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Configure Your WordPress Writing Settings: The Settings Writing Screen to control the interface you use when composing new posts. These settings control WordPress’s all features editing the posts, Pages, and Post Types, and the other functions like Remote Publishing, Post by mode of email, and Update Services.

How to configure writing settings in WordPress

Below are the steps for writing settings:

How to change the writing settings:

  1. Firstly, go to the Settings option.
  2. Next, click on the Writing Option
  3. Finally, the writing setting page will be displayed on your screen.

Why choose WordPress?

Different fields on the page

How to configure writing settings in WordPress

Default Post Category

The Category you select from this drop-down is known as the default post Category. The default post Category will be a Category allotted to a post that will be allocated some other Categories with composing your posts. When you erase a Category, the posts in that category will be allocated the default post Category. You can have a few Categories, use one of those Categories regularly and select that Category here to make your work easier.

Default Post Format

The Post Format you select from this drop-down is known as the default Post Format. Generally, post formats are used by subjects to make distinctive designs for various sorts of posts. This setting is only displayed when the current theme is supported by the Post Formats. The Word Press current default theme supports all the different Post Formats.

Post through email

If you want, you can easily set up your blog to publish with e-mail as blogs. To do this, you have to send an email to a particular location you’ve built up.? You have to require the help of your web host as well as your email provider.

This message is shown toward the starting of this area: “To post to WordPress by email you should set up an email account with POP3 access. Any mail got at this location will be posted, so you have to keep the location address.

Following fields to post by email:

How to configure writing settings in WordPress

Mail Server

A mail server gets messages on your behalf and stores them for recovery. Your mail worker will have a URI address, for example,, which you need to submit. here.


Servers use port 110 to get requests with email messages. If you use a dfferent port, then enter that port number here.

Login Name

The email address that you will use for writing an email include is, then ‘wordpress‘ is the Login name.


Enter the password for the above email address here. Set the password for your email address.

Default Mail Category

WordPress provides this Category to the entirety of the posts published by means of the Post by email feature.

Note: You can make new Categories in Administration > Posts > Categories

Update Services

When you post a new blog, WordPress notifies the updated services of the site. When entering services, you can separate numerous URIs with line breaks.

Spare Changes

Click on the Save Changes option to ensure the changes you make be save. When you click the button and confirmation text box will show up at the head of the page to you your settings have been saved.