Fixing the Maximum Execution Time Exceeded Error

While using WordPress you may face maximum execution time exceeded error and if you are a beginner you will wonder what to do next. This article will explain how to overcome and resolve this common WordPress error.

Understand Why Maximum Execution Time Exceeded Error Occurs

Don’t get stressed or frustrated when the error message shows up on your screen. WordPress sets time limits for PHP scripts run, hence when this time limit gets exceeded this specific error message appears. Time limits are set to prevent misuse and to protection for servers.  It also depends on the exact time limit that has been set. When your PHP script runs more than this pre-set time limit you are faced with this error about exceeding the time limit.

Solution 1

Install the WP Maximum Execution Time plugin and resolve the error. This plugin will edit the .htaccess file or the php.ini file on WordPress and resolve the issue, by deleting or adding the necessary code in the file. The plugin does not take up too much space and it rewrites the code on the. htacess file or delete it when it is activated. You can deactivate the plugin by deleting the code.

Solution 2

Another method to overcome the maximum execution time exceeded error is by editing the .htaccess file.

  • Access the .htaccess file through the FTP client.
  • Locate the file through the /wp-content/ folder and go to wp-admin folder.
  • Add the following code in the .htaccess file
    • php_value max_execution_time 300
    • Save
  • This sets the time limit for 300 seconds which can be increased if the error does not get resolved.

Solution 3

Another way to resolve the error is by logging in through your cPanel, selecting the PHP options switch on the Switch to PHP options link, from the PHP version. Add the seconds in the max_execution_time row and select Apply.

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