Free Download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit

Download Free Windows 11 ISO 64bit

Free Download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit: This website helps you to find the latest version of Free Download Windows 11 ISO 64bit with direct download links. The Windows 11 Disc Image (ISO File) 64-bit Download? is the latest version of the Windows operating system update.

Windows 11 Release Date Announced

Free Download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit: The big question everyone will ask is when will windows 11 be released in its final, stable version for the majority of Windows 10 users. Don’t expect it to come soon. Since Microsoft released the November 2019 security update on time (and the fact that it was running fast could be seen since there were some minor issues), we can expect Windows 11 version to be released on 29 November 2020. This would be on Microsoft’s schedule. And that would also mean hopefully we’ll see another windows update as soon as possible. Windows 11 can be delayed, and this is only to be expected as a lot of work is required to stabilize all of these functions. However, we understand that it is worth the wait as we are incredibly pleased that all of these features have been completed.

Windows 11 ISO 64 bit 32-bit Update [JAN 2023]

Windows 11 Features and Changes:

Free Download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit:: Windows has always been lavish. Windows 11 has three helpers from the older operating systems on board for problem situations: Device and Task Manager and File Explorer. You can fix driver problems via Device Manager. Former Windows 7 users are happy about expanded options: For example, the device manager commands for displaying ghost drivers work without any problems – since Windows 10 the case. Microsoft has introduced a graphics processor load analysis – unknown to Windows 11 users. A novelty for Windows 7 and 10 users is the quick start area in the file explorer (File Manager): This show frequently used folders and recently used files at startup. Innovative – but many find it easier to see the drive overview.

Windows 10 can now be found on 8 million devices and Microsoft is constantly tweaking its operating system. The next major update is to appear at the end of November, which also aptly bears the name “November Update”. This update contains numerous useful functions that should make everyday life easier in addition to performance and security improvements. Not every new function is immediately recognizable as such – the future zone summarizes the best “hidden” newcomers.

Light surface:

The May update includes a new “Light Theme”, which makes the surface of the Microsoft operating system lighter and now all app icons that were previously white are now black. So the contrast remains. However, the user can also determine whether only certain areas of the operating system or selected apps should be displayed with a dark or light design.

Tidy search:

The search and Cortana have been separated from each other so that the voice assistant is only active when called. In the search bar, however, you concentrate on the essentials: search. A click in the text field opens the revised search results, in which the most frequently used apps and recently opened documents are displayed without input. The user can also filter by file type.

Windows sandbox:

Thanks to Sandbox, Windows 10 will be able to create virtual environments in which unknown software can be executed safely at the push of a button- at least in the Pro and Enterprise versions. In this way, users should be able to safely try out software whose origin or functions are not known. Once the app is closed, all traces will be removed. The software cannot access the main system.

Biometric login for the web:

Windows 10 now supports the recently adopted FIDO2 standard, which includes Web Authn, among others. This allows the use of biometric sensors on the web. If you own a device with a Windows Hello sensor, you can also use it to log in to a website in the future. However, these must officially support the new standard. You also need a compatible browser ( Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge).

Directx 11 Download Install Windows 10

More silence:

The “Focus Assist” feature is intended to help you concentrate better and therefore hides notifications on request. The function , which is called “notification assistant” in German, has been part of Windows for almost a year . Previously, you had to activate the feature manually or time-based, now it can also be activated automatically for apps in full-screen mode and games.

Brightness stays the same:

Windows 10 will no longer differentiate between battery and mains operation if you set the brightness manually. So far, the operating system has always reduced the brightness as soon as you unplugged it to save battery power. This was particularly annoying if you wanted to continue using the screen under the same conditions.

Cursor becomes colorful:

The mouse cursor can now be made even more diverse. So far, it was only possible to choose the size in different levels and choose between white and black. In the future, the cursor can be inflated to absurd sizes and displayed in many different colors. What may seem strange at first can be a significant relief in everyday life, especially for people with visual impairments.

Less memory:

It is unclear whether this function can actually be viewed as a “ feature ”. Windows 10 will reserve around seven gigabytes of memory on the drive, depending on the size of the disk. According to Microsoft, this memory is required so that critical Windows updates can always be downloaded without loss of performance. The reserved memory varies depending on the size of the disk and the features installed. Those who have installed more optional features and additional data, for example for more languages, also have to accept more reserved memory.

Access to Linux files:

Anyone who uses the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) will be able to access files from the Linux system directly from File Explorer or other Windows programs. So far, this was only possible in the other direction (Windows files from the Linux distribution) or via the Linux shell.

Touch keyboard becomes more precise:

The on-screen keyboard works better on touch devices. The keyboard now also recognizes an entry if the key is not pressed precisely. The touch keyboard should react more precisely, especially when typing quickly. According to Microsoft, however, AI-controlled auto-correction is still running in the background, which automatically corrects incorrect entries.

The small things:

Free Download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit: Practical for frequent travelers: The time can be synchronized manually with a time server. All you have to do is press a button in the settings. Notepad indicates with an asterisk (*) in the title that an edited file has not yet been saved. The game bar allows you to share screenshots and videos without leaving the app. So far it has not been confirmed whether the final version of the May update will also include official RAW support. Earlier versions of Insider offered the possibility to edit the digital negatives in the Windows Photos app without additional software

Light theme:

In the last Windows update, Microsoft also allowed Dark Mode for Explorer. Now a light theme, a light mode, should follow. In the mode, colors for the Action Center, the start menu and the taskbar are shown lighter. Under “Settings / Personalization / Designs” you can click on “Windows (Light)” to make raven black light blue.

Microsoft separates Cortana from the search:

Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana is no longer part of the Windows search. If you now type something in the search bar, you will get results from the operating system. If you want to question Cortana, you have to click a separate button.

Changes to the start menu:

Free Download Windows 11 ISO 64 bit: According to “Techradar” the start menu is less overloaded from the Windows 10 November update. It should also be possible to delete more pre-installed apps. Read here what they are. In addition, the start menu should run on its own process in the future: “StartMenuExperienceHost.exe” instead of “ShellExperienceHost.exe” as before. This should make it run more smoothly and be less prone to problems that can arise from other processes in the system.

Updates can be paused:

Windows 10 Home Edition users should be able to pause updates for a few days from the upcoming version. Previously, the option was reserved for Windows 10 Pro users. Everyone else has to use tricks to stop automatic updates to Windows 10.

Updates reserve space:

In the future, Windows should reserve seven gigabytes of system memory for temporary files. This is to prevent error messages when downloading updates because there is no storage space.

“Sandbox” feature is introduced:

Windows 10 Professional users should have access to the “Sandbox” tool. This is an environment that is isolated from the rest of the system. Here you can try out potentially dangerous programs, such as files from unsafe sources, without endangering the rest of the system.

Error screen shows solution:

The “Blue Screen of Death” appears every time Windows cannot be used safely due to a problem. In the future, the error message should also show solutions that users can try out. The error messages should also contain a link to a knowledge database.

Windows 11 Versions Available for users

For the majority of all Windows users, Windows 11 Home should be the preferred version. Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Enterprise are more suitable for advanced users and IT professionals. Windows 11 Education is also interesting for pupils and students: You can then upgrade from a Home and Pro version to Education, provided that it supports your educational institution.

Windows 11 version Suitable for device particularities
S Home users, educational institutions PC, notebook Limited to Windows Store apps, only Edge can be used as a browser
Home home users PC, notebook Cortana, Edge, Continuum
Per Home users,
small businesses
PC, notebook Windows Update for Business
Enterprise Companies PC, notebook Long-Term Servicing Branch
Education Schoolchildren, universities PC, notebook Home & Pro upgrade
IoT core Home users, companies microdevices For the Internet of Things
mobile home users Smartphone, tablet Continuum for phone
Mobile enterprise Companies Smartphone, tablet Latest security upgrades

Windows 11 Mobile is used on smartphones, while Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise provides mobility at the workplace. Windows 11 IoT Core is used on low-cost devices. Here you can see new devices with Windows 11:

Windows 11 S – stripped-down Windows:

No programs can be installed in Windows 11 S. You can only use apps from the Microsoft Store. Only the Microsoft Edge is available as a browser . If you only surf the Internet and do some office work here and there, you can use Windows 11 S. Otherwise, you should rather use the “standard version” Windows 11 Home or Pro.

Windows 11 Home – for home users:

Microsoft has developed Windows 11 Home as a consumer version. It is therefore intended for typical private users. You can use the home version on PCs, notebooks, and tablets. New is the digital voice assistant Cortana and Microsoft’s Internet browser Edge, which used to be called “Spartan”. Also included is the Windows 11 Continuum function, which optimizes the operating system for switching from keyboard to tablet and touch inputs. This happens, for example, with convertible notebooks, which can then be used as tablets by removing the keyboard.

Windows 11 Pro – for home users and small businesses:

Windows 11 Pro has all the features of Windows 11 Home with some additions for Windows professionals and small businesses. Windows 11 helps to manage user devices and apps in the company and protect sensitive data. Windows 11 Pro users can also access Windows Update for Business. Among other things, administrators choose which devices should be updated first when an update should be installed, and whether the computers should update themselves instead of via Microsoft servers.

Windows 11 Enterprise – for companies:

Windows 11 Enterprise in turn builds on Windows 11 Pro and is also aimed at larger companies. It is sold to them by volume license and offers additional functions that control, among other things, the operating system distribution in the company as well as device and app management. With the Enterprise version, companies also have access to Microsoft’s Long-Term Servicing Branch. This is a special form of Windows update that only installs security updates and therefore does not add any functions in Windows.

Windows 11 Education – for pupils and students:

Windows 11 is aimed at educational institutions such as schools and universities, is based on the enterprise version, and is also sold by volume license. In addition, students should be able to upgrade to Windows 11 Education if they use Windows 11 Home or Pro at home.

Windows 11 IoT Core:

Windows 11 IoT Core is intended for low-cost devices. These include small computers that are becoming increasingly important in the Internet of Things. Windows 11 IoT also supports the Raspberry Pi 2 single-board computer.

Windows 11 Mobile – for smartphones and tablets:

Windows 11 Mobile is used on smartphones and tablets by private users. The same universal apps from Windows 11 Home are included. The new touch-optimized version of Office is also included. You can also connect your smartphone to the PC monitor at home thanks to Continuum for phones. Windows then displays a customized desktop view of the smartphone content. Sufficient security settings should also be available for use in the workplace.

Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise – for smartphones and tablets in the company:

Windows 11 Mobile Enterprise is developed for the use of smartphones and tablets in the company and is sold by volume license. Similar to the enterprise version for desktop PCs, Microsoft has also integrated functions with which users can better manage their devices and the associated updates. According to Microsoft, this version of Windows for mobile devices should also contain the latest security updates as soon as they are available.

According to Microsoft, you can upgrade to the Windows 11 versions Home, Pro, and Mobile for free. – However, this only applies to one year from Windows 11 release and should apply to Windows 7, Windows 11, and Windows Phone 11. Windows versions acquired illegally should also be upgraded to Windows 11, but not free of charge: Microsoft speaks of “attractive Windows 11 offers” for those who use illegal Windows copies. To find out which version of Windows you have for an upgrade, simply display your version of Windows.


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