Top 10 Data Structures Interview Questions

What is data structure?

This is a term that refers to how data is stored, organized, and manipulated. Data structure does not only focus on one piece of data but, different forms and how they can interrelate with each other for enhanced efficiency.

Data Structures Interview Questions and Answer: In computer science, a data structure is a data organization, management, and storage format that enables efficient access and modification. More precisely, a data structure is a collection of data values, the relationships among them, and the functions or operations that can be applied to the data. Data Structures (DS) Does the tutorial provide basic and advanced concepts? Data Structure the tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals.

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What is the difference between file structure and data structure?

The core difference between these two is the memory area that is going to be accessed. If a programmer deals with the structure that resides in the memory of a computer system they would be dealing with storage structure. The file structure is when the programmer deals with auxiliary storage.

What is a linked list?

A sequence of nodes in which each node is linked to the node following it. It forms a chain-link structure for data storage.

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Data Structures Interview Questions and Answer. What is a stack?

A data structure in which only the topmost element can be accessed. With each addition of new elements, old elements are pushed downwards.

How does dynamic memory help in managing data?

It can be used to combine separately allocated structure blocks that form composite structures to expand and contract as needed.

What does the acronym FIFO stand for?

It stands for First In, First Out and can be used to represent how data is accessed in a queue. Elements that were stored first in a queue will be retrieved first.

Differentiate between null and void?

Null is related to values whereas void is a data type identifier. Variables that are assigned a null value will be empty while pointers that have no initial value are indicated as void.

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What is data abstraction?

A powerful tool that comes in handy when the programmer needs to break down complex data problems into manageable chunks. He or she can specify the operations that will be carried out on data objects without being worried about how the objects will be represented in memory.

What are dynamic data structures?

These are structures that expand or contract as a program runs. It provides a flexible means of manipulating data because it can be adjusted according to its size.

What is a dequeue?

A queue in which objects or elements can be removed or inserted from either end.

What is the least number of nodes that a binary tree can have?

A binary tree can have zero nodes as the least number. Further, the number can be increased to 1 or 2 nodes.
The data structure is a large concept. A range of questions can be extracted from this data storage model. Keeping that in mind, we have another set of questions below that you should prepare for the interview.

  • What do you understand by dynamic data structures?
  • Tell us about arrays.?
  • Differentiate between Null and Void?
  • Cite the difference between Stack and Array?
  • How would you define dequeue?
  • Tell us about the working of a selection list?
  • What do you know about graphs?
  • What exactly is an AVL tree?
  • Do you know anything about Huffman’s algorithm?
  • Tell us about the recursive algorithm?
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