HTML5 Interview Questions Answer

What is HTML?

The Hypertext Markup language, which is abbreviated as HTML, is regarded by most web developers as the basic building block of the World Wide Web.

Developed by: WHATWG
Initial release: 1993; 29 years ago
Latest release: Living Standard; 2022
Container for: HTML elements
Contained by: Web browser
Extended from: SGML
Extended to: XHTML

It was invented by Tim Berners Lee alongside Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The latter is a set of rules that client and server computers use to communicate while exchanging information.

Typically, a client computer sends a request for information to a server that checks to see whether the information is available and afterward, sends an appropriate response to the client’s web browser. HTML is a common language that is understood by all computers that access the World Wide Web through web browser software. It is, therefore, the foundation on which all websites are built.

  • HyperText Markup Language
  • Define the Structure of Web pages using the tag
  • Building blocks of HTML pages
  • Represented by tags

Best practice HTML5 example for interview

  • What is HTML5 ?
  • List out the new features of HTML5?
  • List out the advantages of HTML5 ?
  • What is HTML5 Geolocation?
  • What is the use of LocalStorage in HTML5 ?
  • What is use of ‘canvas’ tag in HTML5?
  • What are web workers in HTML5?
  • What are the rules established for HTML5 ?
  • What is MathML in Html5?
  • Is HTML5 tags are case sensitive?
  • What is Canvas in HTML5 ? How to write a Canvas ?
  • What use of the article tag in HTML5?
  • What is Graphics in HTML5?
  • What are Server-Sent Events in HTML5?
  • What is Microdata in HTML5?
  • List different types of API’s available in HTML5?
  • List some new tags introduced in HTML5?
  • List some tags that are removed completely from HTML5?
  • What is < !DOCTYPE>? Is it necessary to use in HTML5 ?
  • What is the sessionStorage Object in HTML5 ? How to create and access?
  • What is the difference between Html5 application cache and regulate Html browser cache?
  • What are the new Apis provided by the Html5 standard? Give a brief description of each
  • Can you list the new input type attributes in HTML5 ?
  • What is header and footer in HTML5?
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