10+ Highly-Rated Tweet Deleting Tools in 2023

Sometimes we create unreasonable and hateful Twitter posts that can get us in legal trouble. Similarly, some people make defamatory Twitter posts in anger or out of spite without thinking it through. Consequently, it becomes necessary to erase such tweets instantaneously before it gets too late. Most of these tools are web-based, whereas others have an official app.

Therefore, you do not have to tire yourself deleting one tweet after another. Instead, you can use a good Tweet delete tool to erase many posts instantly. We will point up the best 10 tweet delete tools for removing unwanted Twitter posts.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Erase Your Tweets

Most of these high-quality tweet-deleting tools have a standard way of removing tweets. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of all unwanted tweets from your Twitter account.

  1. Step 1 involves visiting Twitter.com to log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Pick the most suitable deleting tool for you and go to its official site using your browser.
  3. Agree to the particular tweet deleting tool’s ‘Terms and Conditions to enjoy the full benefits of this technology.
  4. Quickly select all the Twitter posts you wish to delete from your Twitter account.
  5. Click the ‘delete all’ option to initiate the tweet deletion process.
  6. Confirm whether the tool has deleted all the tweets you selected.

Advantages of Using a Tweet Deleting Tool

Most people may argue that these tools are unsafe and may steal confidential data. However, the truth is that these tools are good and guarantee some merits. Therefore, let us see some benefits of using a recommendable tweet delete tool.

  • Saves time: deleting Twitter posts directly from your account may take a Twitter account holder too much time. It becomes worse if you wish to delete many tweets. A good tweet-deleting tool will strike out multiple posts in under 60 seconds. Most of these tools can remove over 3000 Twitter posts immediately.
  • Have a Google extension: a majority of these Twitter post-deleting tools have an efficient Google extension. Therefore, you may not have to keep opening the app whenever you want to delete some Twitter posts.
  • Eliminates the need to open a new account: imagine if you changed your career and wish to start making career-related posts. You would not want to create a new account as you will lose your followers.Instead, it makes sense to use these web-based tools to delete all irrelevant tweets.
  • Saves energy: nothing is more tiring than manually expunging one tweet after another. Tweet-deleting software apps have made life easier for Twitter account holders. All you will need to do is to link the tool to your Twitter page. The web-based tool will erase all the unnecessary tweets you wish to remove from your Twitter account.
  • Can remove current and previous Twitter posts: the beauty of these famous tools is that they can delete any tweet from your account. You can select all these posts and click the delete all option.
  • They upload a user’s tweets together with the media: the best tweet-deleting tools will upload all your media for deletion. It can hold a lot of files, music, and videos to help you erase as many tweets as you please at once.
  • It has a perfect tweet search functionality: sometimes, you know the specific tweet you wish to delete from your profile. Thus, a Twitter user can quickly search for it using the posting time or a keyword. This feature saves time and also helps one remove all old tweets.
  • Some have auto-deletion features: some famous tools, such as Semiphemiral, have automatic deletion capabilities. For example, this tool can automatically delete all tweets over 12 months old. Therefore, you may not have to keep track of how old each of your Twitter posts is to delete it.

Top 10+ Tweet Deleting Tools Product Review

In 2023, more than 30 tweet deletion tools currently exist for Twitter users. However, not all of them have all the user-friendly features Twitter holders may require. Thus, we have gathered a complete list of the most popular Tweet deleters in 2023.

1. TweetDeleter

Features of TweetDeleter

  • Auto-delete features: TweetDeleter has a setting (auto-delete) that helps to erase Twitter posts after a given period. A user can turn it on or off and specify the duration.
  • Keyword searching functionality: TweetDeleter allows its clients to search their tweets using keywords. Therefore, it becomes easy to locate a given tweet for deletion purposes.
  • Impolite words filter: TweetDeleter helps users locate a tweet using a rude word. It will assist you to get the tweet by searching for the harsh or inappropriate words you used in your tweet.

TweetDeleter’s Subscription Plans

TweetDeleter has a standard, unlimited, and advanced pricing plan. Usually, the standard plan will cost you $3.99 each month. On the contrary, advanced pricing plans goes for $4.99.

Finally, the unlimited subscription plan costs $5.99 each month. Apart from that, users can capitalize on the Free Plan.

2. Twitlan

Features of Twitlan

  • Authorize and revoke access: Twitlan allows you to permit or remove access to the user’s Twitter account holder. You grant access to delete specified tweets and then rescind them.

Twitlan’s Subscription Plans

Twitlan is a free web-based tweet delete tool. Therefore, anybody can use it to delete their Twitter posts at no charge.

3. Soaster

Features of Soaster

  • Tweet scheduling: unlike most tools, Soaster allows a user to decide how many tweets will be deleted at once. However, today, you can only erase a maximum of 15 Twitter posts at a time.
  • Keyword tweet searching: Soaster permits a Twitter account holder to get a tweet using a keyword. Therefore, it is much easier to delete any old Twitter post.
  • DM messaging: Soaster can automatically send a ‘thank you’ message to each new follower. You can capitalize on the Professional plan to show appreciation to any new Twitter follower.

Soaster’s Subscription Plans

Soaster is one of the few tweet delete tools that offers a free plan. Apart from that, this tool provides three more pricing plans. A Twitter user can buy the Basic plan and pay $4.99, exclusive of applicable tax.

Conversely, you may purchase the Professional plan at $9.99 plus tax. Finally, you can opt to buy the Premium subscription plan for $19.99.

4. Tweet Delete

Features of Tweet Delete

  • Tweet selection: Tweet Delete does not erase all tweets at once. Therefore, select the posts you need to erase from your account. Usually, this tool can only delete five tweets daily from your Twitter account.
  • Notification: unlike most tools, Tweet Delete instantly notifies you when it completes erasing your tweets. Further, it informs your followers that you have erased some tweets from your Twitter page.

TweetDelete Subscription Plans

Tweet Delete is a free Twitter post deletion tool. However, they have a premium plan that has more features. Kindly note that you must pay $9.99 to enjoy this subscription plan monthly.

5. TweetEraser

Features of TweetEraser

  • Search filter: TweetEraser has search functionality that helps users to get all the tweets they wish to erase.
  • Tweet retention: although TweetEraser deletes all the selected tweets from your Twitter page, it can retain them for you. Therefore, you can access these Twitter posts for memory with your buddies or relatives.
  • It supports access to many Twitter accounts: A user can use TweetEraser to remove tweets from many Twitter accounts. The beauty of this tool is that it performs the deletion process in seconds.

TweetEraser’s Subscription Plans.

TweetEraser has 3 different subscription plans for all their clients. Firstly, this tool provides a free tool that has limited features. On the other hand, the Standard Eraser option  for $6.99 has additional features, such as the search filter.

A Premium Eraser pricing plan will cost each client $9.99 after 30 days. This subscription plan has all imaginable features, like unlimited Twitter accounts and zero ads.

6. DeleteAllMyTweets

Features of DeleteAllMyTweets

  • Tweet selection box: DeleteAllMyTweets allows you to check all the tweets you wish to erase. Then click the ‘Delete’ button to start the tweet deletion process. However, you must authorize this tool to access your Twitter account.
  • It supports bulk deletion: this high-quality tool can remove nearly 1000 tweets at once from any account. Additionally, you can use it from the website without downloading the official app.

DeleteAllMyTweets Subscription Plan

DeleteAllMyTweets does not charge clients to enjoy its services. Therefore, anybody can use this tweet delete tool to erase their posts at no charge.

7. CircleBoom

Features of CircleBoom

  • Keyword search: CircleBoom allows one to search a tweet using a keyword. Alternatively, you can use a given hashtag you added in your tweet to retrieve for deletion.
  • Language Search: shockingly, CircleBoom allows one to look for a given by typing the language used. For example, , type Hindi in the search bar if you used it to create your post. This feature is perfect if you make Twitter posts using different languages.
  • Date-range tweet search functionality: CircleBoom is the best tool for deleting all old Twitter posts. It allows users to specify any given date range to retrieve specific tweets.

CircleBoom Subscription Plans

CircleBoom gives their clients three various pricing plans. Firstly, you can choose the free plan. You can use this plan to delete 50 tweets at a time. Usually, this pricing plan can go for as long as four  months.

Another option is the Pro pricing plan which will cost you $17.99.Lastly, you can leverage the Enterprise plan to erase any number of tweets.

8. Twitter Archive Eraser

Features of a Twitter Archive Eraser

  • Keyword search: Twitter Archive Eraser allows one to search tweets by keyword or hashtag. Therefore, you can use this feature get any tweet you would like to erase quickly.
  • Date selection: this tool allows one to select tweets of a given date range. Therefore, it supports deleting old Twitter posts as long as they are under 5 years old.
  • Upholds data privacy: most delete tools require you to upload your Twitter media into them. Unfortunately, that might expose Twitter users to a data breach. Fortunately, Twitter Archive Eraser removes all the tweets directly from your Twitter account.

Twitter Archive Eraser’s Pricing Plans

Twitter Archive Eraser has three plans:Basic, Advanced and Premium tire. A basic pricing plan will cost you $9 per month. It allows you to erase a maximum of 2000 tweets each week. On the other hand, an Advanced subscription plan will cost each Twitter user $19 each month.

An advanced pricing plan allows a Twitter user to strike-out a maximum of 5000 tweets weekly. Additionally, you can erase tweets as old as 48 months. Lastly, you can buy the Premium tire subscription.

9. Semiphemeral

Features of Semiphemeral

  • Automatic tweet deletion: unlike most tools, Semiphemeral can automatically remove tweets from your Twitter account. More often, this tool deletes tweets older than a month.
  • Tweet Unlike capability: this tweet deletion tool can, unlike all the tweets you liked for a few days. It is up to you to specify after how long this software can, unlike Twitter posts.

Semiphemeral Subscription Plans

This tweet-deleting software does not charge any subscription fee. However, you should agree to this tool’s Terms and Conditions to enjoy all the features.

10. Deletter

Features of Deletter

  • Date Search: Deletter allows users to select tweets of a specific date range. Once you single out the tweets, you can delete them at once with no risk of a Twitter bug.
  • Deleting bulk tweets: this mobile app allows Android smartphone users to erase multiple Twitter posts at ago. Please start by selecting all the unwanted tweets before initiating the tweet removal process.

Deletter Subscription Plan

This mobile app does not charge any pricing fee.

Last Words

In closing, I have confidence that any of the mentioned Tweet deleting tools will serve you well. They will give you a chance to only remain with meaningful tweets on your Twitter page. However, there is a danger of erasing too many tweets instantly. It is even worse if you use a device with simple specifications. In some cases, your PC may hang for a while. Therefore, I advise you to delete a reasonable number of Twitter posts.

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