Top 25 AngularJS Interview Questions & Answers 2020

AngularJS Interview Questions & Answers: AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications.

Developed by: Google
Stable release: 1.7.9 / November 19, 2019; 3 months ago
Initial release: October 20, 2010; 9 years ago
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Platform: JavaScript engine
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Top 25 AngularJS Interview Questions & Answers

What is Dom in angular?

AngularJS DOM What is AngularJS DOM? DOM stands for Document Object Model. AngularJS’s directives are used to bind application data to the attributes of HTML DOM elements. The directives are ? 1. ng-disabled ? It disables the attribute of HTML elements.

What is Ng in angular?

Ng stands for aNGular. NG is a core module, and this module contains all the directives that come built-in with the AngularJS library file. ng prefix on your own directives in order to avoid possible name collisions in future versions of Angular. All these directives have the prefix ‘ng’

What is AoT in angular?

As for AoT, it stands for the Ahead-of-Time compiler that was recently introduced in Angular. Compared to the JiT compilation performed by Angular at run-time, AoT provides a smaller bundle with faster rendering in the browser.

What is MVC in AngularJS?

AngularJS MVC Architecture. MVC stands for Model View Controller. It is a software design pattern for developing web applications. It is very popular because it isolates the application logic from the user interface layer and supports the separation of concerns. … Model: It is responsible for managing application data.

What is the scope of AngularJS?

Scope in AngularJS. The $scope in an AngularJS is a built-in object, which contains application data and methods. You can create properties to a $scope object inside a controller function and assign a value or function to it. The $scope is the glue between a controller and view (HTML).

What is a pipe in angular?

Pipes are a useful feature in Angular. They are a simple way to transform values in an Angular template. There are some built-in pipes, but you can also build your own pipes. A pipe takes in a value or values and then returns a value.

Is angular difficult?

Angular 2 is hard!
Angular 2 is harder to teach and harder to learn than AngularJS (aka Angular 1). This is no surprise. Angular 2 is not aiming for ? quick-wins? to get an app started but it is designed for implementing big and complicated applications in a maintainable way.

Is angular is MVC?

In a nutshell, angular 2 is component-based MVC framework. The components and directives are the controllers, the template (HTML) processed by Angular and the browser is the view, and if you don’t combine the model with the controller, you get a MVC pattern.

What is Ng app in angular?

Definition and Usage
The ng-app directive tells AngularJS that this is the root element of the AngularJS application. All AngularJS applications must have a root element. You can only have one ng-app directive in your HTML document.

Who created Angular JS?

The History of AngularJS
AngularJS was created, as a side project, in 2009 by two developers, Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. The two originally envisioned their project, GetAngular, to be an end-to-end tool that allowed web designers to interact with both the frontend and the backend.

Why is it called angular?

ng is short form of angular(offcourse you this) . But why angular js is named ‘angular ‘. Its because, it is a ‘javascript’ framework which is written inside html tags which are written using angle brackets<>

Is AngularJS a programming language?

JavaScript vs AngularJS are the two different web technologies used for developing web applications. JavaScript is a programming language whereas AngularJS is an open source framework and based on MVC architecture. … It is mainly used with Java applications and JQuery.

Is angular front end?

AngularJS or Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework developed by Google to address the issues most developers face while developing single page applications. … It is a front end framework used for creating single page applications to provide native like performance on web.

What is NG full form?

“ng” stands for Next Generation, as Angular is the next generation of HTML .

Why do we need AngularJS?

It was designed to build dynamic web apps in the first place. Its main goals are simplification and structuring of JavaScript code. AngularJS allows to bind data and inject eliminate the most part of the code in order to prevent writing it. Moreover, it allows developers to use other benefits like.

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Why is AngularJS so popular?

Though AngularJS is known to have a steep learning curve, it remains to be popular amongst developers for several reasons. … A completely free framework like Angular helps to use HTML as a template language, creates RICH Internet Application and offers its developers a client-side application.

Is angular easy to learn?

Angular js is easy to learn because this is programing language. Angularjs is the extended to html and css. Html and css is basic concepts and Angular js is advanced concept. … Yes, At TOPS Technologies you can take AngularJS Training with expert faculties who have years of experience in this field.

What is angular good for?

Angular-JS is a JavaScript framework which is used for front-end applications i.e. to make dynamic web-apps. This framework uses HTML as a template language and extends HTML’s syntax to express application’s components clearly. Now going on it why it is used for.

What is an NG model?

AngularJS ng-model Directive
The ng-model directive binds the value of HTML controls (input, select, textarea) to application data.

What is subscribe in angular?

In Angular (currently on Angular-6) . subscribe() is a method on the Observable type. The Observable type is a utility that asynchronously or synchronously streams data to a variety of components or services that have subscribed to the observable.

What is an injector in angular?

The @Injectable() decorator marks it as a service that can be injected, but Angular can’t actually inject it anywhere until you configure an Angular dependency injector with a provider of that service. The injector is responsible for creating service instances and injecting them into classes like HeroListComponent .