Free WordPress Hosting: A type of shared web hosting where WordPress sites are hosted is known as WordPress Hosting. WordPress hosting is used to boost a website’s performance, such as loading efficiency and security. There’s no doubt that WordPress is widely regarded as one of the best blogging platforms available in today’s platform. Hundreds of companies, hobbyists, and business owners join the billions of WordPress-powered websites each day to create a platform and build a brand. WordPress is used by well-known businesses and brands to improve their internet presence.

WordPress is used by well-known businesses and brands to improve their internet business. This great platform is free and composed of straightforward CMS, thus assisting everyone to build an impressive-looking website, even if anyone does not have any technical knowledge level.

Free WordPress hosting is perfect for someone on a tight budget or who wants to experiment with a few ideas before agreeing to a paid hosting subscription because WordPress does not involve any upfront costs. Isn’t that the best part? If you’re new to WordPress, free hosting will help you determine if the platform is right for you by giving you some ‘real’ experiences. Sounds good right?

One of the fastest and simplest ways to build a WordPress website is to use free WordPress hosting. Let’s take a closer look at five platforms where you can host your WordPress website for free to assist you to get it off to the absolute best start.

The list of top 10 free WordPress Hosting Services 2021 are as follows-


Hostinger Free WordPress Hosting: Hostinger can be listed among the few free web hosting services that also have a great deal to offer. Even though there are some restrictions, the hosting service provider includes several features that are accessible with paid options. At Hostinger one will get 2GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, WordPress and Joomla auto-installation, support for limitless domains, and MySQL support, among many other things.

You will also get accessibility to your cPanel and great customer service that will be available to resolve any issue at the earliest.


000WebHost  Free WordPress Hosting: 000WebHost is one of the most popular free WordPress hosting providers, and their services outshine many others. They also have a great deal of experience due to their long time in the industry.

The amazing part is that it’s an ad-free hosting service. The fact that they ensure almost a hundred percent uptime while not requiring even a penny from your end is quite a great deal. Some of the features of 000WebHost include infinite domain names, free website builder, install in a click, 10GB bandwidth, spam protection, directories for password protection, phpMyAdmin, free templates, 5 email accounts with IMAP and POP3, and much more. So, go ahead and start building your blog or website right now.

Fantastic Features of 000WebHost

  • 3 GB of bandwidth!
  • Easy to use Free Website Builder
  • Almost endless 300 MB disk space
  • WordPress Auto Installer
  • No Ads
  • Full PHP & MySQL database support
  • Cpanel web hosting admin panel
  • Instant account activation, no fees!

000webhost Pros:

  • Evaluating Structure.
  • Colossal Disk Space/Bandwidth.
  • Moment Backups.
  • Great cPanel Support.
  • Promotion Support.
  • Email Support.
  • Full PHP/MySQL Support.
  • Over the top Customer Service.

000webhost Cons:

  • Expelled Websites without taking note.
  • CPU Usage Limit
  • Document Upload Limits
  • Security Issues
  • Moderate FTP and lethargic DNS Free WordPress Hosting: is a for-profit version of the open-source WordPress software that you can find at; often mistaken with the open-source WordPress software. It is an easier option to start a WordPress site by allowing you to create by simply signing for a account. However, you won’t have access to the entire WordPress software, thus giving you limited access. Some of the features of WordPress include unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certificate, 3GB of storage space, dashboard customization, easy set-up process without any hassle of coding or technical things, loads fast and secure, etc.


Byet Free WordPress Hosting: Talking about a number of features in free web hosting, Byet is a great choice to opt for and will surely not let you down. Furthermore, they provide an HTTPS/SSL certificate for free, while other companies charge hefty fees for it. The company’s free hosting service is outstanding. You can definitely give it a shot. Some of the key features of a byte are free SSL/HTTP certificate, ad-free hosting service, 50GB monthly transfer, access to a great number of templates, error page backup, IP address manager, 5 email accounts, free webmails, redirected URL manager, Cpanel and a lot more.

Accuweb Hosting

AccuWeb  Free WordPress Hosting:  AccuWeb Hosting is a feature-rich platform for Windows virtual private servers (VPS) and cloud web hosting. It is a free plan that allows a user to host one website. This plan allows for up to 5000 monthly visitors. Unlike other free WordPress hosting services, it includes email accounts as part of the basic plan. Multi-layer DDos Protection, custom domain names, SSD, and fast speed, 25 email accounts include some of the features of Accuweb.


Awardspace Free WordPress Hosting:  Awardspace is a website that offers free WordPress hosting. For small blog websites, news media, and idea launches, this platform is the ideal space. The free plan allows for approximately 5000 monthly visits.

It offers access to webmail, one email account, and a MySQL database. Although it has restricted data center options, it offers incredibly fast support with WordPress free hosting, unlike other platforms in the market. With this free hosting, you’ll be able to create four websites, each with its own domain and three subdomains. It will enable you to commercialize your website through advertisements, affiliate marketing, or other innovative methods.


WPnode Free WordPress Hosting:  A WordPress web hosting service that is entirely free, WPnode services are both quick and safe. WPnode uses LEMP Stack, W3 EDGE, CloudFlare, Roundcube, phpMyAdmin, and SFTP to provides speed, security, and convenience to use. It must be noted that WPnode doesn’t provide any backup facility or mail service but one can use WPnode’s free plan for an unlimited number of WordPress sites. It also enables unrestricted data transmission along with a free email account with 1GB of storage and with Cloudflare, it offers DDoS protection.

Infinity Free

Infinity Free WordPress Hosting: Currently, more than 300,000 people use this hosting service. With the free WordPress Hosting service, you can get an endless number of domains and email accounts; Infinity free offers users unlimited bandwidth and disc space. Also provides you with a guarantee of uptime which is 99.9 percent, but you will not receive any assistance in case your site goes down, be it for any reason. The better side about InfinityFree is that they provide free features like DNS, Cloudflare CDN, and SSL to all websites.