Windows 11 22H2 Printer Bug Blocking Upgrade For Some Computers

You installed the original windows 11 release on your PC, and it’s time to enjoy the updated interface of the latest 22H2 version. Sadly, the update doesn’t appear on the windows update page. Is your PC the problem, or it’s another error affecting other users? Well, for your information, the Windows 11 22H2 update has compatibility issues with printer drivers.

This issue makes it chillaxing to access some advanced printer features. For this reason, there is an upgrade block until the printer issues have been fixed.

From the Microsoft health dashboard, we learn that if you connect printers using a universal print class driver or Microsoft IPP class driver and notice connectivity issues, the windows 11 system won’t recognize some advanced printing features. Some advanced issues might be paper size/type setting, resolution above 300 x 300dpi, or tw0-sided/duplex printing.

Therefore, Microsoft advises its users not to force the upgrade using media creation tools, installation assistants, or other methods. But if you are among the people whose PCs have been affected by this bug, you can attempt the upgrade first. You must disconnect the printer using the universal or Microsoft IPP class driver. Do this through the settings page under Printers & scanners. After this, you can attempt the printer installation once more to see if the bug has been fixed.

However, you might have to wait about two days for the windows 11 22H2 update to show after removing the affected printer.

Windows 11 22H2 Bug Breaks Package Provisioning

According to Microsoft’s statement, they admit that a new bug exists that affects the provisioning packages on the windows 11 22H2 version. It’s clear that provisioning packages might work, implying that it will be partially configured. However, the installation might fail, or the PC might restart unexpectedly.

However, this problem mainly affects PCs on school or organization networks because provisioning packages are of file type. PPKG is used for configuring new Pcs during the first-time setup. Due to this, windows 11 computers for home use or those used in small offices have a slim chance of encountering this error. Additionally, if you are provisioning using windows Autopilot, then this will not affect your device.

To avoid this error on your PC, Microsoft advises users to provision their device before upgrading to the windows 11 22H2 version. However, the Microsoft team is still trying to find a possible fix for this error, although there is no information about the date this fix will be delivered.

Other than the bug that breaks the provisioning package, there are other issues linked to the windows 11 22H2 version that prevents users from installing this upgrade. Other issues related to this update that Microsoft has acknowledged are printer and audio drivers that affect the streamlining of these features. There are also Remote desktop connection problems and squalor of file copy speed.

Windows 11 Pro and Home Editions for office and home users are likely to be affected by these issues compared to other windows editions. But there are still other issues linked to the windows 11 22H2 version that every user should consider before clicking the upgrade button. If you haven’t installed this update, we encourage you to hold on until up to three cumulative updates have been delivered before upgrading. This will ensure you don’t encounter several performance issues.

Windows 11 22H2 Bugs, October Update, Tech Tips

Microsoft released new features from the windows 11 22H2 October update, including a Taskbar overflow menu, suggested actions, and tabs for File Explorer and Share to more devices. Microsoft also expanded the windows 11 22H2 version to compatible devices via the windows update settings. Although there are still some known problems with this version of windows 11, such as file copying issues, remote desktop connection problems, package provisioning, and printer driver bugs

Windows 11 build 25217, which Microsoft rolled out in the Dev Channel, have support for Third-party Widgets, an updated version of the Chat experience and Microsoft store, and cloud suggestion in simplified Chinese IME.

Tech tips roundup

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