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The main aim of the Cyber Awareness Challenge is to influence behavior, concentrating on actions that authorized users would engage in to alleviate threats & vulnerabilities to DoD-Information Systems. Cyber awareness is all about understanding the vulnerabilities and risks which are present when operating with computer equipment. Army-IA protects & defends Army computers & networks, plus the data they hold, & whether the information is stored, in transit, or being processed.

Must read Army Cyber Awareness Answers


This article provides you with the most questions & answers concerning Cyber Awareness Challenge.

Q1. Does DNS translate a Domain name into?


DNS is a short form for a Domain name system and the major work of DNS is translating the Domain name to an-IP address that’s understandable to computers.

Q 2. When a person is constantly chased/followed by another group or person of more people is called?


Stalking refers to constant surveillance of a target done by a person.

Cyber Stalking refers to a kind of cybercrime where a person is followed constantly by another person via electronic means for harassing the victim.

Q 3. Is Dos Attack considered a class of computer threats?


Dos (denial of service) attack is a kind of cyber-attack where one tries to create a machine unavailable for intended users. It’s normally accomplished through disturbing service temporarily or indefinitely of target joined to the internet.

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Q 4. What’s considered an unsolicited commercial email?


It’s a kind of unsolicited email that’s generally sent in bulk to indiscriminate recipient lists for money-making purposes. These kinds of mail are regarded as unwanted the reason being more users don’t want these kinds of emails.

Q 5. Which program observes activity on the internet of victims, gathers information in the background, & sends it?


It’s designed to enter the target’s computer system or any device, collect all information, observe every user’s activities, & send the information to a third party. Spyware works in the background send every information minus your permission

Q 6. What’s the name of the software program or hardware device which filters every data packet that comes through the internet, a network, etc?


Firewalls filter every data packet that comes from an outside environment like the network, or the internet to block the virus from entering in user’s system. The firewall detects suspicious data-packet, it immediately burns/ends the data packet. It’s the first line of defense for a system to prevent numerous viruses kinds.


Q 7. what’s Cyber Ethics?

It refers to finding the suitable, ethical behaviors linked to online environments & digital media.

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Q 8. What refers to the technique utilized for verifying message integrity?

Message Digest

Message Digest refers to a kind of cryptographic hash function that consists of a string of digits that are made by one-way hashing formula. It’s known as a kind of method used for verifying message integrity, data/media, & to detect if there are manipulations made.

Q 9. What’s Aircrack-ng?

This is a type of software program that’s available in Linux-based OS like kali, Parrot, etc. It’s usually utilized by users when they hack Wi-Fi-networks or get vulnerabilities in a network to get or monitor data packets moving in a network.

Q 10. Which is a more crucial activity in system hacking?

Cracking passwords

As one tries to hack a system, the important thing done is cracking passwords.

Q 11. What’s the name of the first computer virus?


Creeper is known as the first computer virus. It replicates itself & spreads to different systems. It was made by Bob Thomas in 1971 like experimental computer software.

Q 12. What’s Cod Red?

Cod Red is a kind of Computer virus that was first found in 2001. It attacked the Microsoft servers. It infects about 300,000 servers in a couple of days.

Q 13. What’s Malware?

Malware is a type of short program utilized by a hacker to have access to delicate data/ information. It’s utilized to denote more kinds of worms, viruses, Trojans, & more other dangerous programs. It’s also referred to as malicious software.

Q 14. Which protocol is used more in Wi-Fi Security?


Presently, in Wi-Fi Security, WPA2 is a more used protocol the reason being it provides a more safe connection unlike with WPA. It’s an upgraded version of the WPA protocol.

Q 15. What’s TCP/IP?

TCP/IP is a short form for Transmission Control-Protocol/internet protocol. It was made by the US government.

Q 16. Concerning computer networks, encryption methods are primarily utilized for improving what?


Q 17. Which principles of cyber-security refer that security mechanism should be small & simple?

Economy of Mechanism

Q 18. Which cyber-security principle restricts the way rights are started when an object or a subject is made?

Fail-safe Defaults

This cyber security principle restricts the way privileges are started every time an object or a subject is created.

Q 19. What’s open design?

Open Design refers to a type of open-design artifact whose certification is publically available. Thus, anyone can utilize it, study, distribute, modify & make prototypes. However, CSS & DVD Player is the best open design examples.

Q 20. Web applications including banking websites ask their clients to log in again when they’ve stayed for about 30 min. This is considered an example of which principle of cybersecurity?

Complete mediation cybersecurity principle needs that every access needs to be checked to confirm that they’re genuinely permitted. However, the example provided in the above question is considered as the best Complete Mediation of example.


How many digits is a CAC PIN?

A u003cstrongu003esix (6) to eight (8) digit numberu003c/strongu003e to use as a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

What information is stored on a CAC card?

What information is stored on a CAC card?u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eCard Bar Code Informationu003c/strongu003eu003cbru003e1- Name.u003cbru003e2- Social Security Number (to be removed in 2012)u003cbru003e3- Date of birth.u003cbru003e4- Personnel category.u003cbru003e5- Pay category.u003cbru003e6- Benefits information.u003cbru003e7- Organizational affiliation.u003cbru003e8- Pay grade.

Can you have 2 CAC cards?

Yes, u003cstrongu003ea person can have multiple CACu003c/strongu003e but only one of them can have a full certificate and email functionality at a time.

Is CAC ID number PII?

The DoD ID Number, by itself or with an associated name, shall be u003cstrongu003econsidered internal government operations-related PIIu003c/strongu003e.

What are some examples of malicious code?

Computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, spyware, adware, and backdoor programs.

What is the malicious activity?

 Any program or file that is intentionally harmful to a computer, network, or server

What is Comp virus?

A type of malicious code or program was written to alter the way a computer operates.

What is a polymorphic virus?

Complex file infectors that can create modified versions of themselves.

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