Top 30+ Agile Interview Question

Agile Methodology is a set of methods & practices where project management & software development takes place in delivering customer-centric .

What’s Agile Testing?

This is a practice centred on principles of agile software development. Moreover, it includes every member of an agile team with some specific skills & certain expertise 

What’s Refactoring?

This is the modification of code minus changing the functionality on how to improve performance. 

What’s test stub?

This is a small code which mimics a particular component in system & can substitute it. It has the same output as the section it replaces. 

What’s Test-Driven Development?

This is a test-first development method where we add test 1st before writing the full production code. 

What’s Spike?

There might be some mechanical issues or design-problem in a project which requires to be fixed first. To offer the solution to the issue, “Spikes” are made. 

What is a tracer bullet?

Main purpose of tracer bullet is to examine the way an end-to-end process works & examines feasibility. 

What’s Application Binary-Interface?

Across various system platforms & environments, a requirement stated by a specification for portability of uses in binary-form is recognized as Application-Binary Interface. 

What’s the “build-breaker”?

This brings sudden-unexpected bugs, compilation procedure stops, or a warning is made, or execution fails. 

Benefits of Pair Programming?

Knowledge transmission is simple: Experienced partner teaches a different partner on codes and techniques.