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Medical Assistant Interview Questions: A medical assistant is a person that offers support to healthcare professionals in a clinical setting. Medical assistants’ jobs are projected to increase by about 20% from 2019 – 2029. Compared to other careers, this is a faster development rate. When contracting for the position, interviewers are searching for a person with some medical background & willing to learn every day. They require a person that can carefully follow directions & offer the best patient care.

In this blog, we have a couple of questions that will assist you in preparing for an interview. Every question has a sample answer on the way you are required to respond to it.

Top 30+ Medical Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Table of Contents

Q1. Tell us About Yourself

Ans: This is an open-ended question nature and can be tricky when answering. The reason being you do not need to explain your hobbies or other stories. You need to concentrate on some experience, education, and training.

Q2. Which experience do you have?

Ans: With this kind of question, employers are searching for an answer that mixes important & diverse experiences. If you’ve worked as a medical assistant before, you need to state you’ve been there for how long. Remember to be precise about where you have worked, the schools you have attended, and which important volunteer experience you have.

If this interview is for your 1st job, then you need to concentrate on the experience that you acquired at the externship. You need to talk about a skill which you performed & observed there, which brings to the company. This may include good communication skills, experience with EKGs, following HIPAA protocol & proficiency with any electronic medical records.

Q3. What are some of your strengths?

Ans: Some of the strengths you need to pick need to be relevant to the medical assisting field. This can include excelling at time management, working as a team player, & having abundant listening skills & compassion for other people. These are 3 strengths that match the qualities of the best medical assistant

Q4. Where will you be in 5 years to come?

Ans: Again, ensure that you reply in a professional capacity. When an employer asks this kind of question, they are searching for a career path. When your response shows an absence of foresight, it seems like you consider medical assistant to be a job, instead of a career. The interviewer is searching for responses that suggest some long-term commitment & probably a path to career improvement. Display ambition & discipline in one’s answer & paint some realistic images of an empowering coming employee.

Q5. How will you handle a distressed patient coming up to the front desk & complaining?

Ans: Remember when answering this question the keyword is “empathy.” Your possible employer needs to be aware that you can place yourself in other people’s shoes, & you will be able to handle a hard situation.

Sample answer

I would ensure that I understand the patient’s requirements by paying attention to his/her complaint & ensure that they know they’re being heard. I would allow them to land the points & then I would approve that I understand their necessities through repeating whatever they said with compassion. Depending on the nature of the complaint, I would allow them to understand that I will get a solution for the trouble and take essential actions to be part of the solution.

Q6. When a patient is suddenly unconscious, what will you do?

Ans: This question offers a suitable opportunity for one to demonstrate the collected skills at handling medical disasters.

Sample answer

Depending on the context of the situation, the 1st thing I’ll do is ensure that the patient isn’t in immediate danger of injuring themselves. After that, I will alert the other staff members so that they will help where required. Furthermore, I will also assess the potential origins of the situation & assist the patient get better if possible. I would ask for help & wait till given more instructions if necessary.

Q7. How will you handle stress & pressure in a fast-paced environment?

Ans: Working as a medical assistant will feel stressful. Although medical assistant job stress level was ranked as average. However, some employers need to understand the way you will deal with this fast-paced environment. When answering this question, you need to be honest and we all become stressed out at our place of work.

Q8. What are your weaknesses?

Ans: When responding to this question, don’t put yourself down or talk you’re bad at something. Just state areas where you’re up for improvement.

Response example

I am presently contented with clinical tasks, unlike administrative responsibilities. However, am best at communicating, thus I am assured that I will adapt to the role quickly.

Q9. Do you have any computer skills?

Ans: When responding to this question, be certain that you mention medical billing & coding training, and also Electronic Health Records training. All these are significant when employers are searching for the best candidate to hire. It’s a suitable idea to have some notes for reminding yourself of specific computer programs you’re experienced with.

Q10. Why do you need to work here?

Ans: This question offers you a chance to show that you have done some research. Before the interview, you need to have visited the company’s website and check at “About us” section. This will offer you a familiar background, vision, mission, values statement. Learn about company culture, study the job description, & check out social media platforms. You need to utilize your answer to show them you’re aligned with the mission & excited to give to it.

Q11. How will you guard patients’ confidentiality & safeguard medical records?

Ans: This significant question where all healthcare workers need to protect patient’s health data privacy. Moreover, healthcare employers need to guard themselves & their teams from possible lawsuits & damage to their reputations. Moreover, always ensure that your interviewer is alert of your thoughts on the topic.

Q12. As a medical assistant, explain how you will ensure that you’re following HIPAA rules?

This is the suitable idea of making research at HIPAA protocol prior to the interview time. HIPAA protocol is a significant part of any medical assistant’s profession.

Response example

Ans: I was taught in HIPAA protocol during the medical assistant certification program. During my internship, I studied to be watchful about the privacy of a patient. For instance, just utilizing patients’ first names while in the waiting room and ensure that patient charts are kept out of view of others, & making sure that the exam room door is closed before a discussion takes place.

Q13. Are you skilled at phlebotomy? Are you comfy drawing blood?

Ans: Phlebotomy is a significant section of some medical assistant’s positions. Thus the employers will need to be making sure you’re trained & ready to take the responsibility, even if you’ve not had experience in the field yet.

Response example

I am comfy withdrawing blood & all phlebotomy processes, & did well at my training program. I had more practice drawing blood from other students, friends, and family as a core part of my training, & continual receiving experience via my internship.

Q14. How will you describe your primary responsibility as a medical assistant?

Ans: Medical assistants consist of tons of responsibilities, thus choosing one as an emphasis is a frightening task. Though, it gives one a chance to converse where the priority lies & to position yourself like an asset.

Plus, one doesn’t have to speak about just one duty. You need to squeeze more information into this kind of question & answer. All you need is to tap on a few tasks before honing into the big one.

Q15. Are you experienced with electrocardiograms (EKG)?

Ans: An EKG test is an important duty to medical assistant personnel. Hence, you need to share details about the qualifications.

Response example

I got my EKG certification through the National Healthcareer Association that includes identifying sets of waves, completing EKG tests & determining abnormal vs normal EKG readings.

Q16. Are you skilled in getting patients important signs & medical histories?

Ans: These are essential responsibilities for medical assistants, thus be certain to detail procedures you learned at your training program.

Response example

I am trained at taking weight, blood pressure, temperature & pulse. We trained in a lab at school, & I had the chance to take the measurements at patients thru my internship.

Q17. Tell us about the time you overcame a hard situation.

Ans: When operating as a medical assistant, there are some challenges that you may encounter. This can be with a patient or coworker. You require showing the employer that you will be capable to work well with other people & overcome issues. Bosses ask this question to understand more about your problem-solving abilities. In your response, select the time you met a hard situation. Explain which steps you did to get a solution for the situation. Share what was the outcome of the actions.

Q18. What do you enjoy most about a medical assistant career?

Ans: At this question, you need to give an honest answer & select an aspect of the medical assistant job requirement which appeals to you. It’s noteworthy in understanding the way the various role of this job is from other healthcare occupations.

Response sample

I enjoy operating with patients & making their stay comfortable & stress-free

Q19. Why do you need to work at this organization?

Ans: It is significant to research a company before going to the interview room. When answering this question have an exact answer about what you will bring to a company. Do not talk about individual motivations like good pay or a calm commute.

Q20. What’s your best work schedule?

Ans: State to them if you’re comfortable operating up to late hours. Also, you need to discuss their operational schedule preferences & mention every restriction you’ve.

Response answer

I will prefer the day shift, though if my supervisors require me to operate late hours, I am relaxed with it too. I am also comfy to work long hours & extra hours when circumstances arise

Q21. Are you conversant with Electrocardiography?

Ans: Carrying out EKG tests is an important section of the job. State some aspects of EKG which you’ve learned from some training programs.

Response answer

During a training program, I was introduced to EKG machines, electrocardiography, waves, electrodes, EKG readings, etc. I’ve also EKG certification credited by NHA to improve my specialized skill.

Q22. Are you comfy operating in a fast-paced medical working environment?

Ans: An employer needs to understand if their potential employee is relaxed with their career profile. Show them the way you feel about the job & the working environment.

Response answer

The working environment is challenging sometimes, though I chose this as my career path due to some reason. Co-existing medical professionals & operating together for the improvement of a patient’s health status is a thing I anticipate doing.

Q23. What are your career advancement plans?

Ans: Explain to them that your career objectives. Assure them about medical helping is your career path & not just a career. Show to them your dedication to this field.

Q24. What’s your best favorite part of a medical assistant career?

Ans: State some few aspects of the job which appeal to you. Provide a subtle & honest answer.

Response answer

I like every aspect of this job. I feel that this job provides flexibility & comfort to me.

Q25. Are you registered in any ongoing education programs?

Ans: Inform them if you’re enrolled in any CE program. Also, explain that you comprehend the significance of CE programs.

Response answer

I’ve been looking at AAMA-CE programs. I’ve recently received my CMA accreditation, thus I am presently not rushing to register myself. However, I understand the significance of ongoing education programs, & I am also conversant with CE requirements.

Q26. Which skills do you have which qualifies you for this career?

Ans: One of the minimum education requirements that you will require is a GED or high-school diploma. In other states, you will be required formal educational programs. However, to be competitive you need experience, certifications & relevant training. If you are proficient with Electronic Health Records software mentions it. Additionally, experience with Ms. Office, medical billing & HIPAA protocol will make you competitive.

Q27. What will be your primary responsibility as medical assistant personnel?

Ans: Here instead of naming a duty, you can talk about a few responsibilities you should consider important.

Response answer

Being a medical assistant, I have been trained in diverse administrative & clinical tasks. Whether it’s taking scheduling or vitals appointments, every job duty has its greatness. All these obligations have 2 main purposes which are offering patient care & assisting physicians. Thus, I consider these 2 purposes as the primary duty which I need to fulfill.

Q28. Do you’ve experience in performing front office responsibilities?

Ans: Front desk responsibilities include emails, answering phone calls & scheduling appointments.

Response answer

I am skilled at performing administrative tasks. Aside from that, I’ve also improved on my communication skills and writing skills for communication purposes.

Q29. Do you’ve any earlier experience with coding and medical billing?

Ans: State details about coding & medical billing which exhibit the subject knowledge.

Response answer

I learned coding & medical billing as a part of a training program. Moreover, being trained with coding systems like ICD-10-CM & HCSPCS. This will help me code different diagnoses, procedures & treatments. I am also skilled in processing reimbursement claims.

Q30. When a patient is disappointed with the service you offered, how will you deal with such a case?

Ans: When providing answers to this question, explain the way you sympathize with the client & the steps you will take to calm down the situation.

Response answer

We expect the situations very often, & we’re trained to communicate efficiently to resolve the problem. The initial thing I need to do is listen to the patient & interpret the issue actively. If any discomfort is made during the visit, I will ask for forgiveness and solve their issue through the appropriate steps.


Going to an interview is nerve-racking especially when it’s the first time. However, proper preparations will eliminate all the excitement and you will pass the interview. Moreover, these are just a sample of medical assistant interview questions.

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