30+ Housekeeping Interview Questions 2022 [Updated]

Housekeeping Interview Questions:  Working as a housekeeper needs one that’s hardworking, has stamina, and is physically capable. Also, a housekeeper’s job requires one to interact with different customers on a one-on-one basis, making the job very challenging. A way of defining if a contender is an able housekeeper is by interviewing them.

If you are preparing for a housekeeper job, the following interview questions will help you have an idea of what to expect.

30+ Housekeeping Interview Questions 2022


Q1. What are the reasons why you joined the hotel industry?

Answer: Hospitality provides a job that changes every time. It’s fast-paced environs where you’re doing different tasks every day. You are always on your feet & moving around more which assists one in thinking, feeling, & reacting better.

Q2. What are the main roles of a housekeeper?

Answer: Normally housekeeping roles include; changing linens, cleaning designated, damp/dusting horizontal surfaces, trash removal, vents, cleaning and scouring sinks, vacuuming carpets, mopping, washing windows & door frames, etc. Moreover, there may be other tasks that may be allocated by the employer and, I will be contented to do all the given duties beyond my professional scope.

Q3. Are you conversant with chemical-cleaning precautions?

Answer: Sure, I am a professional in chemical washing & completely understand precautions that are to be looked into while using a chemical cleaner, including ice-cleaners. Furthermore, I can read & follow the instructions book which comes with different chemical cleaners.

Q4. How will you be able to complete numerous housekeeping chores within one day?

Answer: I am best at multitasking & task prioritization. When offered numerous tasks for the day, I immediately rank them & set them to work out. The strategy always assists me in finishing the day’s tasks, despite how many they are.

Q5. Explain how you will handle a customer who is upset or angry & dissatisfied with your work?

Answer: When a client isn’t happy with my job I would apologize & then improve at my service work. I will always try my level best to comprehend the customer’s housekeeping wants fully & to deliver the high-standard housekeeping & customers are normally happy with the work I do.

Q6. Is communication of any significance for a housekeeper? State reasons.

Answer: Communication is very significant when operating as a housekeeper. The reason being one requires being capable to take & follow directions effectively. Proper & effective communication is vital to comprehend & deliver a message quickly & accurately.

Q7. How will you calm down some customers that are demanding?

Answer: I don’t believe in arguing thus I will pay attention to what the client has to say without interrupting. If I understand what’s bothering him/her, I’ll try to check out for solutions that please the customer & are also in the policies & procedures of company rules

Q8. How best do you operate in a team?

Answer: Am best at interactive relationships & exercise my efficient communication skills when required to operate in a team. Furthermore, I also attempt to assist my colleagues every time possible that makes me a more fruitful team player.

Q9. How will you deal with an altercation between 2 team members?

Answer: I normally make a point of listening to all sides before concluding what’s right & what is not. I attempt not to allow an argument to affect their productivity or have some negative effect on guests whom we’ve to display a united front.

Q10. What are guest loan products?

Answer: These are equipment that a guest requires commonly & offered to guests on demand. Housekeeping is accountable for creating a record for this. They require tracking products to ensure that they’re taken back to them. An example can be iron board.

Housekeeping Interview Questions

Q11. What are the basic duties of a desk-control supervisor?


  • Responsible for guest-room master cards and Departmental keys
  • Best knowledge about Housekeeping operations
  • Accountable for every call coming to Desk & to deliver the appropriate message to the correct person
  • Follow up with some concerning departments when there is a guest complaint or requests
  • Maintain records associated to everyday jobs of Housekeeping

Q12. What’s meant by public places in a hotel

Answer: Public places in a hotel are comprised of ‘the house front’ like an entrance, lounges, lobbies, the front desk, elevators, banquet halls, guest corridors, bars, leisure places like spa, swimming pools, and health club.

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Q13. What’s your prevalent strength?

Answer: I believe my biggest strength is the ability to handle more than a single task at a given time. I also ensure quality jobs all the time. This allows me to multitask, & offer excellent outcomes.

Q14. What are your weaknesses?

Answer: Am a perfectionist. Sometimes, it doesn’t operate very well. Since I require everything done at the appropriate time and in the right way. Furthermore, I normally have unlikely expectations. Though, I am working on it to allow me to work well but not anticipate perfection all the time.

Q15. Are our customer service and communication skills significant for a housekeeper?

Answer:  Both customer service skills and communication are very significant when operating as a housekeeper. The reason being one requires being capable to take & follow instructions efficiently. & safeguarding repeat business brought by customer happiness is imperative.

Q16. What’s rewarding operating like a housekeeper supervisor?

Answer: There are numerous aspects which are rewarding on this job. Understanding that your supervision is accountable for guest happiness is the best feeling. Moreover, training people to do brilliantly in a group environment & seeing them get praise from visitors is very rewarding.

Q17. What is the variance between hygiene & sanitation?

Answer: Hygiene refers to how well you will take care of yourself. When you’ve good hygiene, you take consistent showers, brush your teeth more, clean your hair, and more others. With sanitation, it’s to keep anything clean & germ-free. For instance, hand sanitizer will kill germs available on your hands.

Q18. How will you prepare to clean a guestroom that is occupied, when the guest isn’t there?


  • Open wide the door & position the cart/trolley at the door front with shelves in front of the door.
  • Ventilate the guest room by opening the windows and drawing the curtains.
  • Remove every soil-room tray service
  • Switched on electric appliances to be certain that they are operating

Q19. What’s the suitable time for cleaning the guest corridor?

Answer: The guest corridor should be cleaned out when there is minimum guest movement. This may be at night or early in the morning.

Q20. What’s a service turndown?

Answer: Turndown service is the practice of staff getting to a guest’s room & “turning down” the bed linen of the bed in the room, making the bed ready for use. Other hotels have extra elegant turndown services, like bedtime stories for kids & couples served with cocktails.

Housekeeping Interview Questions

Q21. Describe interconnecting rooms?

Answer: These are rooms that are next to every other & have an access door inside that connects all the rooms from the inside.

Q22. What’s meant by Moulton?

Answer: This is a thick material with lint laid at the surface of a table and a pin underneath. It’s absorbent, contains a smooth surface, & is resistant to sound. It’s used for holding tablecloths.

Q23. What’s more rewarding operating as a housekeeper supervisor?

Answer: There are numerous aspects which are rewarding for this kind of job. Understanding that your supervision is accountable for visitor satisfaction is a superb feeling. Moreover, training people to do brilliantly in a team environment & seeing them get praise from the guests is very rewarding.

Q24. What’s your major chemical safety worry in your job?

Answer: Chemical safety should be of the utmost significance for an individual operating as a housekeeper. It’s significant for them to understand the portions that chemicals require to be mixed & their safe use. This is for their safety & that of guests. My main concern is that housekeeping individual needs to be trained in using & mixing hazardous materials well.

Q25. Will you receive a gift provided by your guest?

Answer: No. Gifts aren’t accepted by hotel staff at any place in this world. The reason being the hotel considers that if their staffs begin to accept the gift, then the service provided by guests can’t be equal. Also, the guests will not be equally treated.

Q26. In your opinion, what’s the most significant room attendant quality?

Answer: A room attendant requires being capable to operate in a thorough & detail-oriented manner. Some spot of dust or specks on the floor can show a bad impression to guests, Carefulness is of significance in every cleaning & maintenance work.

Q27. Tell us the reasons you selected housekeeping?

Answer: I’ve gone to all detail & have excellent cleaning skills that make me comfy while performing various kinds of cleaning & sanitization & also I can do minor repair & maintenance tasks. I also believe this is the appropriate place where I am appropriate & have a better scope for my professional.

Q28. Do you do best as a team or alone?

Answer: I am an outstanding communicator & bond with other people very fast. These personal skills assist me every time I need to operate with a team which makes me productive and a great team player. Also, I have mastered the art of operating alone, with less supervision. I am also responsible & accountable for my actions.

Q29. How do you deal with a co-worker who has inappropriate behavior?

Answer: I always aim to ensure my team does well & prospers. I will always correct my coworker whenever they are wrong but if harm is done already, I will report the behavior to the supervisor to guarantee that the organization doesn’t suffer & lose clients. Moreover, if it’s a small error, I will deal with it until there is a noticeable change.

Q30. Do you think you’ve got a keen eye?

Answer: Any housekeeper needs to have a keen eye. For me, I pay close attention to information & ensure that the entire corner is well washed and every surface is sparkling. Even the smallest of the things require to be washed thoroughly to guarantee the cleanliness of the entire place.

Housekeeping Interview Questions


A housekeeping career is a more demanding job that needs a person that’s fully involved & present. Moreover, it also needs a person that’s passionate about what they’re doing & is willing to have anything done. This calls for multitasking, organization & the ability to do workload with priority.

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  3. Housekeeping Supervisor
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