Top 30+ ServiceNow Interview Questions [May 2022]

About ServiceNow
Stock price $660.31
Revenue 451.9 crores USD (2020)
CEO: Bill McDermott (Nov 2019–)
Founded 2003
Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, United States
Net income 62.67 crores USD (2019)
Subsidiaries Service-Now.Com GmbH, Element AI, MORE
Founders David Loo, Fred Luddy, Bow Ruggeri, Don Goodliffe

ServiceNow Interview Questions: ServiceNow refers to a ticketing tool that processes & catalogs customer-service requests. This request deals with changes, difficulties, incidents, & other services using tools like ServiceNow. Moreover, ServiceNow is Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider. This offers technical-management support which includes help-desk functionality to IT operations of big firms.

To prepare well for your coming ServiceNow interview Questions, we have a couple of questions and answer that you are likely to be asked.

Top 30+ ServiceNow Interview Questions 2022

What’s ServiceNow?

This is a cloud-based IT-Service Management tool that provides a single system of record for IT services, business management, and operations. This offers a single system of record to:

  • Operations
  • IT service
  • Business management

What’s meant by “Application” at ServiceNow?

This is a collection of modules that offers related data. For instance, a change application offers information linked to the change process. This consists of modules including make change tickets, view-change tickets, and more others.

What’s CMDB Baseline?

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) baselines assist in understanding & controlling the changes which are made to a configuration item (CI). After the Baseline is made, the baseline is a snapshot of CI.

How can one disable or enable an application?

Move to the “Application-Menus” module below the system explanation application. Open respective application which needs disable or enabled. After that, you can set active as true which allows it, or set active as false which disables it.

Name all products of Services-now

ServiceNow provides kinds of tools that are designed according to the requirement of a particular user.

  • Custom-Service Management
  • Business-Management Applications
  • HR management
  • IT-Service Automation Application

Explain what’s “Business-Rule.”

This is server-side scripting that executes any time a record is modified, inserted, deleted, queried, or displayed. The important point for this is for creating a business rule is when & on which action it’s supposed to execute. One needs to apply the business rule ‘on-display,’ ‘on-before’ or ‘on-after’ when an act is performed.

What’s LDAP Integration & its use?

Light-weight Directory Access-Protocol (LDAP). One will use it for client data population & client authentication. ServiceNow integrates with LDAP-directory helps in streamlining the client log-in process & to automate the creation of users & assigning roles to them.

What’s domain separation concerning ServiceNow?

Domain-separation is a suitable ServiceNow method that helps one in separating information data into logically-defined domains. This also offers an option in separating administration.

For instance, John is the CEO of 2 companies, & he is utilizing ServiceNow-single instance for all of the businesses. He does not need the user of a single business can view data of different businesses. Here one requires utilizing domain separation in isolating the records from all businesses.

What’s a data policy with regard to ServiceNow?

One needs to enforce online information policies by assigning read-only qualities for every field. Information policies are more similar to UI policies. Moreover, the difference between the 2 is that UI-policy just applies information entered on a method by using a standard browser. Also, data policies apply rules for all information entered into the system.

What’s a record producer?

Record-producer is a variety of catalog-product that allows users in making records that are task-based from a catalog service. An example is, that one can create a variety of record/problem records utilizing a record-producer. A record producer offers an alternative method of creating records through a service catalog.

What do you understand by coalescing?

Coalesce means property of field which is utilized in changing map-field mapping. When one set coalesces as correct for a field mapping it indicates that the field will operate as a distinct key. If the field-match is recognized with coalesce-field, the existing record remains updated using imported information to the target table. Otherwise, new-record will be presented to the target table

What’s dictionary override?

Dictionary-Overrides offers the capability of overriding numerous properties of the field in an extended table. For instance, a changing table is lengthy from the task table. There’s a field that’s named status in the task table & set as read-only. When one utilizes the field in variation form it will display a read-only. One needs to set this to non-read-only by utilizing dictionary predominate. Also, there are additional properties that need to be set for fields in a lengthy table.

What’s meant by data lookup & record matching?

Record matching & Data lookup features assist one in setting a field value depending on some state instead of writing scripts. For instance on Incident-forms, priority lookup guidelines sample information auto sets incident Priority depending on incident Impact & Urgency values. An information lookup guideline enables specifying the state & fields where they need information data-lookups that occur.

What are the kinds of searches that are in ServiceNow?

Following searches assist one in finding information at ServiceNow:

Global text-search: Discovers records in numerous tables from a single search field.

Lists: Gets records in an available list;

Knowledge base: Gets knowledge articles.

Search screens: Utilizing a form¬like interface for searching records inside a table. Administrators create the custom modules.

Navigation filter: This Filters item in the application navigator.

What’s a scorecard?

A scorecard measures the performance of a business process or employees. It’s a graphical representation of progress over time. A scorecard is an indicator. The 1st step is defining the indicators which one needs to measure. One can improve scorecards by adding targets, aggregates, time series, and breakdowns

What’s an updated set?

This is a group of customization that helps in capturing the configuration or customization changes created by the user & then the update sets can move from one instance to another. For instance, if we created some configuration variations in the development environment & need some changes with our test environment then one can capture every change in an updated set & can move the update set to the test environment in place of doing variations manually in the test environment.

What occurs when a client makes changes on the homepage?

When a client makes changes on the homepage then this homepage is saved as their personalized homepage in place of updation on actual-homepage. For instance, the home-page name is Incident-overview. Moreover, when a client makes changes to the page, it’s saved as a My-incident overview & is just visible to the user.

What’s an installation exit?

These are customizations that exit from Java to call a script before it returns back to Java. Move to System-Definition then to Installation Exits. Other installation exit names are reserved & can’t be varied. Furthermore, other installation exits override these using a custom script that replaces the script in a default-installation exit.

What does the Client-Transaction Timings plugin do?

The client-Transaction Timings plugin improves system logs by providing extra information on the duration of transactions between the client & the server. By providing data on the time spent during a transaction, performance problems can be tracked-down to the source by seeing where time is consumed.

What’s domain separation?

Domain-separation is a method of separating information into logically defined domains. For instance, Client XYZ has 2 businesses & they’re using ServiceNow-single instance for all businesses. They don’t need that clients from a single business can view the information from different businesses. With this, we can organize domain separation to isolate records from all businesses.

What are UI policies?

UI policies dynamically vary information on control & form custom procedure flows for chores. Moreover, UI policies are alternative to client scripts. One can utilize UI policies in setting mandatory fields that are read-only & visible to a form. One can also utilize UI-policy for dynamically varying a field to a form.

Explain HTML Sanitizer?

HTML Sanitizer is utilized to auto clean-up HTML markup to HTML fields & removes unneeded code & protection against security anxieties like cross-site scripting attacks. HTML sanitizer is lively for every instance beginning with the Eureka release.

Define Gauges?

Gauges are visible on the ServiceNow homepage & can comprise up-to-the-minute data about the current position of records that exists at ServiceNow tables. The gauge is based on the report. This can be placed on the content page or homepage.

What’s the client script?

Client script stays on client side & runs on client-side only. Moreover, with the kinds of client-script:

  • OncellEdit()
  • OnSubmit()
  • OnLoad()
  • OnChange()

How can one cancel a form submission via client script?

For one to cancel a form-submission onSubmit function needs to return false. The syntax is:

What’s the importance of the cascade-variable checkbox in the order guide?

Check-box is utilized to choose whether variables utilized should cascade, which passes the values to ordered items. If the check-box is cleared, variable data entered in an order guide isn’t passed on to ordered products.

What’s meant by Metrics at ServiceNow?

Metrics, record & measure workflow of personal records. With the help of metrics, clients can arm the process by offering tangible figures to measure. For instance, the period it takes before a ticket remains reassigned.

What’s BSM Map?

This is a Business-Service Management map that graphically displays Configuration Items (CI). The items support a business service & indicate the status of the Configuration Items.

What’s Performance Analytics at ServiceNow?

This is an extra application at ServiceNow which enables customers to get a snapshot of information at regular intervals & makes time series for every Key-Performance Indicator (KPI) in an organization.

What’s a Schema map?

A schema map shows the information of tables & the relationships in a visual manner, enabling administrators to display & easily access various parts of a database schema.


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