Uninstall Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7: Internet Explorer 11 is simple to uninstall from Windows 7. The users can get back to the browser of their choice.

Internet Explorer 11 is the newest version of browser of Microsoft and not all users are very happy with it. Hence, the users may want to uninstall it and use their favorite browser. Following are the few steps that are helpful to uninstall Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7:

  1. The users should go to “Start’ and click on “Control Panel”
  2. Now open the “Program Manager”. If the user is in the Category View, then click on “Uninstall a Program”. If the user is in “Icon” view, then click on “Programs and Features”. A list of all programs in the computer will display on the screen.
  3. Open the installed list of programs. Click on “View Installed Updates”. All updates will be listed here.
  4. Look for the Internet Explorer 11 Entry.
  5. Uninstall Internet Explorer 11. Either the user can select the Internet Explorer 11 entry or then click on “Uninstall” or the user can right-click the entry and select “Uninstall’.
  6. Wait for the uninstallation of the Internet Explorer 11 to complete.