Microsoft Office Name Changes To Microsoft 365

For over 30 years, Microsoft has maintained the Office name, but this is about to change as the company announced that Microsoft Office would be branded to Microsoft 365. The change will not affect the apps you are already familiar with, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. However, these apps will be referred to as Microsoft 365 instead of the original name Microsoft Office.

From the time Microsoft introduced Office 365 and later rebranded it as Microsoft 365. it was clear that sooner or later, they were going to ditch Microsoft Office’s name. However, these changes will not only affect the office suite we are familiar with, but they will also change the names of the website, the official app for windows, and the official app for mobile. We anticipate the Microsoft team will give Microsoft 365 a new design, icon, and several productivity features.

It’s important to note the difference between the Microsoft 365 application and the Microsoft 365 brand for suite applications. The Microsoft 365 app is the center of all contents, apps and tools. The rebranding for is set to arrive in November. It will be rolled out in January next year for officer apps for mobile and windows. The changes will be applied to PCs used for personal and business schools.

However, productivity applications will not be affected. Microsoft 365 will refer to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Teams, Outlook, Loop, Stream, Designer, Clipchamp and several other applications under this category.

Office standalone version won’t disappear entirely; Microsoft will continue supporting one-time purchases via Office LTSC and Office 2021 plans. Finally, there is no plan for changing Microsoft Office/ Microsoft 365 subscription plans.

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