How to download new feature of Windows 11 KB5021255

Windows 11 KB5021255 comes with several bug fixes and new minor features. It’s as a part of the December 2022 patch. The KB5021255 offline installer is avoidable through the Microsoft Update catalog and can be used for a manual upgrade on Windows 11 PC enabled. It’s a security update loaded with several security fixes for your Windows 11 OS.  

There are also alterations made to the settings. But if you had previously instead November optional update, Then perhaps you are already enjoying these new features. When you are nearing OneDrive’s allocated storage size, you will receive notifications through the system page, undersetting’s window, thanks to the Windows 11 KB5021255 update. 

Windows 11 ISO 64-bit 32-bit Update

This update allows users to manage OneDrive storage and buy more subscriptions from the settings window. Furthermore, you can view the storage capacity for your storage subscription on your OneDrive. After checking for the updates on your Windows 11, you’ll see the 2022-12 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5021255)

Windows 11 KB5021255 release (Build 22621.963) crucial changelog

The themes are combined with a spotlight on the personalization page to deliver an unrivaled user experience. Users can easily discover new wallpapers and enable the spotlight feature while managing existing customization options. Build 22622.963 address issue affecting modern apps.

If you cannot open a given app, these rely on have fixed the bugs. Windows 11 KB5021255 update also addresses issues affecting Input Method Editor. In a situation where Microsoft failed to respond when context menus & menus item is closed, these errors have also been addressed by this update. Additionally, it addresses issues that arise when an app is opened through open-app dialogue.

Windows 11 KB5021255 bug fixes

  • Addresses issues affecting transparency in layered Windows
  • Fix an issue with failed landscape printing in Microsoft Edge
  • Fix issues with high CPU usage failing to explore 
  • Issuer affecting apps and games performance

Expected Windows 11 features

Microsoft intends to add seconds on the taskbar clock through their Windows 11 version 22H2. There are several changes on Windows 11 that, at times, are confusing to users that aren’t familiarized. It’s not that you can only move the taskbar, but users can also enjoy the seconds in the taskbar on the system tray clock. 

The most challenging thing is that Windows 11 creation was from scratch, and more adjustments have to be made for them to include all the features their customer are used to. Many users initially assumed that the clock’s seconds feature was a bug fix, but it turned out that it was left out intentionally. Additionally, even the registry hack that was used to force this feature was removed. However, there is still hope for Windows 11 users because, according to the Windows insider program, there is a high chance that future Windows 11 22H2 will include this feature. 

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