Simple Steps to Enable Bluetooth on Windows 11

With the arrival of Bluetooth, technology has spread very fast and it’s available to several consumer devices including mobile phones, computers, etc. to enable users to share files, make and receive calls hands-free, etc. There before, this feature was originally used with mobile phones but currently the technology has widely spread to several other devices.

With several peripherals plus other devices including speakers and smartphones connecting via Bluetooth, Windows users need to know how to turn this feature on. To some extent, Bluetooth is a must whether you’re using a desktop PC or a laptop since it helps in increasing accessibility and excludes wires for cleaner settings.

There are two methods to can use to switch on Bluetooth on Windows 11. The method includes Quick Settings or via the Settings app.

How to Switch ON Bluetooth in Windows 11 – Settings App

Switching Bluetooth feature on Windows 11 is a simple procedure that can be accomplished in just a few easy steps. The process to be followed include

Go to Settings App

The first step in turning ON Bluetooth on Windows 11 is to go to the Settings app. To achieve this, click on the Start menu button. Then click on the Settings icon. The icon looks like a gear.

Select Devices

After opening the Settings app, there will be several distinct options. Click the option labeled “Devices”.

Click on Bluetooth & Other Devices

After clicking “Devices” the next screen will display a list of different settings which are related to devices. Choose the option labeled “Bluetooth & Other Devices”.

Toggle On Bluetooth

Then you’ll see a Bluetooth toggle switch. If the switch is “Off”, click on it to toggle it to “On”.

Pair your Device

Once the Bluetooth feature is ON, you will see a list of available devices which you can pair with your computer. Choose the device you want to connect and follow the guidelines given on the screen to complete the pairing process.

Check Connected Devices

Once the connection is successful, you can view which devices are connected to your computer. Check the list by going to the “Bluetooth & other devices” settings page.

How to Switch ON Bluetooth in Windows 11 – Quick Settings

The Action Center is still available in Windows 11 and this is the fastest plus easiest way to enable or disable Bluetooth and other features.

Go to Support Center

Click on the Notifications icon available at the lower right corner of your monitor to open the Action Center.

Turn on Bluetooth

After opening, a tiled list will appear, click on “Bluetooth” to enable it. When this feature is enabled at the Notification Center it turns blue.

Enabling Missing Bluetooth on Windows 11

There are a few Bluetooth troubleshooting ideas for those who might be having issues switching on Bluetooth in Windows 11. Some problems may display on the screen that is if it’s a pairing problem.

Missing Bluetooth option in the Settings app means that the hardware is probably damaged, disabled, or not supported. Moreover, there can also be a driver problem. You can easily re-enable the device in Device Manager.

  • Click on the start button and search device manager
  • Go to the device manager and click on Bluetooth.
  • Right-click on Bluetooth device hardware and choose Enable device option to switch on the missing Bluetooth.

Can’t Turn on Bluetooth?

Firstly check if your computer supports Bluetooth. Unable to find Bluetooth is one of the common problems encountered, therefore, checking if your computer supports Bluetooth first will save you a lot of time. To check this, click on “Search” and key in “Device Manager”. After that, double-click to run the application.

Finding Bluetooth 

Find Bluetooth in the list. If it’s not available double-click on Network Adapters to check if Bluetooth is there. If after all this, you can’t find Bluetooth, then your computer doesn’t support this feature. To use Bluetooth technology with this kind of computer, you need to buy an adapter.


After you have successfully enabled Bluetooth on Windows 11 and connected a device you can use your device to stream music, transfer files, and more wireless.

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