7 Steps how to Install Splunk on Linux Server

In this article we describe how to install splunk on Linux Server, Splunk can be used on various application platforms. Moreover, the Splunk program can be comfortably installed on any OS including Mac, Linux, Windows, Unix, etc. Windows operating system is more user-friendly simple to use, unlike Unix/Linux. However, Linux/Unix is suitable for commercial purposes. Therefore, with this article, you will learn how to install Splunk on the Linux platform with the assistance of commands.

Steps on how to install Splunk on Linux Server

Step 1

Switch on your Linux server & launch the terminal via right-clicking at the desktop              

Move to /opt directory 

After that, you can move to the following link.

Create an account and fill in all the information as displayed in the image below. 

Step 2

After you are done with filling in every information, click & agree on Splunk Software-Licence Agreement & proceed to form your account.

 After doing that you’ll get an opportunity to download Splunk-Enterprise for your platform. In this situation, we need to download it for Linux. Thus, click on the Linux tab & download the .tgz file.

Also remember, one can download .deb or .rpm depending on the Linux distribution we’re working on.

Hence you’ll get the downloaded page & click on Download through Command Line(wget).

You will wget the URL and copy it

Step 3

After all that, you can now open your Linux terminal & type

This will install-wget-command from the yum-repository; wget downloads every content from a given URL at Linux. 

Step 4

Now Splunk will be downloaded using URL via wget-command that we copied from the Splunk website at the last column of Step two. 

 After, downloading the file of Splunk-8.0.1-6db836e2fb9e-Linux-x86_64.tgz you need to get started & wait until it’s completed.

Step 5

After you have downloaded move to /opt directory

Check the file of Splunk-8.0.1-6db836e2fb9e-Linux-x86_64.tgz if it’s accessible or not. If it’s downloaded you’ll get it at /opt directory.

After that untar Splunk-8.0.1-6db836e2fb9e-Linux-x86_64.tgz  

Step 6

Now, we need to install Splunk & auto-accept the license.

Move to /opt/splunk/bin directory & type in

After this, you will be asked password & username. Set your password & username & go ahead. 

Step 7

When you have successfully installed Splunk, check installation status if it’s moving on well or not.

Move to /opt/splunk/bin directory & type in  

If it will show that Splunk is running. This means that Splunk installation is complete.

Command to halt Splunk in Linux-server 

With the above guidelines, you will understand that it’s a very simple & significant process of Installation of Splunk at Linux Server.

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