Top 15+ Advance SEM Interview Questions

Advance SEM Interview Questions: By 2023, digital marketing spend will scale up to $146B, it has been forecasted by Forrester that around $146B will be invested in the banner, advertising, email marketing, and search marketing; now that’s the numbers we are talking about! Nowadays, A lot of companies are already actively looking out to grow their business online; with the pandemic, the situation also did turn a lot in favour of online business. Digital marketing professionals are very much in demand and people aspiring for roles in digital marketing are increasing massively.

Search Engine MarketingSEM professionals can help a business grow way better and for people preparing for interviews for this role, we are bringing to you the top 11 SEM interview questions along with answers-

What is search engine marketing?

Answer:   Being the answer with the basic things like stating how important search engine mechanism-SEM is for any business whether big or small. SEM one of the best ways to advertise a product online through a paid budget, thus increasing the visibility of a website in the search engine result pages. Also, mention points like-SEM has been designed by Google to assist the business to grow better and stand out in the highly competitive market. As per reports, greater than 22% of the market will depend on SEM experts in the coming years.

How many years of experience do you have with SEM?

Answer:    While answering it, make sure to list down your set of skills along with your years of experience. Also, talking about a few successful campaigns and their insight results will boost your answer. Avoid giving a generic answer as this question is based on a personal experience rather than the entire system or marketing mechanism.

Must Read Advance SEM Interview Questions – Explain what is AdWords?

Answer:   Google AdWords is a designed advertising space that helps companies to connect with online users and assist to understand the kind of business they are willing to offer or offering. AdWords helps in marketing services and products in their affiliated sites and Google search engine. Also mention in your answer that Google AdWords places a text ad that shows when people look around for phrases or keywords associated with your service/product.

Why choose SEM over SEO?

Ans- You can start by sharing the simple meaning of SEM and SEO, how they are interlinked yet different. Later highlight the major points which include- faster and quicker generation of traffic, both measurable and trackable, better insights and understanding of search patterns and custom behaviour, SEM ads can be instantly turned on and off, SEO requires more time reach a decent organic growth, and unlike SEM, in SEO you can’t decide who will see your product page or website in the search result.

Why use Google AdWords, explain in brief?

Answer:   Visitors from AdWords can prove to be more valuable than millions of other visitors received from normal surfing. In a normal search journey, a user mostly looks out and visits a website for information while traffic generated via Google AdWords is very much well aware of what they are looking for and where they are clicking. You can elaborately talk about pay per click if you have a successful campaign on your portfolio.

Advance SEM Interview Questions – What is CPC?

Answer:    CPC, stands for cost per click. It is a mechanism that is centred around ads, when a user clicks on your ad, you generate an amount, which can be 1$ per click. In this process, let’s assume that the ad receives 100 clicks, and thus the total amount will be 100$, which will be paid to the media company. Remember to keep your answers short and don’t add unnecessary information.

How to choose keywords for your campaign?

Answer:   Try to describe the entire process in a clear and crisp manner, don’t overlap things and lose track of what you said at first or miss out on important things. The first step to determine keywords for a campaign requires an understanding of what you are selling or what you want to sell online. The next step is to narrow down the possibilities of most search keywords that align with your ad. Select your location and the language of your target audience and last but not least use Google keyword tools to get better ideas for your campaign.

What are the character limitations for AdWords Ad?

Answer:   The character limitations for AdWords Ad varies based on headline, description and final URL. H1 or headline 1 will carry 30 characters, H2 or headline 2 will have a 30 characters limit, for path 1and path 2 the number of characters is 15 each, for description table you can include more than 80 characters and in the final URL the character limitation is 1024.

What are the different types of Search Engine Marketing?

Answer:   Don’t start with sentences like “As per my understanding or I think”, always answer with confidence and straightaway get to the question by describing three types of Search Engine marketing which include PPC, local SEO, and Organic SEO.

What are the types of keywords in Google AdWords?

Answer:   There are four different types of keywords in Google AdWords namely, phase match type, exact match type, broad match and modified broad match.

Mention some of the Google AdWord Ad Extensions

Ans- There are various ad extensions that help to enhance the rate of traffic. List of some of the common Ad extensions in Google AdWords are location extensions, solid annotations, call extensions, offer ads, seller annotations, mobile app extensions, review extensions, communication ad, image and down navigation ad extension etc.

We hope that all the SEM interview questions and the answers help you to get the best job offer; do post a comment if you feel we missed out on some of the questions related to SEM. We would love to hear from you!

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