How to Setup Dual Monitors Windows 10?

Setup Dual Monitors Windows 10: Windows 10 is a surprise package for the users as it has several in-built features. Moreover, the OS allows the users to incorporate several features to make the device more functional for their respective tasks. Here is a guide that will help the users to set up dual monitors Windows 10.

Step to Setup Dual Monitors Windows 10

In order to get the multiple screens on the device, the user has to ensure that the cables are well-connected to the new monitor. Following this regime, it has to be ensured that the Windows logo key  + P is pressed.

  • Go to “Start”, then click on “Settings”, followed by pressing “System” and then “Display”. The PC will automatically come in a position to detect the monitors. If the user is unable to see the monitors, then select “Detect”.
  • The user will see the “Multiple Displays” segment. Select an option available in the list that will aid in determining how the device will display screens.
  • After making the right selection, press on “Keep Changes”.
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