NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Math

The solutions are arranged chapter-wise and after every chapter, the student will get exercise questions for practicing the concepts which they have learned.

Chapter 1: Rational Number

Chapter one will help the student grasp the concept of integers, real integers properties, rational numbers, & whole numbers.  

Chapter 2: Linear Equations in Variable

This chapter deals with linear-expression in a single variable alone. This kind of equation is understood as Linear Equations. 

Chapter 3: Understanding Quadrilateral

This chapter helps the student have a proper understanding of quadrilaterals. 

Chapter 4: Practical Geometry

The practical Geometry chapter includes a method of constructing quadrilaterals with different parameters. 

Chapter 5:  Data Handling

This chapter teaches the students about data organization & data representation. Organizing data in an orderly method is known as Data Handling.  

Chapter 6: Squares & Square Root

This chapter assists the students to understand the concept of square root and square of a number.  

Chapter 7: Cubes & Cube Root

Here, the student will be introduced to cubes & cube roots. Additionally, the students will get to understand the properties & patterns which are related.  

Chapter 8: Comparing Quantitie

Chapter eight helps the students learn the comparison that’s there in between the rise & decrease of percentages, sales value, market value, discount, etc. 

Chapter 9: Algebraic Expressions & Identitie

Here, the student will learn terms, coefficients, and factors related to Algebraic-Expressions.