How To Enable Or Disable Aero Shake On Windows 11?

Windows 11 has a feature known as Aero Shake that permits users to grab and shake a window to minimize all other desktop windows running in the background. And shaking the window back will restore all other minimized windows. 

The previous version of Windows had the Aero Shake feature, also known as title bar windows shake, enabled by default. However, the Aero Shake feature is disabled by default in windows 11 And later versions, although you can enable and disable this feature through the settings App on windows 11. From this page, we shall learn the steps required for managing the title bar window shake feature (Aero Shake) on Windows 11 PC

Enable Aero Shake on Windows 11

To enable the aero feature on windows 11 PC, use the following steps

  1. Launch the Settings App on a windows 11 PC
  2. Navigate to the System option
  3. Tap on the Multitasking page located to the right of your window
  4. Under the Title bar, windows shake; turn on the switch

After the process, you shall have enabled the Aero Shake feature on windows 11. As a result, you’ll be able to click and shake title bars to minimize opened windows on your PC.

Disable title bar window shake on Windows 11

If you want to disable the aero shake feature on windows 11, follow the steps below

  1. Launch the Settings App on windows 11
  2. Click the settings option
  3. Navigate to the multitasking page found on the right side of your PC
  4. Turn off the switch under “title bar window shake.”

Once you turn off the switch, you shall have disabled the Aero Shake feature on your PC

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