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Salesforce is among the topmost CRM (Customer-Relationship Management) service providers. The software dominates this field of Cloud-CRM by having about 40% of the market share. Additionally, Salesforce helps to unite marketing, commerce, sales, service, & IT teams from everywhere.

When going for a salesforce interview, you need to be well prepared all around. This is from dress code to interview questions. This blog contains a couple of interview questions that you are likely to encounter while at the interview. Please have a look at them to have a rough idea of what you will encounter.

Top 30+ Salesforce Interview Questions

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What are the Activities involve in Salesforce?

There are two kinds of activities that are involved in Salesforce. These includes

  • Event

The event has a specific time limit in which time only every individual needs to assemble. After the time limit is over, the event will be complete.

  • Task

Task includes work assigned to a specific person; it does not have various time limits.

When the event or task status changes to ‘Completed’, we will see the records under Activity-History Associated List.

What are the benefits of Salesforce-CRM?

Some of the benefits of Salesforce-CRM includes:

  • Set up an analytical approach to clients acquisition
  • Ensuring quicker & excellent sales opportunity
  • Reduced cost & improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced efficiency & improved communication on every front
  • Automating repetitive & less significant tasks

Outline object relationship at Salesforce

At Salesforce, one can link standard & custom-object records in a connected list. This is done via object-relationship overview. Different types of relationships can be created to secure a specific business case that has specific customers. It’s possible to form a custom relationship on an object & define numerous relationship kinds.

What’s an application in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, an application is a container that consists of a name, a group-of-tabs and a logo that operates as a unit that offers precise functionality. Clients can switch between the applications using a drop-down menu located at the top-right corner of all pages of the apps.

What’s a sales process?

Controlling the picklist-values of stage field on opportunity object one needs to create some sales process. Minus selecting sales process, one cannot create a record kind for opportunity-object

What are the skills needed to be a Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce Developer needs to have some basic knowledge about the Salesforce platform. One can become a Salesforce Administrator at some later stage of a career. A developer needs to know how one does some Salesforce works. Additionally, some basic knowledge of concepts like class, attributes, objects, etc., is required.

What’s Custom Object at Salesforce?

Custom Objects are nothing but database tables & are objects which are created for information storage in industry or company. When building some custom object, the Salesforce platform auto makes things like page layouts for user interfaces.

What are Bucket Fields at Salesforce?

Bucket Fields classify records at Salesforce reports minus any requirement for some formula or custom field. This exists just in reports. When a bucket column is made, then numerous categories of group-report values.

What’s a Dashboard at Salesforce?

Dashboard in Salesforce helps in summarizing & portraying one’s Salesforce information in some graphical layout. It provides insights at-a-glance for a device & to any targeted audience.

Furthermore, a dashboard envisions one’s business scenario & enables one in making decisions that are based on real-time information collected from reports. The dashboard contains a page layout & displays numerous dashboard components. Several reports seem side-by-side on a similar dashboard.

What are various types of reports available at Salesforce?

The various kinds of Salesforce-Reports include:

  • Joined Report: With this report, it joins two and more reports to be a single report.
  • Matrix Report: Grouping is done depending on both rows & columns.
  • Tabular Report: This offers the fastest & most straightforward way of viewing your data. They’ve got an ordered set of fields that are arranged in columns. These cannot form groups of information.
  • Summary Report: In this case, groups seem to depend on columns only.

Name the various object-relations at Salesforce.

Object-relations at Salesforce are of the following kinds:

  • One – many
  • Many – many
  • Master-Detail

What are the advantages of Salesforce using the SaaS platform?

The main advantages of Salesforce-SaaS include:

  • Offers scalable performance for different operations
  • No hassle on infrastructure management
  • Simple integration between different applications
  • Every application is accessed through the Internet
  • It’s a pay-as-you-go model faultlessly suites every customer
  • The newest features are offered minus any delay
  • Able to access through mobile devices from everywhere
  • Assured uptime & security

What are some Salesforce subsidiaries?

Major subsidiaries of Salesforce includes

  • Mulesoft
  • Pardot
  • Heroku
  • SalesforceIQ
  • Demandware Inc

Explains what is triggers at Salesforce and how different they are from workflows?

Triggers at Salesforce are also known as Apex triggers. They are different & are available mainly for common & expected actions like lead conversions. It’s just some code that’s performed after or before a record is updated or inserted.

Furthermore, a trigger is distinct from workflow as the previous is a piece-of-code; whereas, some workflow remains an automatic process & utilizes no code.

What’s the minimum test coverage needed to set up a trigger?

  • Standard User: Able to edit, update, delete or view one’s record
  • System Administrator: Administration & customization of an application
  • Read Only: It’s able to view records
  • Marketing User: Capable to import leads to the organization, along with using standard clients permissions.
  • Solution Manager: Available with the standard-user permission though one can manage categories & published solutions

Explain the kinds of Salesforce dashboard parts.

Different Salesforce dashboard parts include:

Metric: It’s used for showing single key-value pair. It’s possible for clicking the empty text field that’s next to the grand total & enters the metric label directly at the components. Metrics that are placed above & below another in the dashboard column can be shown as a single component.

Gauge: It’s used for displaying single-value within some custom values range.

Other different dashboard components include:

Table: Report data is shown in a column-form using at

Custom S-component: It contains content that’s displayed or run in some browser like an ActiveX Control, Excel file, custom HTML web-form or Java applet

Visualforce page: It’s used for making custom components or displaying information that’s not available in other different component kinds.

What are the different Batch Apex-class methods?

Database.Batchable interface consists of 3 methods that need to be implemented. They include

Start method:

Start method

Execute method:

Execute method

Finish method:

Finish method

What are Governor-Limits at Salesforce?

Governor Limits are the biggest challenges for Salesforce developers. When the Apex code exceeds the limit, it provides some run-time exception & can’t be handled. List of critical Governor-Limits at Salesforce:

  • Per-Transaction Apex-Limits
  • Size-Specific Apex-Limits
  • Email Limits
  • Com Platform Apex-Limits
  • Push-Notification Limits
  • Static Apex-Limits
  • Miscellaneous Apex-Limits

In Apex, what are maps?

Maps are utilized to keep information in kind of key-value pairs, where every distinct keymaps some single value.

The syntax is

what are maps

How can a Salesforce track sales?

There are distinct procedures that are followed by all organizations for tracking sales. Different organizations track the performance of sales via data analysis. Salesforce Tracking system enables the organizations to get basic details for assessing the performance, like:

  • Number of everyday sales
  • Customers that are served every day
  • Every day-to-day report about sales from Sales-Managers
  • Repeat customer’s details that serve as a significant factor for the development of any company
  • Sales statistics on a monthly, quarterly, or weekly basis. This depends on organizations’ requirements.

What’s a wrapper-class at Salesforce?

Wrapper class is a kind of container class at Salesforce that comprises objects group as its segments. Moreover, wrapper-class is an abstract information type.

At Salesforce, we utilize wrapper-class to enclose gathered data. Programmer states the wrapper-class, which acts as custom objects, along with the properties.

Furthermore, instances of a wrapper-class assist in representing different objects in the corresponding table at a Visualforce-page.

What’s Data Skew at Salesforce?

The complete kind of SOQL is a Standard-Object Query-Language. SOQL assesses a state in an enterprise when one needs to operate with about 10,000 records.

Some single-user has more numbers of records & this is called “ownership-data-skew” & it’s created by performance matters as one updates at Salesforce.

What are various types of email templates which can be made in Salesforce?

List of email templates that can be made in Salesforce:

HTML-with-Letterhead: Admins & users that contain ‘Edit-HTML-Templates’ could create this kind of template depending on letterhead.

Text: Text templates are made or changed by every user in a company.

Visualforce: Admins & developers create a template with the help of Visualforce. This offers improved functionalities like recipients merging information from numerous records.

Custom HTML: This is an extension of HTML. Admins & users have ‘Edit-HTML Templates’ that create custom HTML templates even minus the requirement for a letterhead.

What’s the junction object?

Junction objects assist one to associate two objects. They’re custom objects that are Salesforce which enables building a Master-Detail association established in 2 different information objects. This utilizes a many-to-many relationship that links numerous junction objects to more records.

What’s Salesforce Lightning?

This is a platform that offers tools to all organizations to make next-generation UI & UX at Salesforce. Lightning forms some modern productivity that boosts user experience. Furthermore, it’s used in creating some fast, distinct, and beautiful users experience, same as natural lightning. Sales teams sell their products quicker. Additionally, lightning Experience utilizes an open-source Aura framework. This is a fully re-designed structure for creating a modern user interface.


Salesforce Lightning

What’s Apex Email-Service?

When one needs to process content, headers, and attachments of inbound emails, Apex Email-service is utilized. It’s possible to make an email service that auto-creates contact records depending on contact-related data in messages.

Every email service is linked with a Salesforce-made email address, which the users-sends text for processing. This is possible for numerous users accessing a single email service.

What’s a Developer Console?

Developer-Console remains an inbuilt development tool that contains tools collection. It can be utilized in creating, debug & test applications at

What’s an Access-Modifier in Program?

Apex utilizes access modifiers in defining methods & variables. These include private, global, protected, or public-access modifiers.

An example includes

Access-Modifier in Program

What’s the distinction between Standard & Custom Controller?

Standard Controllers auto forms for every standard page. This contains similar logic & functionalities which are utilized for every normal Salesforce page. Moreover, they can be utilized with standard & custom objects.

On the other hand, Custom-Controllers override the standard functionality of standard-controller which looks on a Visualforce-page. Apex is used for writing controller extensions or custom controllers.

Clarify Exception Catch using a Program.

Java comes with inbuilt exception-handling and normal code which goes to TRY-block & exception handling-code to CATCH block. It uses try and catch block for utilizing code with numerous Java exceptions.



Hope this comprehensive salesforce interview questions and answer will help you attain all the required confidence when going to the interview. With this guidance, you will have an idea of what to encounter and how to handle it.

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