30+ Interview Questions for Managers 2021[Updated]

Interview Questions for Managers: Managers that are successful have strong personal and intrapersonal skills & confidence to direct others. When being interviewed for a management position, you’ll likely be tested questions that will evaluate one’s ability in communicating with & lead the team. This blog will examine communal management questions for an interview with examples that have an impactful way of answering them.

Interview Questions for Managers


Rehearse these questions & answers. Have the necessary knowledge for cracking the interview.

Q1. Tell us about the time you needed to manage a problematic employee.

Ans. The major function of the management role is supervising employees. A strong reply to this question displays that you can prioritize communication & issue solving services for & with one’s team. Furthermore, when answering this kind of question, choose an example that show’s one’s interest in vigorously listening to one’s team members, boosting productivity, and resolving conflict.

Q2. How do you measure success?

Ans. Setting goals & assessing success is a significant management duty. This interview question enables the interviewer to view how can identify, set & meet goals. It’s wiser to describe one’s orientation to a group success in one’s answer instead of focusing on your personal goals.

Q3. How do you encounter a challenge on the work front?

Ans. Answers to this kind of question need to touch these points:

State some challenges that you’ve faced as a professional setting & should also apply to the managerial position you’re interviewing for.

State the point of view you’ve taken in solving the issue, including the process you’ve adopted, concepts you’ve utilized, & practical information on the challenge.

Convert the challenge you’ve discussed to a possibility. Also, state how you attain a solution and how you learned from the entire process, & how the experience was useful to your future work.

Q3. How should you delegate task among employees that report to you?

Ans. I measure tasks & try to connect them to terms of quality & skills of an employee. If an employee is at transition or learning phase, test and offer needed assistance & verify it is effective & decided properly. In these situations, arrange for some reverse understanding sessions.

For team members with earlier exposure to work, I set up an initial plan & deadlines which are agreeable to them. Also, synchronize up with it at detailed intervals for checking if we’re on track for progress, completion, & every blocking problem.

Q4. How can a manager be fruitful during his operation?

Ans. A manager needs to have the imagination & innovation which takes his company to the next level. He needs to have leadership skills & needs to be capable of bringing out the best from employees & guide them through the appropriate channels.

Q5. Why are you fit for the managerial position?

Ans. Your answer needs to be like: I am honest, candid & I think my measures taken in my career needs to assist in achieving company’s goals productively. Furthermore, I am friendly like a leader in my team members that operates as a catalyst at success pulling-off.

Q6. What’s the size of the team you managed last?

Ans. This needs to be answered depending on one’s experience that you’ve faced when working. The answer needs to be like:

I’ve managed a big team with members of every gender, cultural root, & experience. In other words, I’ve developed a different & broad job culture. I involved myself in some hiring stages to guarantee that we hire the most suitable candidate for the position.

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Q7. Explain how you refurbish the managerial skills?

Ans. I operate on responses obtained from my elders and improve on them. I get work that I think confronts my existing strengths. Moreover, I go to the extent of reading managerial books and register full different accreditations in the field. You need to mention every certification you’ve earned here.

Q8. Describe one’s journey from beginning to the last function as a manager.

Ans. This is the same as an opening question which relaxes some formal environment at an interview. Moreover, you need to describe your complete career graph and track.

Q9. What’s a more complicated thing about being a manager?

Ans. The most disturbing thing about being a director is also more rewarding. It’s simple to handle performance. Moreover, as a manager, you’re responsible for one’s team. Thus you need to continually measure performance, motivate them, set clear goals, expectations & keep them dedicated. It’s the best feeling for one to be able and accomplish this.

Q10. Why do we need to hire you in our company as a manager?

Ans. Here you are needed to state accomplishments that make you stand aside from others. This might be handled in the following manner:

I have a working experience of about ten years like a manager an Information-Technology company which has employee capacity of about 800. At this time, I’ve handled numerous projects, offered leadership skills to teams both onshore and offshore. Furthermore, I was involved in technical architect and in people management functions.

Q11. How can one delegate a significant assignment to different people while guaranteeing that this will be finished successfully?

Ans. Like a manager, I try matching up my employee’s strengths with a job or if it’s anything they’re learning. I will offer support & check-in, ensuring that it is finished correctly if it’s the latter. With an employee that’s strong in a task, I check it periodically. Either way, I set up milestones for employees to allow me to understand the way they’re progressing.

Q12. How does one communicate expectations to the employee?

Ans. I ensure that when speaking to my employee, there are no interferences. I prefer meeting face-to-face, & I will state clearly what expectation is. I ask if they’ve questions & request them to re-state them. Thus we’re on a similar page.

Q13. How can you solve disputes within a team like a manager?

Ans. Answers to this kind of question showcase one’s personality like a manager. One can cite some experience.

It’s said there are two sides to one coin. During an argument inside a team, it’s vital to be approachable & impartial from the manager’s mindset.

At this state, disregarding thought which dispute needs to be solved on its own shouldn’t be a manager’s approach. Managers need to debate with every other team member and & out with some sensible & professional result that every member agrees on.

Q14. What do you understand about our business?

Ans. The candidate’s response to this kind of question needs to indicate some earlier knowledge of your business. You need to have conducted some research earlier to find the information they require. They need to have first-hand knowledge as a client, customer, or competitor.

Either way, every comprehensive response discloses that possible managerial hire enjoys what your business offer & is motivated being the section of it.

If a candidate knows nothing about your company, apart from the job they want, they have not done due diligence & should not be high at your possible hires shortlist.

Q15. Describe weaknesses that you believe are in any management role.

Ans. Here one requires discussing measures at handling disasters like a manager. Here are some of the samples of what you need to speak about.

Although a director is also an individual responsible for some project’s ultimate success or failure, there’re situations I require to fully depend on employees for performing the function they’re supposed to do. In other conditions where there was growth, I attempted to fix & find a way out myself eluding people who are supposed to do the task.

Though involvement in the process assisted me in solving the issue efficiently, it had different implications. The team developed an idea which I didn’t have faith & conviction on abilities.

This take-away from the entire incident & I understood that in hard circumstances, I need to drawback first & then attempt to gauge the situation & decide the way to solve minus hurting self-esteem team members.

Q16. How will one give back to the company?

Ans. I will give back skills & experience which I’ve gathered in every these years to the company. I am creative like a leader, which I utilize in safeguarding the growth & attaining great business for a company.

Q17. What are the good qualities of the best manager?

Ans. Qualities of the best manager include:

  • Acknowledge every individual’s function in work
  • Mold expertise to performance
  • Understand every employee’s weaknesses & strengths
  • Identify & use distinct qualities at employees
  • Hire correct expertise

Q18. Tell us about the moment you allowed the employee off.

Ans. Nobody enjoys firing people, though there are situations and times when it just occurs. One time in summer, I was operating as a supervisor from a local pool. I had a lifeguard that was consistently coming late to the job. As the supervisor, I talked to him about the situation. I did this on three occasions & talked with him about the reason why he was late & how that was to violate the company policy. I also told him that the fourth time would be grounds for his dismissal. I ensured that keeping HR-team involved in all the steps & properly documented every meeting. Unluckily, he was late a fourth time & I had to inform him that he was to be terminated. It was not a simple task, though I had to do so.

Q19. How do you unite with some new employee like a manager?

Ans. I set up some discussions with all new employees to make them understand their roles & responsibilities. I will also get information about them & what they expect from me. This way, we will know each other well & work in arrangement with every other in future.

Q20. The best performing worker has of late been under-performing. Like a manager, how will you handle that situation?

Ans. I will show them their previous performance history to make it clear to them that there is a drop in performance. Furthermore, I will request them the reason it has dropped. Moreover, I will reaffirm my obligation to help employees be back on track & provide actionable steps. I will ask for employee’s input & draw a work plan for progress centered on this.

Q21. List some of the ways in which a manager can contribute to tasks?

Ans. A manager is able to contribute to tasks through the following ways:

  • Understand customers mindset & what they require
  • Inspire employees & ensures that they’re conveying on schedule
  • Act as a channel between employees & clients
  • Facilitate employees with equipment’s & means which are more fruitful at work
  • Ensures customers love our work

Q22. What was most & least nourishing knowledge as a manager?

Ans. The most filling incident for me, like a manager, was training fresh workers from the college hired to the company. They’re a bunch of excited people that are willing to learn & increase value to our company.

The least rewarding skill was the number of traffic jams that I faced as I was driving to work. I wasted more productive hours on the roads every day.

Q23. How was your skills management evolved as one got extra exposure?

Ans. My management skills changed as I had extra experienced. It was primarily because of the growth in career paths & eagerness to study.

At early years as a manager, I controlled my team as I think this was a suitable way of undertaking them. I believed that being involved in all respect of a job would guarantee success. Moreover, I got some feedback which the team felt-suffocated with very much of our involvement. A team required space to operate in its outline.

Q24. What are your salary expectations?

Ans. Here, the candidate should not answer using an exact number. Instead, you need to hear what the individual is concentrated on finding the best fit for their abilities & skills.

Getting dollars needs to come at the end of a face-to-face conversation or even in some second interview if that is what it’s required.

The kind of “trick-question” can inform you more about if the candidate is appropriate for the company.

Q25. Explain how you handle your stress?

Ans. Stress, similar to the conflict between team members, is a standard section of the business. Successful management individual needs to understand that & have established their own individual strategies which mitigate & deal with the said stress.

In a moment, perhaps people take a deep breath deeply, or they count from 1 to 10. In the long term, perhaps people meditate, unwind or exercise with the best book.

Whichever strategies people employ, a manager candidate needs to be capable of expressing clear words on how they deal with job stress minus letting it spoil their day.

Q26. Would you prefer to work at home?

Ans. I always value & maintain a work-life balance. Saying that I understand how significant it is for completing deliverables in the given time frame. Thus if needed, I am set to operate from home also.

Q27. How could a manager give the effort to work?

Ans. A manager will contribute to tasks in the following ways:

Inspire employees & ensure that they’re providing on schedule

Understand customer’s mindset & what they require

Act as a channel between employees and clients

Ensure customers love our work

Give employees the required tools & means to be extra productive while at work.

Q28. How can you ensure the health & safety of employees while being a manager?

Ans. Safety & health of employees while work is 2 main responsibilities of being a manager. I ensure that employees that are reporting to me are in good health. Normally from the organizational level, yearly health checkups need to be conducted.

Like a manager, I always inspire my workers to be involved in checkups. The main aim is to get sound physical & mental conditions while at work. Moreover, I will push my team members to be involved in marathon events that are conducted by the company during the weekends and spread the message of being fit & healthy.

For the safety of employees, I need to ensure that female employees need to be secure & safe at work. Also, I need to ensure they have proper safety travel measures on occasions they require to live long hours in the office. I also need to advise them to get connected from home & complete their deliverables instead of remaining back late in the office.

Q29. What can you do in case you understand that your director is incorrect?

Ans. When I feel my manager isn’t correct in other scenarios, I need to hang back and discuss it with her/him & give my opinions in a way that’s unbiased. I am certain my manager needs to admit the mistake & later commend me for the good observations.

It isn’t a greater deal when committing a mistake. However, in a qualified space, it is compulsory to rectify the issues as quickly as possible.


The above guidance will surely assist you to get that managerial job at that company that you always wanted. With all these kinds of questions, be sure that you will come across them; thus, you need to have studied them well.

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