WordPress Dashboard

What is WordPress Admin Dashboard?

What is WordPress Admin Dashboard – The WordPress Dashboard is a first display screen that will be seen when you sign into the dashboard of your website or blog. It is an assortment of devices that give data and furnish a review of what’s going on with your blog. You can easily design your website according to your needs.

WP Admin is the main classic dashboard. You can view various tutorials of the themes.? Here you can easily access your primary WordPress.com dashboard. From the Dashboard Screen, you can rapidly get to your site’s content and all the plugins.

The WordPress administrator dashboard is popularly called WP Admin or WP administrator board. It is basically the control board for your whole WordPress site. It’s the place you make and overlook content, include widgets and plugins, change styling as topics, and more.

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Options of the Dashboard

Dashboard Menu

wp menu

The WordPress Dashboard consists of all the options including posts, media library, pages, remarks, appearance choices, modules, clients, apparatuses, and settings on your left side.

Screen Options

The dashboard contains different gadgets which can be appeared or covered up on screens. It contains checkboxes to show or hide screen alternatives and further allows you to design a website.


This option helps to Customize Your Site by modifying your WordPress themes. The main center section provides options for making an interface of the blog. At last, you need to add links, gadgets, menus, settings related to the site.


WP Quick Draft

Quick Draft is a smaller comparative to the normal post, saving and publishing on the dashboard. You can draft the notes, blogs, titles and save them in Draft to publish later on.

WordPress News


The WordPress News gadget shows the most recent news, such as the most recent software versions, updates, news with respect to the software of the WordPress blog. This platform shows the upgraded software with the latest updates, news, plugins. most recent programming variant, refreshes, news with respect to the information from the WordPress blog.


wp Activity

The Activity widget allows the on-going posts and recently published posts. It allows you to delete, approve, disapprove, edit. Even additionally allows you to move into spam. This gadget shows all the upcoming posts and the latest comments on your posts.

The list of the latest comments on your blog display in this gadget. Each comment is connected to the related post title?clicking this link allows to edit the post easily.

At a Glance


This section gives a review of your blog’s posts, number of posts and pages, and number of remarks. When you click on the particular link, you will be taken to the particular gadget screen. It shows the WordPress screen alongside the theme of the site.

It gives an outline of the number of posts, pages, and remarks on your site. Every content shown as a connection and, when clicked upon, direct you to the particular that content. The gadget tells to you what WordPress version you’re running on, as on the current theme that has been activated.