Downloading Windows 10 ISO onto a USB drive Using Rufus

Rufus is a lightweight tool used to create a bootable USB drive for installing Windows 10 on your laptop. With previous versions, one had to have Windows 10 ISO file format to have bootable media. However, you can get the ISO file plus prepare bootable flash.

Unlike with Microsoft solution, Rufus will not only create bootable USB media but it’s also faster. With Rufus and the help of Fido script, you no longer need Media Creation Tool or other software for you to download Windows 10 bootable files.

Downloading Windows 10 ISO Using Rufus

  1. Connect a USB drive (8GB+)
  2. Download and start Rufus 3.5 or a newer version. For those who don’t want to install this program, they can choose Rufus portable version.
  3. From Rufus interface go to the device drop-down box and choose your USB drive.
  4. After from Boot drop-down box choose Disk/ISO image
  5. Go to the down arrow after the Select button and select the Download option
  6. Click the Download button to get and install the Figo script and once done a dialog box will open you will need to choose Windows 10 and click OK to have the list of Windows versions available.
  7. Choose Windows 10 latest version and press OK.
  8. Choose the windows edition that you need (Pro, Home, or Education) and click Continue.
  9. Choose language
  10. Click Continue
  11. After that, you will need to choose the architecture (64-bit or 32-bit)
  12. Click Download button
  13. Choose where to save your ISO file.
  14. Click the Save button to start downloading Windows 10 files.
  15. When the ISO file download is complete, click START to format the drive to make it a bootable flash.
  16. Click OK to skip customization options


With the successful completion of all the above steps, you can comfortably use the USB flash drive in installing or upgrading Windows 10 since it’s bootable.

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