Windows 11 might get a floating Taskbar similar to macOS

Whether intentional or accidental, Microsoft showed the redesign of the Windows desktop with a floating taskbar similar to that of macOS. We know that the Microsoft team has constantly been working on their next version of the Operating system and trying out new concepts to make their OS as interactive as possible. The next version may have a completely different desktop experience.

A screenshot noticed by many users during Ignite Keynote indicates that Microsoft is probably working on a redesigned desktop that will include a floating taskbar that’s used for accessing apps and a start menu towards the bottom of the desktop screen.

  • Floating Taskbar: there will be a transparent bar at the top of the screen displaying a clock at the right, weather widgets to the left, system tray icons, and a search box in the middle. 
  • Top Bar: this new design isn’t unfamiliar as it has been available in macOS, mobile operating systems (iOS and Android), and Linux distributions (Ubuntu)

Ubuntu Linux desktop

Even though this is a prototype, we are still concerned that Microsoft is reconsidering it for their new Windows OS version. Based on the Windows Central report, one user Zac Bowen claims to be shown the preliminary design ideas of a much varying concept design but with the same variation. In his report, he confirms the existence of a semitransparent bar for several elements, like the system tray icon at the top.

The interface shown by Microsoft during the Ignite Keynote event represents the design vision Microsoft intends to use for the coming Windows version (Next Valley) expected in 2024. According to Microsoft Insider, the team intends to include other visual changes like a notification center and a new sign-in screen.

These changes in design are meant to improve Windows’ visuals so they can be integrated with touch-enabled devices with minimal to no operation problems.

However, the mouse and keyboard experience doesn’t have to be sacrificed for the sake of these new changes. We believe the software giant removed the option for moving the Taskbar to the top of the screen to create room for the new Bar expected in the following Windows version.

However, remember that these are new concepts that Microsoft can cancel anytime. In line with this, we are still unsure whether the top Bar and the floating Taskbar will be included in the new Windows version. But again, the experimental concepts are reassuring, and hopefully, Microsoft will consider them in their next upgrade.

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