Windows 10 iso 64 bit download


Windows 10 ISO 64 Bit Download

Windows 10 ISO 64 bit download

Windows 10 ISO 64 bit download: This website helps you to find the latest version of Microsoft Windows 10 ISO File 64 download with direct download links. The Windows 100 Disc Image (ISO File) 64 bit Download is the latest version of windows operating system update.

There are a lot of rumors that surround the release date of Windows 10 with most people anticipating that Microsoft has no plans of unleashing a new operating system. In part, this is because the software giant recently announced that Windows 10 would be its last release of operating system. However, it seems like there is a need to relinquish the statement and buckle to the demands of several Windows users who have been waiting for a complete overhaul of Windows 10 and the takeover of Windows 10 that has so many features to be considered as an update of Windows 10.

The first thing that lovers of Windows 7 will like about Windows 10 is the reinstated start button. It makes it easy to access programs and other items from the start menu although it still features the tiled look that was introduced with Windows 8. There are many more features in this operating system that will interest technology savvy people and those who are inclined to think that Windows 10 has a horrible user interface. Check the content below for a discussion of these and tips on how to install and use the edition that best suits you.

How to update your system to Windows 10

How to install windows 10: The new operating system can be installed using a DVD or an ISO file that can be written on a USB stick to create a bootable USB Key Windows 10. This can be done using a simple tool that the company dubs Media Creation tool. To begin your update, you first need to download this tool, which will be the platform on which Windows 11 will be downloaded. Like usual, the Media Creation Tool will ask you to accept Microsoft terms of usage and its license agreements. After this, a new instruction panel will come up. It requires you to select a choice from radio buttons that ask you whether you would like to install the system on the PC you are currently using or another one.


How to install windows 10, Remember that the second option is very useful for people who want to install the new system on a PC that cannot boot due to a crashed OS or one that does not have direct access to the Internet. Important to note too is that the upgrade cannot be initiated on machines that are currently running Windows XP or Vista. For these, you need to download the ISO file on a bootable USB stick so that you can use it to boot directly from the BIOS of your machine after you are done downloading. Microsoft cautions users who want to begin using Windows 11 against downloading from third party sites so that they can safeguard their system against malware and the risk of attempting to install the operating system from a damaged copy.

Install 32-bit version or a 64-bit version

Install 32-bit version or a 64-bit version

32-bit or a 64-bit

Before installing your copy of Windows 11, it is also necessary to decide on whether you want a 32-bit version or a 64-bit version. There is another option that asks you to use the recommended options for the PC on which you intend to install the new Operating System. There are a few benefits of using a 64-bit system to 32-bit systems although the choice largely depends on the properties of your system. The most important one is compatibility with various applications.

Window 10 ISO 64 bit 32 bit Update, By default, most software developers are optimizing their applications to run on 64-bit environments, which means that these are being preferred by more users to the 32-bit environments. You might also like to note that there is a limit to the size of RAM storage that can be used on a machine running a 32-bit operating system. That is 3.2 GB while 64-bit systems allow you to use up to 17 billion GB of RAM, or correctly put, an infinite value. If you are not sure of which version of Windows 11 you intend to use, you can install both although your download will take longer to complete.


The BIOS is a program that allow users of a computer to make selections of the operating system they would like to use. Besides, this program that is normally stored in the computers motherboard will be used to launch your new operating system and store information on where it is stored. Use it to launch Windows 11 from your DVD or the ISO you copied on a bootable USB key if the operating system that your computer is currently using has crushed. You can launch the BIOS of a system by pressing the F9, F2, F10, or Del key immediately your system begins loading. If you do not know which key you need to press in order to launch your system, you can research from the Internet although most BIOS system will suggest it to you immediately your system boots.

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Window 10 ISO 64 bit 32 bit Update, Features in Windows 10

A start menu, and a real desktop for PCs:?

The reason why the start menu was killed with the release of Windows 8 is that mobile platforms and touch screens for desktop computers had just begun gaining popularity. Microsoft wanted PC users to begin thinking of their systems as tablet computers although the tablet-like user interface did not seem to appeal to desktop computer users. In Windows 11, the start button will be reinstated to give users back what made them really feel that they were using a desktop computer. However, because Windows 11 is designed to sync with mobile as well as tablets, the start button will only be available to users of non-touch devices that have a mouse and a keyboard.

A start menu, and a real desktop for PC

Continuum mode:

The continuum mode is designed to adapt to hybrid computers. You realize that there are more computers that come with a hybrid architecture that enables them to be used as PCs or as tablets from their touch screens. With the continuum mode, it can either be automatic or manual. When it is automatic, your computer will check the configuration of your computer to see whether there is a keyboard or mouse attached to it. It switches to desktop mode when these are connected and back to tablet mode when they are disconnected.

An ability to create multiple virtual desktops:

This is a new feature that will appeal to users who like to multitask. This is like having multiple offices running different tasks. Users of virtual desktops in the cloud will appreciate this feature because it extends the definition of what you can do on a single desktop computer that has access to the cloud.

Cortana Virtual Assistant:

Cortana Virtual Assistant

This virtual assistant was first introduced to Microsoft?s arsenal of applications in the year 2010. Its capabilities include looking up for information on the internet, scheduling appointments, starting applications, sending emails, and much more. You can also use your computer hands free using these tool which is a big plus for people who like to multitask. It was previously accessible to mobile users only although it is now included in Windows 11. You can launch it from the start menu of your computer so that it can actively listen to your commands.

New applications:

Windows 10 will come with new applications and most notably edge. Edge is an upgrade to Microsoft?s Internet Explorer browser that comes with a lot of features that are worth noting. For one, it lets you choose the style in which content is displayed on your screen. It also secures your privacy by letting you control the information that websites you browse on while using it collect about you. Other security details are also put on check: – it uses a firewall program called Microsoft Defender that protects you from online security issues like phishing and use of malicious malware.

Window 10 Universal apps:

These were introduced in windows 10. ?Basically, universal apps can be used on all Microsoft devices, which increases a user?s productivity in that they can continue working on a document that they began on their PC on a tablet or a mobile device. This kind of integration is made possible by the cloud and will specifically appeal to people who like working at home. Imagine being able to continue working on a task that you began at your office workstation when you eventually get home or while you wait for breakfast in the morning.

Window 10 Security Features:

The new security features that are included with Windows 10 include multi-factor authentication, data protection, and bio metric authentication. Some of these require certain hardware specifications to work correctly. For instance, Windows hello that uses facial recognition requires a laptop or a tablet device with a web cam for proper functionality.

Window 10 New Design:

Windows 10 will come with a new design that is being dubbed the Microsoft Fluent Design System. It is not only intuitive, but also homogeneous between different devices. This means that the look on Windows 11 will be consistent on all devices including mobiles and tablets. Its aesthetics have also been improved with the introduction of a graphical interface that is more animated. Application windows are also enhanced with depth effects and transparent application windows.

The Cloud Clipboard:

The core purpose of the cloud clipboard is to make it easier for people to copy and paste between devices.? Users will also be at the convenience of an icon that enables them to associate a smartphone to their PC or Tablet. The ?Continue on PC? button allows a user to view content that he or she has been working on a mobile device or tablet from a PC. It enables continuity and has very similar characteristics to Universal Apps.


With timeline, a user can go back in time and find files, applications, or websites that had been opened previously by users. This history is available to all devices that are logged in to the same Windows account. Currently there are limitations to this feature in that, it is only available to a few applications that include Word Pad, Office, and Paint.

Near share:

This feature makes it possible for a PC user to send and receive files from others in its vicinity via Bluetooth or WiFi. All a user needs to do is activate the feature via the notification center and it will allow you to exchange files. To send a document to another device, just select and right click on it after which you can follow the resulting instructions to proceed.


The new operating system will support pre-integrated SIM cards. The purpose of this is to save notebook users the pain of having to activate their telecom via the store box. They just need to associate their cloud profile with the package of their notebook.

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How to install windows 10, Various editions of Windows 11 and who they are best suited for

Window 10 ISO 64 bit 32 bit Update, Like with other releases of Microsoft Windows products, Windows 10 comes in various editions that are tailor made for the needs of various users. To begin with, Windows 10 family will be a great choice for users who have a few devices and are not so much concerned with securing commercial data against malware attacks. However, it allows you to synchronize with your Xbox One account; this enables you to manage it via your PC. Note that this kind of synchronization allows you to play your Xbox games on the PC.

How to Install Windows 10 Pro Edition

The pro edition is best suited for people who intend to use their PC as the management hub of a small business. You will have all the benefits that come with the Family edition and additional perks that are centered on the security of your system. A notable feature is Windows update for business that avails several updates to make sure that there are no loopholes that can be used by malignant parties to compromise your information.

How to Install Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

How to install windows 11, The enterprise edition includes all the benefits that comes with the pro edition and additional perks that are aimed at helping manage larger enterprises. It comes with the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack that allows employers to manage their employees? work stations virtually. Other editions of Windows 10 include Windows 10 education and Windows 10 X. Windows 10 is to be used by schools while the X edition only allows installation of applications that are sourced from Microsoft?s store.


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