How To Upgrade To Windows 10 22H2 With Update Assistant

It’s been a mission for the Microsoft team to make their users content by delivering high-quality services. The team never stopped when they launched windows 10 2004. Instead, they kept doing their best to fix all bugs and push more features to make their OS the most interactive. Today, most of us are enjoying the new features of windows 10 22H2; trust us, it’s more than anyone would ask for. This windows version considers users’ security and doesn’t sacrifice their comfort. Therefore, if your PC can’t automatically upgrade to version 22H2, then Update assistant is the only fix to your problem.

The main aim of design Update Assistant is to help upgrade PCs to windows 10 22H2 as long as they don’t show the update button on the windows update page. Anyone can use this tool as long as their PC’s hardware & software configuration is compatible with the latest 22H2 version of windows 10.

Upgrade assistant and media creation tools are similar, except that you can only use them to perform an in-place upgrade to the recent windows 10 version. But if you have 20H2, 21H1, or 21H2, then opt for the update through the windows update on the settings page. This is because complete re-installation will take place.

Windows 10 22H2 Update Assistant

The hardware configuration of your PC might not be compatible with the new OS, so you aren’t receiving the option to upgrade through the windows update page. But this doesn’t mean you can’t update your PC to the latest windows 10 version 22H2. This is where the update assistant comes in, and we shall look at the procedures on how to upgrade with ease.

  • 1. Open the Microsoft software download page
  • 2. Tap the Update Now button
  • 3. Launch the setup by double-clicking the Windows10Upgrade9252.exe file
  • 4. Click Update Now button, then restart the device

After completing this step, the windows 10 22H2 file will be downloaded onto your PC. After which, the update process will commence while preserving your settings, apps, and files. The whole process can be less than an hour.

Finally, we recommend our readers consider using Update assistant if their PC runs Windows 10 1909 or earlier versions.

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