Splunk License: No-Enforcement Vs Enforcement

Splunk Licensing: No-Enforcement Vs Enforcement: Splunk Enterprise licenses are the most common license types. They provide access to the full set of Splunk Enterprise features within a defined limit of indexed data per day or vCPU count. The Splunk Enterprise license The Enterprise license is measured by daily data ingestion and must be purchased.

Type of Splunk Licensing: No-Enforcement Vs Enforcement:

Types of license


Remember that the “enforcement” & “no-enforcement” concepts will work only with the 1.1 Enterprise license.

License Violation

If one exceeds the everyday licensing quota for a single calendar day then it generates one “license-warning” that you will view from an incense master via going to Settings then clicking on licensing. If one will have more than 5-license notices on a rolling time of thirty days, this will tally as a single “license-violation”.

Splunk Enforcement license

When you have a Splunk below version 6.5 & you bought a license earlier than 27th Sep 2016, it will arrive under an “enforcement” license. If you will be violating your license then the following will be the consequences.

Splunk No-Enforcement-license

When you are using Splunk 6.5 or a higher version & that license was purchased after 27th September 2016 thus it comes below a “no-enforcement” license. Here, if you will be violating a license then also searching will be permitted. Also, indexing will continue. Everything will operate properly as before though it will tally as a license violation.

Case 1: When a version of Splunk is 6.5 & below & the license is bought before 27th Sep 2016

When your license is 6.5 and below. It means that a license is an “enforcement” one. If you need to improve it to a “no-enforcement” you require to update a license to 6.5 and any above version. After doing that you require contacting a Splunk salesperson to give you a “no-enforcement” key. Then upload that “no-enforcement” key to the license master and your license will work as a non-enforcement license.

Case 2: When you have a Splunk version 6.5 and above & the licenses bought after 27th Sep 2016

If one purchases any license after 27th Sep 2016, it means that you’ll be on “no-enforcement” automatically.

Case 3: When your Splunk is below version 6.5 & the licenses bought after/on 27th Sep 2016

In this scenario, Splunk strongly recommends that you update the environment to be version 6.5 and above. If it’s not possible then the entire environment needs to upgrade a licensed master of version 6.5 or higher.  When the license will be purchase after 27th Sept 2016 it will be handled as an “enforcement” license.

Remember that the idea of enforcement & no-enforcement license comes with Splunk-enterprise license version 1.1 only. The rest of the licenses, if violated searching will be deactivated for a rolling period of about 30 days. However, indexing will continue and no reset license key will be available.

A legal obligation in circumstance of non-enforcement

After a license violation, anything will operate fine and searching will remain as earlier. However, this will still count as license defilement. Enforcement policy previously disabling searching was creating a big critical disruption at the business/organization. That is the reason concepts of no-enforcement emanated into the image. Legal policies are similar as earlier. According to this policy, one cannot exceed a license quota, & if one breaches, Splunk audits the license usage of clients every time. Moreover, you may also encounter some issues brought about by illegal activity.


What will happens if Splunk license expires?

3 times in 1 month

What is Splunk license violation?

 Occurs after a series of license warnings

Which are Splunk licenses types?

Splunk Enterprise licenses are available in two types: Enterprise and Free

How do I reset my Splunk license?

Splunk Enterprise contact Splunk to get a temporary reset license.

What is license master for?

A master-use license permits the licensee to use a copyrighted sound recording in a new project.

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