Best practice HTML5 example for interview

Use best practice HTML5 when building blocks for the development of a web application are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. To make a website appear good and function as expected, we need a minimum of these technologies.  HTML is the backbone of the entire web application, without HTML the web application cannot exist. As for CSS and Javascript, a website can be created without these, but such a website would be of no use.

HTML Basic


  • H1 – H6
  • line break
  • Text formatting
  • Sub and Superscript
  • Long and short quotations
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • deleted and inserted
  • text direction
  • Contact information
  • Comments
  • horizontal lines
  • Output tags

HTML Links

  • hyperlink
  • image Link
  • Open the link in a new browser window
  • Move outside of an iframe example
  • mailto link

HTML Images

  • width and height
  • Aligning images
  • hyperlink of an image
  • image-map

HTML Tables

  • simple table
  • dimension of a table
  • table caption
  • Tables with borders
  • padding of table cells
  • distance between table
  • Table cells
  • Column groups

HTML Lists

HTML Forms

  • text input fields
  • password input fields
  • HTML5 new input fields
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Select boxes – A drop-down list
  • Select a box with a pre-selected value
  • Grouping of options inside a select box
  • Enable multiple selections inside a select box
  • Textarea – A multi-line text input field
  • Creating buttons
  • File select field
  • Grouping similar form fields
  • Submit or reset a form – The use of submit and reset button

HTML Styles

HTML iFrame

  • iframe to embed
  • Removing the default frame border from an iframe
  • How to Opening linked web pages inside an iframe

HTML Scripts

  • JavaScript inside the HTML pages
  • JavaScript file inside the HTML pages
  • Supported or disabled

HTML5 New Input Types

  • HTML5 color input type
  • HTML5 date input type
  • HTML5 datetime input type
  • HTML5 datetime-local input type
  • HTML5 email input type
  • HTML5 month input type
  • HTML5 number input type
  • HTML5 range input type
  • HTML5 search input type
  • HTML5 tel input type
  • HTML5 time input type
  • HTML5 url input type
  • HTML5 week input type

HTML5 Canvas

  • Embedding canvas
  • Drawing a line
  • Drawing an arc
  • Drawing a rectangle
  • Drawing a circle
  • Setting the stroke
  • Setting the cap style
  • Filling color inside a rectangle
  • Filling color inside a circular
  • Filling linear gradient inside
  • Filling radial gradient


  • Embedding SVG
  • Creating a line
  • Creating a rectangle
  • Creating a circle
  • Rendering text on web pages
  • Apply transformation while rendering text on web pages using SVG

HTML5 Audio

  • Embedding audio
  • Defining alternative sources
  • Linking the audio
  • Inserting audio in HTML documents using the object element
  • Inserting audio in HTML documents using the embed element

HTML5 Video

  • Embedding video
  • Defining alternative sources
  • Inserting video
  • Inserting video in HTML documents using the embed element
  • Embedding the YouTube video

HTML5 Web Storage

  • HTML5 local storage
  • HTML5 session storage
  • HTML5 Web Workers
  • Doing JavaScript works in the background with HTML5 web worker
  • Terminating a running web worker

HTML5 Geolocation

  • Coordinates with HTML5 geolocation
  • Handing errors and rejections while working with HTML5 geolocation
  • Showing location on Google map in image format
  • Showing location on interactive Google map
  • Getting current location of a visitor using HTML5 geolocation