Top 10 jQuery Interview Questions and Answer

jQuery Interview Questions and Answer: jQuery is a lightweight? JavaScript library which gives a quick and simple method for HTML DOM traversing and manipulation, its event handling, its client-side animations, and so on.

What is Jquery?

It is a well-written JavaScript code that handles common tasks like event handling, document traversing, and animations.

Is Jquery compatible with both HTML and XML documents?

No. Jquery is only compatible with HTML documents.

What is the core benefit of using a minimized version of Jquery?

It makes your pages more efficient because of its lightweight characteristic; its weight is 50% less than the weight of a standard JQuery file. Pages built with the minimized version of JQuery load faster.

Name three operating systems that are compatible with JQuery

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

What is client scripting?

A method that allows JavaScript code to run on a client’s web browser when functions like form loads are called.

Is JQuery a client scripting or a server scripting tool?

JQuery is a client scripting tool.

What is a selector in Jquery?

A function that utilizes expressions to find elements from a DOM that match the criteria used to search for them.

What does DOM stand for? Explain what it is and its tasks in JQuery

DOM stands for Data Object Model. It provides a mechanism for interacting with your HTML and XML documents.

What is chaining in JavaScript?

It is a method that is used by programmers to connect multiple events in a selector.

Is JQuery available for download? If yes, where can it be found on the web?

Yes. It can be downloaded from JQuery’s official website at