JIRA & Splunk Integration

JIRA & Splunk Integration

JIRA refers to an IT-Service Management-Platform and is among the more common tools utilized in this industry today. Presently more people are asking how one can integrate JIRA & Splunk. The article below will guide you in doing so.

Step for integrate JIRA & Splunk Integration

Step one

On JIRA Instance one needs to navigate to the Profile & Settings. Then go to account settings and click on Security. Find API token & Click on “Create & Manage API-tokens”.

Step two

You need to make an API-token & copy secret-key for more use.

Step three

Download “JIRA-Issues-Collector “add-on. You can use this link


Step four

With Splunk Instance, go to manage apps then Install the application from a file. Upload add-on that you downloaded & restart Splunk when the installation will be completed.

Step five

At the GUI of the add-on choose the Configuration page & Click on add button. Here you will get a pop-up form that needs to be filled. 

Step six

After this, you need to move to the Inputs page and click on Create-New Input. Choose Jira Issues collector. After that, you will get a pop-up form similar to this in the image below.

 Step seven

At this step, search the index for JIRA events and you will be done.

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