SharePoint vs OneDrive | Difference between sharepoint and onedrive

SharePoint vs OneDrive

Cloud Computing is getting to be more common. Cloud access is unlimited. When one uses the cloud, he/she can access information & documents from any place instead of being beholden to one’s desk. Both SharePoint & OneDrive are from Microsoft cloud-storage products which have a common characteristic. There are other key differences between the 2 which decipher when and how they should be used.

These cloud-based platforms allow one to share, store, & synchronize files across various devices. OneDrive & SharePoint enables businesses to develop in the way they operate. Information is also safely kept within Microsoft’s huge data center’s network. When one gets access to a document, Microsoft faultlessly pulls it from these datacenters to display it on your PC or phone.

What’s the SharePoint?

SharePoint is a way to cooperate with employees through an internal website that can be easily accessed from a mobile phone or a computer. SharePoint allows one to keep, distribute and manage files to clients with various access levels & permissions. Furthermore, SharePoint is more customizable. SharePoint comes with applications for fast adding capabilities, application store with integration tools out from Microsoft. It also has web design tools for creating websites, & the capability to adapt every site to particular users.

Benefits of SharePoint

  • Increases team’s level of productivity
  • Clients get access to their team’s files using any device at any moment. All that’s needed is an internet connection.
  • Cloud security & compliance needs are met when one uses SharePoint.
  • SharePoint enables one to share documents both externally & internally

What is OneDrive?

One drive allows one to save files & images to OneDrive & get access to them from anywhere using any device. With one drive, you will enjoy the freedom of access, share, and edit your files using any of your devices. If your device is lost, you won’t lose your photos & files when they are saved at OneDrive. You will remain connected & be able to share your photos & documents with friends & family. Share folders, files, & pictures with friends & family. With SharePoint no more huge thumb drives or email attachments. All needed is for you to send a link through text or email.

Benefits of OneDrive

  • OneDrive doesn’t need an internet connection for accessing your documents. Thus, you will stay productive, even though you are off the grid.
  • OneDrive saves one’s document to Cloud, you don’t need to bother if anything occurs to your device.
  • OneDrive enables ones to share links to one’s files with everyone, irrespective of if they are in one’s company or not.

Difference between OneDrive and SharePoint

  • SharePoint keeps business doc for the team on a Team location. OneDrive keeps business docs for one’s use.
  • SharePoint is utilized to store keep files & it also contains some extra features like collaboration, dashboards, & CMS. OneDrive is used to keep files.
  • SharePoint is also known as “team site.” While OneDrive is also known as “storage location.”
  • SharePoint enables one to publish content on the web while OneDrive doesn’t enable one to publish one’s content on the web.
  • SharePoint enables one to make websites while when using OneDrive, one cannot makes a website.

Both SharePoint & OneDrive are very useful programs they all have more similar features. What you will choose, depends on your plan to do with cloud-based storage & document management platform. This will also depend on the amount of storage you require. The number of people that will work together on various projects.


When should I use SharePoint vs teams vs OneDrive?

When you use Teams, you’re using either SharePoint or OneDrive already. It’s just accessed through a different place. SharePoint is the file tool behind a Team and channel; OneDrive is what’s used when you share files in a private chat.

Can I access SharePoint through OneDrive?

If you’re using OneDrive, you can access your Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Teams files on the web or in the mobile app without leaving OneDrive. To learn more, see New capabilities in SharePoint team sites including integration with Office 365 Groups.

Can I trust OneDrive?

How secure is OneDrive? It generally uses the same standards as others, including data encryption, only with OneDrive this is done by syncing your data to the BitLocker on your hard drive. This means that data is encrypted at rest using the BitLocker, while Microsoft Cloud handles encryption while in transit.

Why is SharePoint so bad?

The reality is that SharePoint is getting such a bad rap because many of the companies using the platform shouldn’t be using it, SharePoint is not the right fit for many companies that continue to deploy it.

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