that symphony is an open source development platform.

State two types of bundles in symphony

  • Reusable bundles
  • Application specific bundles

What is a serializer in symphony?

A component that allows developers to convert a PHP object into another format like XML or Binary.

List the system server requirements that you need to run the latest version of Symphony.

  • The latest version of PHP
  • Composer
  • JSON enabled
  • Correct settings of date and time zone
  • Type enabled

List down the form helper functions in symphony

  • Checkbox
  • Form_end
  • Form_start
  • Input_password_tag
  • Textarea

How does symphony handle access denials

If an unauthorized person or party makes an attempt at accessing the web application, http will bring up a 403 HTTP status and then load an access denial page.

Mention a few benefits of using symphony

  • It is stable
  • A lot of support online because of its popularity
  • It is easy to use and control
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