10+ Affordable Web Hosting in 2023

What is Website Hosting?


Website hosting refers to storing, maintaining, and serving a website’s files. A web hosting provider ensures that your website remains live on the internet for the benefit of online users. In return, you pay a stipulated web hosting monthly fee.

Benefits of Getting Good Web Hosting Services

  • Improved search engine ranking: for more than 10 years, Google relies on a web page loading speed to determine its ranking. A good web hosting provider will quicken this speed for your website. Consequently, your search engine ranking will be much better making your site more visible.
  • Shortens a website’s load time: a good web host will guarantee the shortest possible loading time. Websites that take too long to load end up losing all potential customers. It is common knowledge that online web users are understandably impatient.
  • Enhances sales: most websites such as e-commerce attracts droves of online buyers. A good web host will ensure your page loads fast during online buying. Therefore, customers feel motivated to use such platforms to make their purchases.
  • Regular server monitoring: trust me you would not want your server to malfunction lest your entire website will go down. A good web host keeps checking the condition of the server and other hardware from time to time.

Better bandwidth: most free web hosting providers limit the number of online users that can visit your web page at a time. Therefore, you should get a good provider that will guarantee endless bandwidth. This way you can have as much

10+ Affordable Web Hosting

1.A2 Hosting

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Hosting typesShared, VPS, dedicated
FeaturesFree SSL, scalability, cPanel
Best forScalable long-term hosting

Subscription Plans

A2 Hosting has 5 different subscription packages that target various services. For instance, Managed VPS hosting goes for $39.99 each month. On the contrary, a Turbo Boost hosting subscription goes for $6.99 monthly.

Why You Should Take Advantage of A2 Hosting’s Friday Deals

Please capitalize on A2Hosting Black Friday offer to save 72 percent on each monthly subscription you make with them. However, this deal is only active during the set validity dates.

Black Friday Deal Validity

A2 Hosting is offering a 72 percent discount to all customers who purchase any plan. However, clients must know that this offer will run until 30th November 2022.

2. HostGator


Subscription Plans

HostGator offers a Hatchling, a Baby, and a Business plan to its clients. Ordinarily, a Business Plan will cost you $5.25 thanks to the 65 percent discount on offer now. Contrarily a Baby Plan is on offer for $3.50 each month.

Lastly, the Hatchling subscription plan is set at $2.75 each month per client. It includes both a domain, an SSL certificate, and a generous bandwidth.

Why You Should Take Advantage of HostGator’s Black Friday Deal

I advise you to leverage HostGator’s black Friday deal to enjoy many services at discounted pricing plans. For example, you can get an SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and a domain 75 percent off.

Black Friday Deal Validity

HostGator is currently offering new clients a 75 percent discount on any subscription plan. On top of that this web hosting provider is giving a free domain to their clients.

3. MochaHost Hosting

Subscription Plans

MochaHost offers 6 different hosting plans to its customers. Presently, any customer can subscribe to either:

  • Monthly Plan
  • 3-months plan
  • 6-months plan
  • An annual subscription plan
  • 2-year pricing plan
  • 3-year pricing plan

All these plans cost each client $7.40 per month except the 3-year subscription plan. More often than not, the latter costs $5.78 monthly.

Why You Should Take Advantage of MochaHost’s Black Friday Deal

I urge you to take this deal to make the most of the 3-year pricing plan. You can get a further reduction of 60 percent if you buy the 36 monthly plan.

Black Friday Deal Validity

At the moment, MochaHost is providing a 60 percent discount on all plans. This Black Friday deal is on from the 23rd of November 2022 to the 30th of November 2022.

4. ChemiCloud

Subscription Plans

ChemiCloud offers multiple hosting plans to its customers. For example, a Shared and a WordPress Hosting plan will cost you at least $4.48 monthly each. Conversely, the Reseller web hosting plan will cost you $22.46.

Lastly, VPS web hosting will cost every client a minimum of $37.45 a month. The pricing plan is this affordable thanks to the 65 percent discount on offer right now.

Why You Should Take Advantage of ChemiCloud’s Black Friday Deal

Kindly take advantage of ChemiCloud’s black Friday deals to save a few bucks. Feel free to spend the saved cash on SEO and website marketing services.

Black Friday Deal Validity

In 2022, ChemiCloud is offering all its clients an 80 percent discount. Thankfully, this Black Friday deal will apply on all web hosting subscription plans. As a result, a Web Hosting Pro will cost you $2.78 instead of $13.

On the other hand, a Web Hosting Turbo will now cost each client $4.38 instead of $21.Therefore, you should renew your subscription as soon as you can.

5. WPX Hosting

Subscription Plans

Generally, WPX provides monthly and yearly hosting plans to its clients. Under the former package, there are Elite, Professional, and Business pricing plans. A Business plan is set at $ 24 each month.

On the contrary, an Elite pricing plan costs at least $99 every month. Lastly, a Professional subscription plan costs at least $49.99 a month.

Why You Should Capitalize on WPX Hosting’s Black Friday Deal

WPX Hosting is offering live and Black Friday offers to both new and loyal clients. You will only pay $1.99 each month to get the cheapest subscription plan.

Black Friday Deal Validity

WPX Hosting is offering a free ½ year of hosting to each 2-year plan subscriber. However, this special black Friday is expected to remain open until 28th November 2022.

6. DreamHost

Subscription Plans

DreamHost charges each client $2.59 to enjoy web hosting services for a month. On the other hand, WordPress hosting costs a minimum of $2.59 every month. Finally, a domain name will cost you not less than $8.99 each month.

Why You Should Take Advantage of DreamHost’s Black Friday Deal

Do you want to buy a different web hosting service? Please make the most of this offer to upgrade to a better web hosting pricing plan. You will get a 90 percent discount if you’d like to register a new domain name.

Black Friday Deal Validity

DreamHost is set to start offering an 80 percent discount, especially on web hosting subscription plans. This year this offer will be from 22nd November 2022 to 30th November 2022.

7. SiteGround

Subscription Plans

SiteGround offers GoGeek, GrowBig, and StartUp pricing plans to their customers. Each of these categories has monthly, annual, and 2-year subscription plans. A monthly StartUp plan will cost you $20 per month, whereas an annual StartUp pricing plan will cost you $14.99 each month.

Why You Should Take Advantage of SiteGround’s Black Friday Deal

Thanks to this Black Friday offer you can get free SSL and SSD storage. In addition, you will get high-quality web migration services at a discounted rate of 73 percent.

Black Friday Deal Validity

At present, SiteGround is giving each client a black Friday deal of 73 percent on any subscription. In addition, you get a free domain as long as you subscribe within this offer validity period.

8. BlueHost

Subscription Plans

BlueHost has multiple pricing plans such as Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro pricing plan. Frequently a Basic plan will cost you $2.95 each month. Conversely, a Plus subscription plan will cost you $5.45.

A Choice Plus subscription plan goes for an average of $5.45.An annual Pro pricing plan goes for $13.95 each month.

Why You Should Take Advantage of BlueHost’s Black Friday Deal

Please buy the Choice Plus Plan as soon as you can and get a 70% discount. As a result, you will only have to pay $5.45 each month.

Black Friday Deal Validity

BlueHost is offering a lifetime black Friday to all its clients. Each user gets a 50 percent discount on their current subscription plan. Therefore, you will be paying 0.5 of your current hosting.

However, this offer is only valid as long as you do not cancel your current account. Similarly, this black Friday becomes invalid if you upgrade to a higher subscription plan.

9. InMotion Hosting

Subscription Plans

Presently, InMotion Hosting provides 4 distinct subscription plans. Right now you can choose a Lite, Power, Pro, or Launch pricing plan. A Lite pricing plan costs each new subscriber $2.49 each month.

Contrastingly, a Launch pricing plan is $4.99 each month. On the other hand, a Power monthly subscription will cost you $7.99.Lastly, each Pro subscription plan costs $12.99.

Why You Should Take Advantage of InMotion’s Black Friday Deal

You need to subscribe during the Black Friday offer period to save 75 percent on any web hosting pricing plan. Additionally, you can get subscription discounts on VPS and dedicated servers.

Black Friday Deal Validity

InMotion Hosting has a black Friday that will begin on 17th Nov. 2022 and run until 1st Dec. 2022. This 75 percent discount will apply to all web hosting service plans of both new and existing customers.

Apart from that, you will get a 57 percent discount on WordPress hosting too. Lastly, clients will equally get an 18 percent discount on dedicated servers.

10. iPage Hosting

Subscription Plans

iPage Hosting has a Go Plan for all its customers. You can choose to pay $1.99 each month or pay $71.60 after every 36 months (3 years).

Why You Should Take Advantage of iPage Black Friday Deals

Clients need to take advantage of the black Friday deal to save more than 85 percent. You do not need to have a coupon code to capitalize on this deal. I must add that these Black Deal Offers is applying to all subscriptions.

Black Friday Deal Validity

iPage Hosting is giving its customers an 85 percent Black Friday discount in 2022. This amazing offer will begin on 23rd Nov. 2022 and end on 30th Nov. 2022. Thankfully, this juicy offer will apply to any pricing plan you choose.

11. NameCheap Hosting

Subscription Plans

NameCheap Hosting has a free trial and yearly pricing plans. Today, there are numerous annual pricing plans such as EasyWP Starter, EasyWP Supersonic, and EasyWP Turbo.

An EasyWP Supersonic plan will cost you $68.88 each year. Conversely, an EasyWP Starter plan will cost you $34.88 annually. Finally, an EasyWP Turbo pricing plan is set at $58.88 every year.

Why You Should Take Advantage of NameCheap Black Friday Deals

Clients should take advantage of Name Cheap Black Friday’s 83 % discount on both hosting and domain. During this period a domain will cost $0.99 per annum.

Black Friday Deal Validity

NameCheap is at the moment offering clients an 83 percent discount on domain, web hosting, and website security subscription plans. This much-awaited subscription offer will take effect from the 25th of November 2022.

12. HostPapa Web Hosting Provider

Subscription Plans

HostPapa offers a wide range of subscription plans based on the services one wants. For instance, if you want WordPress web hosting services, you can get>

  • Monthly ($39)
  • 3 months ($35 per month)
  • 6 months ($30 per month)
  • Annual(25 per month)
  • 2-year plan ($20)

Why You Should Take Advantage of HostPapa Black Friday Deals

Thanks to HostPapa web hosting you will only have to pay $1.75 to get a shared web hosting plan.

Black Friday Deal Validity

HostPapa is currently giving its customers an 82 percent discount on each Starter subscription plan. On the other hand, a Business plan will attract a generous discount of 80 percent.

Finally, each Business Pro subscription will draw a Black Friday offer of 63 percent. As a result, you will only have to pay $8.90.


Finally, Black Friday deals mainly run for a short duration of time. In most cases, these offers last for a maximum of 8 days. Therefore, it is best that you grasp these discount deals while they last.

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