Resetting Windows 11 PC from Boot When It Won’t Boot

When your PC can’t start correctly due to some issues it’s impossible to reset it from a desktop environment. The only thing you’ve to do is the factory reset. Resetting Windows 11 computers enables one to fix some problems by erasing all the settings.  The reset option available in advanced startup settings is similar to the “Reset this PC” feature accessible in the Settings app.

When your PC is unable to restart, you can reset it to factory default settings with the help of the local image or download a copy of Windows 11. Furthermore, with this feature, you can choose to either preserve your settings, files, and apps or erase everything.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to reset the PC with Windows 11 to factory settings from the boot process.

Factory resetting Windows 11 PC from boot (BIOS)

  1. Switch on your computer
  2. After POST (Power-On Self-Test), shut down your PC by pressing the power button
  3. Repeat the first and second steps twice. With the third restart, your PC should enter Windows Recovery Environment.
  4. Click on Advanced options
  5. Select Troubleshoot
  6. Choose Reset this PC
  7. Click the “Remove everything” option to clear your hard drive. Reinstall a new copy of Windows 11 OS. Alternatively, you can choose “Keep my files” and reinstall Windows 11 OS to erase apps plus settings and to preserve your files.
  8. If you need to keep the device click on the “Just remove my files” option. Moreover, choose the “Fully clean drive” option to get rid of the device but it can take a long time.
  9. Go to “Cloud download” to download Windows 11 OS. Alternatively, if you prefer using a local image choose “Local reinstall”.
  10. Click on the Reset button to finish

After Factory Reset

When the process is successful, you need to check updates and missing drivers for windows 11 to operate properly. You can also reinstall your previous applications.

To successfully install Windows 11 updates, you need to follow the steps below.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Open Windows Update
  3. Move to Check for updates


After completing the steps above your PC settings will return to the default and fix all the issues which may have been the cause of the unsuccessful startup.

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