Difference Between Python and JavaScript?

JavaScript is highly utilized in browsers that provide dynamic purpose. Python refers to a high-level object-oriented language for programming.


Modern-day JavaScript is understood for having strong performance, due to the presence of a V8 engine.  Python is stable, strong & readable, though it means that it’s slower compared to its competitors.

Simple to learn

Python is far better compared to JavaScript. Python is designed to be beginner-friendly & utilizes simple variables & purposes.


Node.js is made for scalability & it’s compatible with asynchronous programming. Python isn’t compatible with asynchronous programming.


At Python, the source code is automatically ASCII unless an encoding format is specified. With Java-Script it needs to be encoded as UTF-16

Hash table

This can be utilized in a hash with values and keys. Java-Script language has no in-built hash table support.


Python is also known as a battery-included programing language. Java-Script contains very few modules including date, regexp, math, JSON

Data type

Python consists of two similar data-types lists plus a tuple.  Java-Script array and Python’s list are very similar. Java-Script consists of an in-built array kind.

Function argument

Python raises an exception when a function is called using incorrect parameters & accepts some extra parameter passing syntax. With Java-Script.

Data Science

Python contains a bandwidth that processes. JavaScript contains asynchronous capabilities, thus its programs operate smaller.