Beware! Fake Windows 11 ISO files found installing Trojans & Adware

Windows 11 ISO

Windows 11 ISO: Windows 11, Microsoft’s next operating system, is expected to be released later this year. The preview build, on the other hand, maybe downloaded to test the operating system’s functionality. Hackers already had utilized the situation and are distributing malware before the stable launch.

It is a fact that the most popular apps or sites are also the most targeted by hackers as they will have a higher chance of succeeding in these situations. Now is the time of Windows 11, Microsoft’s next software, which is said to be released in a few months.

Fake Windows 11 ISO installer files can destroy your PC

Many people are eagerly awaiting the ability to install Windows 11 on their PCs and so receive the most recent upgrade. The issue is that they may be found using impostor installers. They may believe they are upgrading their computer when they download them, but what they are actually getting from the web is malware, adware, and other dangerous software whose sole purpose is to compromise security.

Several people have downloaded the Windows 11 installers and have been infected with malware as a result. As per Kaspersky security specialists, all of these individuals downloaded the installers from unauthorized sources.

Kaspersky experts have issued a warning on malware-infected bogus Windows 11 ISO downloads aimed at die-hard Microsoft supporters, and have advised users to be cautious. It is suggested that users must:

  • Use these finest identity theft protection services to protect yourself.
  • Choose the finest virus clean-up program currently available.
  • Opt for the most effective ransomware decryption tools available.

Know about Fake Windows 11

As per Kaspersky, several efforts by bogus malware-laden Windows 11 ISO downloaders to run multiple apps in the background have already been blocked, Linus Tech Tips made a YouTube video to describe why Windows 11 would not work on any CPU older than 2017. Despite having the most up-to-date gear, I was unable to choose the Windows Insider Program’s Developer channel. Secure Boot must be activated in BIOS, and a physical Trusted Platform Module (TPM) key must be inserted into the motherboard.

Kaspersky discovered a downloadable file called ‘86307 windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe’ that appears to be connected to Windows 11 install and some type of licensing activator in one case. This 1.76GB download may appear to be real. However, it only contains a DLL file with pointless speculation.

Furthermore, executing the installable program, which is disguised as a real Windows Installation Wizard, initiates the background download of further software. This second installable version even comes with a licensing agreement that allows the installer will install certain sponsored programs in order to install Windows 11 on the computer.

Is Windows 11 ISO worth taking the risk?

Kaspersky advises against installing such installers from unknown sites because they might include “nothing but adware, full-fledged Trojans, password stealers, exploits, and other unpleasant stuff,” according to the organization.

Windows 11 is not yet available for free download or purchase, with Microsoft estimating that it will be released by the end of the year. If you are interested, you may join the Windows Insider program and get a hold of the reasonably stable beta version of Windows 11 from Microsoft. Microsoft has also stated that the Windows 11 update would be free for all Windows 10 devices. However, there are some basic requirements for the system to run Windows 11 ISO.

Install Window 11 from official sources

It is critical at this time to advise people to only install applications and services from official sources. Not only in terms of Windows but also in terms of any other software that we will use on the computers.

The downloads are available through Microsoft’s official website, it is a straightforward, risk-free, and quick procedure. When the time comes for all users to be able to access this new operating system, it will be through this site that you will be able to download it if you wish to have the highest level of security.

Any application downloaded from a third-party source can represent a serious security risk. As we have seen, it may include viruses, but it could also be used to manage our information. It is critical to choose dependable, official platforms from which we would not have big issues. Viruses can impact the mouse, the network card, and the system’s performance.

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