Should I Install Windows 10 22H2 On My PC? Yes, But Proceed With Caution

With the arrival of the windows 10 22H2 update, many users have been stuck between installing it or ignoring it due to safety concerns. Well, who wouldn’t worry? Most updates often come with an upgrade incompatible with your hardware drivers. However, the windows 10 22H2 update came as a minor optional update on the windows update settings. 

However, it only shows up on a device that has required system requirements. Because this is a manual upgrade, there is a high possibility of encountering compatibility issues and bugs that may hinder the functionality of your PC. So, if you are still wondering whether you should install Windows 10 22H2, we have information that will help you make the right decision. 

Is it safe to install Windows 10 22H2?

There are reasons why we may say that it’s safe to install the windows 10 22H2 version. Once Microsoft has rolled out an update to its OS, the development team tests it on many devices, and if there are some errors, bugs, or compatibility issues, they attempt to fix these issues. 

Also, Microsoft throttled the windows 10 22H2 rollout to ensure that only compatible PCs receive this update. But the update is currently available on the windows update page, and anyone whose device meets the minimum system requirements can quickly and safely install this update. 

On the Microsoft health dashboard website, Windows 10 22H2 users can view reports, posts, or updates about this version of the OS. From the information, you can learn about the bugs, fixes, and known issues with this OS, as well as what Microsoft is doing to solve the problem. 

Currently, windows 10 22H2 is in maintenance mode; as a result, you won’t need a reinstallation since the update size is small. If you have recent versions of windows 10, you can upgrade to windows 10 22H2 with ease and minimal risk. If you are running older versions of windows, such as 1909 or 2004, you can still install the 22H2 version but with extra caution due to hardware compatibility issues.

But if you want to upgrade from the older versions of windows 10, we recommend a complete reinstallation, but the process can result in unexpected errors. There might also be known and unknown issues resulting from new system changes and outdated drivers. Even apps and programs designed for older versions might malfunction when you upgrade to windows 10 22H2. 

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Should I wait to install Windows 10 22H2?

If you are considering installing the new windows 10 22H2 version, then we think it’s a good idea to wait a little longer. This is because unknown bugs, compatibility problems, and errors are likely to surface during the initial rollout of the new OS. 

When Microsoft avails the new version through the windows update page, it will be the best time to install the update. By this time, the bugs and fixes shall have been fixed, and no harm will come to your PC after installing the 22H2 version. But suppose your gadget hasn’t received the update notification through the windows update page. In that case, it’s not advisable to force install it using Update assistant or media creation tool on your PC. chances are high that your PC doesn’t meet the minimum software and hardware requirements for the 22H2 version upgrade. 

From our professional point of view, wait for three to four quality updates before installing the 22H2 version on your computer. Suppose your device doesn’t have update issues, then wait for the update to be sent to your PC before installing it for your gadget’s safety. On the other hand, failing to install a released version puts you at risk. Your current version might be outdated and never receive quality updates again, which means you’ll be vulnerable to hackers and malware attacks. 

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