WordPress Correcting image alignment on the homepage

WordPress boasts good feature-rich image editing tools. Often these tools are not well explored and therefore we run into blogs that are out of alignment! But since you have landed yourself in the right place you can rest assured that your query about image alignment will be resolved! In this article, we will look at the insights about the alignment of images on the homepage and of course the troubleshooting methods if you have messed up the image alignment. So why waste time, let us get started!

How to align the image on WordPress Homepage?

You have wonderful images that will really enhance the attention level and the attractiveness of your blog, but you don’t know how to place them in the places where you desire your images to be. Posting images one after another will simply lead to a long queued post that falls flat on the attractiveness quotient! That is why WordPress offers an ‘image alignment’ tool that easily fixes this issue. Here are the steps that you can follow to resolve this matter:

  • WordPress gives you a smart tool called the ‘align feature.’
  • You can use it while uploading your desired image. The settings you will do will be applied to the uploaded image even before inserting the image into your blog post.
  • Another workaround is to use the ‘Image Toolbar.’ You can find it inside the post editor.
  • Just click on your desired image.
  • Now click on the ‘alignment’ button.

Alignment options offered by WordPress:

WordPress offers some cool image alignment options. You can use them to create your very own unique blog post. You get alignment options such as:

  • Aligning the image to the extreme right on the blog.
  • Aligning the image to the far left on the blog.
  • Aligning the image to the top of the blog.
  • Aligning the image towards the bottom section of the blog.
  • You can choose the ‘Text wrapping’ option too. This tool will make the text of your blog’s content wrap around, under, above the image you have selected. There are several text wrapping options available such as:
  • Square Text wrapping.
  • Tight Text wrapping.
  • Through Text wrapping.
  • Top and Bottom Text wrapping.
  • Behind Text wrapping.
  • In front of Text wrapping.
  • Inline with Text wrapping.

Insights on image alignment in WordPress:

Image alignment is a tool that can be used just for positioning the images. It can be used to smartly place the images. What is the smart placement of the image, you may ask… Well, there is science behind placing the images which can either attract the reader more into your blog, or if you don’t pay much attention to alignment, your pictures may just be fillers or at worse can make your blog too scattered! So let us use the alignment to our advantage.

Center Alignment:

The human eye is naturally get attracted to the elements that are placed at the center of anything, be it a room, a canvas, a ‘blog post’!  Therefore when you place your image at the center of the blog page, you are using the post-powerful position where an image can be placed.

Tips: If you are using an image as the main image of the blog and are placing it at the center of your blog then you should choose colors that are in harmony with the overall look of your blog. If you want to create strong attention to your blog, then you can make use of images that have colors like red and yellow. These colors are proved to be the most attention gainers. That’s why you find them on sale hauls, advertisements, important signage, and so on.

Left and Right Alignment:

The left alignment and right alignment are usually used when you want to insert an image as a text-wrapped image.


  • As a general rule, you should use the direction of the alignment based on the direction where the image is pointing. This way it helps to draw the reader’s attention to your blog.
  • The size of the images matters a lot. If you choose a really big size of the image, regardless of how wonderful the image is, it will only break the reader’s attention to your blog. Therefore you should choose images that decently fit and do not disturb the readers reading your blog.

Top and Bottom Alignment:

Think of Top and Bottom Alignment as an element that defines the borders of your blog’s content. For Top and Bottom Alignment, ‘banner images work the best.

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