Top 20 Office 365 Interview Questions Answers 2021

Office 365 Interview Questions: Are you preparing for a Microsoft Office 365 interview question? Not to worry we got your back! In these modern times where technology has taken a major leap and giving the advantages that would have not possible otherwise; Microsoft Office 365 is one such boon which is a subscription-based service that enables a user to access office tools, services like groups, teams, a calendar application, meeting scheduler, email clients and much more.

Office 365 is cloud-based that helps to organize things much better and at the same time makes data sharing convenient irrespective of time and space, and most importantly without compromising on security.

Some of the most frequently asked questions of Office 365 are as follows-

Top 20 Office 365 Interview Questions Answers 2021Office 365 Interview Questions Answers 2021

What is the operating system of Office 365 and what language does Office 365 use?

Ans- The operating system of Office 365 includes iOS, macOS, Windows, Android; and the language used for Office 365 is C++. As you answer the question you can try to add a personalized touch to it and start with by saying where and how you got to learn about Office 365.

What is FastTrack deployment for Office 365?

Ans- A service that is designed to assist all businesses whether big or small to move all their existing systems and data to the cloud is called the Office 365 FastTrack deployment. This is one of the most commonly asked questions in an Office 365 interview.

What are the identity models available in Microsoft Office 365?

Ans- In Office 365, basically there are three identity models which include- cloud identity, federated identity, and synchronized identity. The identities can be used accordingly based on the need or requirements of a particular business.

Office 365 Interview Questions Answers  – What is Exchange Server?

Ans- A messaging system of Microsoft that provides unified messaging, industry-leading email and calendar setups is known as an exchange server.

What are the levels of Office 365 Administration and what functionality does each level provide or limit?

Ans- There are various levels of Office 365 Administration and the features added to the level differ accordingly. The list of levels that are present is- the first level can be regarded as the Global Admin. Global Admin allows access to all admin features. Then comes the billing admin, in this level, all management work related to purchasing, support tickets, monitor of service health, and purchases are looked upon.

Password admin as the name suggest resets password, user management admin also has the access to change the password but along with that he/she manages user groups, accounts and service request. There is also a service admin whose role is to monitor service health; service request and exchange admin is given administrative access to proceed with exchange online via exchange admin center.

Lastly, but not least skype for business admin has access to skype to manage a business through skype. If you have worked on any particular levels of Office administration make sure to share it as it can win you brownie points!

What can a guest user do in Office 365?

Ans- The role of a guest user is limited to quite an extent in Office 365, it is more of a customized user role where access is allowed for collaboration but with limited calendar invitation, file, chats, etc.

How do I check quarantine in Office 365?

Ans- In order to view messages that were sent to quarantine, you need to follow a few steps. First of all, sign in to Office 365 and click on security & compliance centre, then expand threat management which is present on the left side and click on the review option. After which to check the messages, click on quarantine.

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What is the difference between Office 365 groups and terms?

Ans- The major difference between Office 365 groups and terms is that Microsoft terms manages and organizes SharePoint pages, chats, references,s, etc while Office 365 is used for the management of a group of people who are using similar tools. Office 365 gives access to users to Microsoft tools like SharePoint, OneNote, etc whereas Microsoft terms are more of an all-inclusive communication infrastructure. Mentioning two points for such questions is more than good-to-go, as the interviewer will look at how much basic knowledge you carry.

What do Office 365 admins do?

Ans- The admins of Office 365 make sure that the entire system is functional and operates without any glitch. In doing so the entire mechanism of the workflow remains undisrupted. In the past years and the coming years as well, Microsoft technologies have grabbed the market as it enables easy maintenance of work, and Office 365 admins have a huge role to play in it.

What is the o365 security and compliance centre?

Ans- The dashboard that helps a user to administer multiple features with the organization is known as the o365 security and compliance centre. By interlinking both SharePoint and Exchange Server a user can bring in the compliance features to Office 365

If I install Office 365 will it overwrite Office 2010 or can I have both versions running?

Ans- If you install Office 365 ProPlus, both versions can be used side-by-side without any issue of one overwriting the other.

Are Blackberry Cloud services available on the new Office 365?

Ans- Yes, in the new Office 365 you will find the Blackberry Cloud services.

How Office 365 would allow us to replace Dropbox?

Ans- The advances and benefits of Office 365 exceed in various ways, the major one is it provides SkyDrive Pro for management of personal document along with sharing; not only that it also offers access in Oses and devices, available in powerful backup/restore version and enables review management with Office apps.

What is an active dictionary?

Ans- Active dictionary accumulates various data belonging to the user of a particular business within the network.

Explain the term DAG (Data availability Group)?

Ans- The term DAG refers to a group comprising up to 16 mailbox servers. The framework-built host databases and offers database-level recovery automatically in case of failure of databases or servers.

Office 365 Interview Questions Answers – What is ForestPrep?

Ans- ForestPrep is involved in updating the configuration partition and schema in the active dictionary.

Explain the Client Access Server role?

Ans- Client access server role manages client requests across OVA, ActiveSync, offline address book distribution, Outlook Anywhere, and OWA. To gain access to this role, it must be installed prior to installing the mailbox server role. Also, you can install the mailbox server role in the same time slot as the client slot role.

Good luck! Drop a question if you have any, we would love to answer them for you.

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