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Scrum Master Interview Questions: Scrum master is an important member of a scrum team. Though it’s somewhat misunderstood and it makes the hiring procedure problematic. A scrum master is a person who is responsible for supporting and promoting scrum. He helps any person comprehend scrum theory, rules, practices & values.

When preparing for the scrum master interview, below are a couple of the common questions that can be asked. These questions will help give you an idea of what to encounter.

Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers


Q1. Who is Scrum Masters & what he/she is responsible for?

Answer: Scrum Masters are is known as servant leaders, because they offer collaboration & motivate the team in offering the best. Scrum Masters is liable for supporting & promoting Scrum. Furthermore, they assist the team in attaining their objectives. They assist in managing project risks & mentor the team like a coach.

Q2. What’s Scrum?

Answer: It’s an agile framework that can assist the teams to operate together. Moreover, scrum allows the team in learning from past experiences; organize them while operating on issues, reflect on victories & failures, make progress.

Q3. What are the major artifacts of the Scrum process?

Artifacts of the Scrum process are:

  • Sprint Backlog
  • Product Backlog
  • Product Increment

Q4. Define roles available in Scrum?


Scrum Master

This is the person that helps the team at learning to use Scrum to guarantee the best business value. Scrum master eradicates impediments, shields team from disturbances, & allows the team to adapt to agile practices.

Scrum Team

These are people that work together in ensuring that the requirements of stakeholders are provided.

Product Owner

This is the person that’s responsible for increasing ROI through determining the product features, prioritizing the features to a list, what requires to be concentrated on upcoming sprint, & much more. These are continually re-prioritized & refined.

Q5. What’s the meaning of Scrum Sprint and what’s its duration?

Answer: This is a repeatable cycle in which the function is completed & made set for review. Duration of Scrum Sprint relies on the size of the project & the team operating on it. Normally, it’s done below 30 days.

Q6. How does Scrum Master aid the organization?


  • Acts like an agile variation agent
  • Helping at Scrum adoption
  • Helps the team increase productivity
  • Supports Agile leadership principles which leads to organizational change.
  • Ensures iterative incremental-cycle of constant improvement. The dot voting method is often utilized for this.

Q7. How will Scrum Master assist the Product Owner?


  • Help Scrum team at adopting some shared vision
  • Effective Product Backlog controlling
  • Promotes Scrum events as needed or requested
  • Understand & practice agility

Q8. What are the duties of the Scrum Team?


  • Scrum Team is the one that is self-organizing & involves 5 to 7 seven members. Their responsibilities are:
  • Operating products need to be developed & delivered in every sprint.
  • Ownership & transparency needs to be ensured to the work allocated to team members.
  • Correct & crisp data needs to be offered to ensure a fruitful daily meeting of scrum
  • They need to collaborate with other teams & themselves

Q9. What occurs in everyday Stand-up sessions?

Answer: These are everyday discussions which take place & normally take about 15 minutes. Everyday stand-up sessions help in understanding:

  • Which of the tasks went on well
  • Which of the tasks were finished
  • Which of the tasks are pending
  • Obstacles faced by the team
  • Meeting assists in knowing the overall scope & project status. More discussions take place after stand-up sessions.

Q10. Explain Scrum-ban?


This is an approach that is a mixture of Scrum & Kanban. Scrum-ban is utilized to meet the requirements of a team, & reduce the batching of jobs, & adopt a system of pull-based.

It creatively includes a structure of Scrum & flexibility plus Kanban visualization.

Scrum Master Interview Questions PDF

Q11. Explain user-story mapping?


This represents & arranges clients’ stories which assist in understanding functionalities of a system, system backlog, offering the customer value, and planning releases.

They organize user stories depending on priority at the horizontal axis. On the vertical axis, they’re represented depending on a growing sophistication level.

Q12. List the 5 phases of risk management?


  • Identification
  • Categorization
  • Response
  • Review
  • Closure

Q13. What’s timeboxing about Scrum?

Answer: Timeboxing refers to allotting a time-fixed unit to an activity. A Time unit is known as a time box and the maximum length of the time box needs to be 15 minutes.

Q14. At Daily Scrum, which is the exact role of Scrum Masters?

Answer: Scrum Master sets Scrum meetings for the Development team which is the major player in a meeting. However, Scrum Master leads Development Team to save Daily Scrum in the 15-minute time-box. Scrum Master imposes the rule which only Development Team participants participate in Daily Scrum.

Q15. What’s the function of Scrum Master at sprint retrospective?

Answer: Sprint Retrospective offers a chance to inspect & adapt improvement progress. Scrum Master has the duty of a facilitator for the team. At Scrum framework, teams are self-organized & open to creating changes fast wherever required.

Q16. Who can terminate Sprint and is canceling Sprint possible?

Answer: Sprint can be negated before the Sprint timebox limit ends. Only the Product Owner is allowed to cancel the sprint.

Q17. What are the common dangers in the Scrum project?


  • Timeline issues
  • A scope creep
  • Budget issues

Q17. What transpires in Sprint Retrospective?

Answer: Sprint retrospective occurs after sprint review. At this meeting, potential problems, past mistakes & new methods in handling the issues were discussed. This information is combined into the planning of newsprint.

Q18. What do you understand by DoD and how can it be achieved?

Answer: Definition-of-Done is made by a list of chores which defines work’s quality. It’s utilized in deciding if activity from Sprint backlog will be completed.

Q19. List the major key skills required from a Scrum Master?


  • Fine-tuned managerial skills
  • Strong know-how of Scrum & Agile concepts
  • Understanding of the tech utilized by the team
  • Have the capability to handle clashes & resolve them fast
  • Be able to teach & coach the team in following Scrum practices
  • Be a servant-leader

Q20. What’s a Burndown & Burnup Chart?

Answer: Burnup chart refers to a tool that is utilized to track the amount of task that is completed & to represent the total amount of task that requires being through for some sprint/project.

Scrum Master Interview Questions PDF

The Burndown chart signifies how quick working via the user stories is. The chart shows total energy against work amount for every iteration.

Q21. What does INVEST refer to?

Answer: This is a checklist or criteria that are utilized in an Agile environment for measuring the quality of the user story. Moreover, user stories are crucial to Agile progress because they assist developers to make product increments. It’s an acronym that refers to

What does INVEST refer to

When a user story doesn’t meet these criteria it is rewritten or discarded.

Q22. How does Scrum Master follow Sprint progress?


  • Scrum retrospectives
  • Daily-Scrum meetings
  • Sprint planning
  • Team velocity
  • Defect density
  • Escaped defects
  • Sprint burndown

Q23. What are elements of the best user story?


  • A description
  • Performance criteria
  • Defined acceptance criteria
  • Tracking criteria
  • Every deliverable which pertains to the user interface
  • Dependencies

Q24. How does Scrum Master add value to sprint planning?


Sprint planning seminar is among the important Scrum ceremonials where a Scrum team debates on which requirements to be conveyed in every sprint. The meeting makes a structure, defines backlogs, and sets deadlines.

Scrum Master is responsible for aiding sprint planning meetings. He/she ensures that a team gets to a meeting room, technical support, and adequate supplies. Scrum Master needs to timebox sprint planning-meeting dependent on sprint length

Q25. How does a Scrum Master become a Servant Leader?

Answer:  “Servant leader” majorly focuses on service alignment which any leader needs to demonstrate.

Scrum Master requires being a facilitator, a mentor, or a guide, etc.

This assists the team with increased empowerment, involvement, etc.

Q26. As Scrum Master how will you identify areas to be improved?

Answer: Consistently converse with the Scrum team on what they anticipate from you. Inquire them where improvement is required. Run some special-sprint retrospective at yourself. Ask the team to highlight some of your shortcomings.

Q27. How can you describe a release candidate?

Answer: This is a functional program or software that’s not yet set to be launched to the market for use. It’s often known as a preview of the software. The major focus of the release candidate is the functionality, codes, security, & quality. The release candidate can/can’t have a specific glitch that requires to be tended to before release.

Q28. What are factors of concern while handling remote teams as Scrum Master?


  • Prevent over-communication on your decisions
  • Always offer engaging and relevant information
  • Facilitate sharing and collaboration
  • Always be reachable to every team members
  • Utilize online communication tools excellently

Q29. What’s the importance of agile methodology?


  • Ease potential varying requirements, even in process of company’s development
  • It improves simplicity
  • Assists in attaining customer pleasure with fast delivery of suitable software
  • It provides constant care to XP
  • Repeatedly offers functioning software, the major measurement of development
  • Self-organizing teams get, as an outcome, self-motivated members
  • Offers close, everyday cooperation between company & developers
  • In other circumstances of co-location, it helps communication via face-to-face dialogues

Q30. What’s the importance of agile methodology?


  • Ease potential varying requirements, even in process of company’s development
  • It improves simplicity
  • Assists in attaining customer pleasure with fast delivery of suitable software
  • It provides constant care to XP
  • Repeatedly offers functioning software, the major measurement of development
  • Self-organizing teams get, as an outcome, self-motivated members
  • Offers close, everyday cooperation between company & developers
  • In other circumstances of co-location, it helps communication via face-to-face dialogues

Scrum Master Interview Questions PDF


Most of the important questions of scrum master interview questions are covered, thus this article will help you prepare well to get your dream job. Remember there are more questions asked at an interview which doesn’t have a wrong or right answer. The answer depends on every organization & applicant’s perspective with the situation. Thus, be prepared for general interview questions also.

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