How To Get Splunk Power User Certification?

Splunk power user certification is meant for professionals who need to improve their knowledge and skills in utilizing Splunk software to gain insights plus intelligence from their organization’s data.

What is Splunk Power User Certification?

This is an official recognition of the expertise of a person in using Splunk software to search, monitor plus analyze machine-generated information.

Why Should One Get Splunk Power User Certification?

Splunk Power User certification shows your proficiency in utilizing Splunk software and offers recognition from Splunk Inc. and your peers. The certification assists one to stand out from other candidates plus increases their market value as a professional in the field. The certification process assesses your knowledge of Splunk software plus offers you an opportunity to improve your hands-on experience.

Eligibility Criteria

To be qualified for Splunk power user certification, one requires to have a basic understanding of Splunk software which includes its architecture, data indexing, and data ingestion. Furthermore, you also need to be familiar with Splunk search, report, plus dashboard creation.

Steps to Follow to Get Splunk Power User Certification

Familiarize Yourself with Splunk Software

Before getting certified, you must have a basic knowledge of Splunk software. You can read the Splunk User Manuals plus their official documentation. Moreover, you can also participate in the online Splunk community to study from other Splunk users. Begin using Splunk in your day-to-day task to gain hands-on experience.

Prepare for Certification Exam

Review the Splunk Power User certification exam aims and create a study plan. Attend Splunk training sessions and take online courses to gain a full understanding of the software. Practice using Splunk by working on real-world cases plus sample data sets. Always make use of online resources like Splunk blogs, study groups, forums, etc. to improve your preparation.

Take the Certification Exam

Register for the Splunk Power User certification exam via their official website. Schedule the exam at your own convenient time plus location. This certification exam is online plus it consists of multiple-choice questions. You’ll have 90 minutes to complete the exam & you should have a passing score of 80% to be certified.

Maintain Your Certification

Remember Splunk Power User certification is valid only for 2 years. To maintain this certification, you need to earn a minimum of 50 ongoing education credits in 2 years. You can earn ongoing education credits by joining Splunk training sessions, contributing to the Splunk community, and participating in online events & webinars.

Study Materials

For proper preparations for the Splunk power user certification test, you can begin by reviewing the official Splunk documentation plus training resources which include the following:

  1. Splunk Fundamentals 1 & 2
  2. Splunk Reports, Dashboard, & Alerts
  3. Splunk Search
  4. Splunk Enterprise Security
  5. Splunk IT Service Intelligence

In addition to official resources, one can also get some study materials and practice exams on other sites.

Exam Format

Splunk power user certification examination contains 60 multiple-choice questions, which should be done within 90 minutes. Moreover, the questions cover a wide range of topics, including reporting and search, security, and dashboard creation.

Moreover, the exam is taken online, and you’ll receive your outcomes immediately upon completion. You’ll get a certificate that’s valid for two years if you pass the exam (80% and above).

Tips for Success

Get hands-on experience: The excellent way for preparing for the certification exam is through using Splunk software in real-world cases. This offers you practical experience in utilizing the software plus helping you understand the way it works in various situations

  • Study official Splunk documentation: This offers you a full understanding of the software plus its features, which helps you prepare for the certification exam.
  • Acquaint yourself with Splunk software: It is important to have a proper understanding of the Splunk platform which includes its architecture, indexing, and data ingestion.
  • Practice: Use the approved Splunk training materials, practice exams, online courses, etc. to get a feel for the exam format & the kinds of questions you expect.


Splunk Power User certification is a cherished recognition of your expertise in utilizing Splunk software. The certification process needs a basic understanding of Splunk software, hands-on experience, preparation, & passing the certification exam. Maintaining your certification needs continued learning plus engagement with the Splunk community. Investing in Splunk Power User certification helps one in advancing their career and increasing their market value as a professional in the field.

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