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Google Sheets Personal Use with Example

Google Sheets: Microsoft Excel, which is also known as Excel or MS Excel, is among the extra commonly utilized dominant spreadsheet software which helps us utilize an extensive variety of functions at listed data. This supports above 400 various functions. MIN() role is among the in-built Excel functions, that are simple to use & straightforward. The function is only the contradictory of MAX() function.

Google Sheets Personal Use with Example

What’s MIN Function at Excel?

MIN function refers to an in-built Excel function available in a group of Statistical features of Excel. Distinct from the function MAX, function MIN is majorly utilized to get the smallest or minimum value from the supplied array/data set. This can be useful like a normal worksheet feature within an Excel sheet. This means that one can utilize this specific role as a section of formula in some precise cell of an active sheet.

At financial analysis, one can utilize the function MIN in calculating the minimum salary offered to an employee. The smallest score or marks gotten by students in an exam, the smallest time taken for one to be through with a task, etc.

The function MIN is used in every Microsoft Excel version. These include Excel 2016, Excel 2019, Excel 2013, Office 365, & earlier versions.


Syntax of MIN function at Excel is

Syntax of MIN function at Excel is

Numbers in the syntax above are represented using numeric values, named range, arrays, reference a particular cell, or range comprising of the numbers.

Parameters Arguments

MIN function needs to include one argument and above. This means there should be a compulsory argument. Also, other arguments are noncompulsory.

  1. Optional Argument

This includes number2 & the other subsequent parameters arguments are elective. MIN function operates even if optional arguments aren’t delivered to it. This result depends on a compulsory argument. Noncompulsory arguments are supplied similarly to a compulsory argument.

  1. Compulsory Argument

This number1 argument and it’s a needed argument in the function MIN. It needs to be offered as a named range, a number, a reference, or array to a different number on a sheet.

MS Excel 2003 version supports a maximum of about 30 arguments within one function MIN. Later, this argument’s boundary was enlarged. Excel 2007 version & other improved versions have comes with a maximum limit of about 255 arguments that are supported.


MS Excel MIN purpose returns the smallest/lowest numeric number from chosen data cells or ranges.

Using MIN Function at Excel?

MS Excel MIN role is direct & simple to utilize the in-built function. This function can be used as a distinctive worksheet role within an Excel sheet. Thus we can utilize or use the MIN role as a section of formula in desired cells or cells within a sheet.

To utilize MIN function like formula at simplest kind, we require typing it at a cell consisting of random number values. For instance:

Using MIN Function at Excel

For the example above, the MIN role returns value 1 the reason being it’s the minimal numeric value amongst the 3 stated arguments. But, it’s very rare for dealing with values straight in the function MIN. Usually, we operate on values that are registered in ranges or cells. Thus, we need to follow the steps below to utilize the function MIN & get the lowest & smallest value in the chosen range of data or cells:

  • First, we need to click a particular cell to record the minimal vales & then key in ‘=MIN(‘ minus quotation marks.
  • Then, we require choosing cells or some ranges of numbers in which we need to use the function MIN. One can choose the range of cells using a mouse.
  • Following, we require to key in termination parenthesis ‘)’ minus quotation marks.
  • Finally, we need to press Enter key.
  • An example of data set below, we utilize MIN function at cell A8 & calculate the lowest value amongst values that are registered inside column A. because we’ve values in some variety of cells ranging from A1:A7, we use MIN function same like that in the picture below:

values in some variety of cells ranging

When you key in the Enter button, the function MIN gives the values below as the minimum one in the chosen range.

function MIN gives the values

MS Excel MIN Function Samples

Some essential usage examples or cases of MS Excel MIN role are explained below:

Example 1: Finding Min-Value at a given Group

If one needs to get the minimum value or number in a set of other numbers on an Excel sheet, one needs to apply the function MIN to a whole group via choosing all corresponding ranges or cells. Excel enables us to choose a cells number, columns, and rows.

For example, we’ve got the MS Excel sheet below with student’s exam marks. Supposing we require to get the smallest marks to understand who has attained the smallest marks in this exams.

Finding Min-Value at a given Group

In this example, we’ve marks within the B3:G8 range. Thus, we use the function MIN at this cell range via using a formula resembling this:


function MIN at this cell range via using a formula

Next, we need to key in the Enter button and get the result to the used formula. On pressing Enter button, we get the smallest marks at the whole marks set.

smallest marks at the whole marks set

Example 2: Getting Min Value at Non-Adjacent Ranges/Cells

Instead of using MIN function at all continuous ranges or cells, we sometimes require to get the smallest value non-contiguous/non-adjacent cells & ranges. Thus, we require including some reference to every corresponding cell & range. To choose the needed non-adjacent cells at Excel & apply the function MIN as required, we need to do the steps below:

We need to choose a particular result cell & enter the function MIN inside it. Moreover, after a key in of the starting parenthesis, one requires holding down Ctrl-key at the keyboard & chooses all the needed cells with the help of the mouse inside a sheet.

When every required cell is highlighted, we need to release the Control button & enter closing/ending parenthesis.

After that, we need to key in the Enter button for one to get the results.

With all the steps above, Excel uses the suitable syntax accordingly & offers the required results.

For example, we’ve got the following information set with other students’ marks at every subject & their subject aggregate. With this example, one requires to get the minimal total marks gotten by some student.

non-adjacent columns which includes

Since total marks will be written at non-adjacent columns which includes Column D, J, and G. We need to use the Control button in highlighting the successive cells in the non-adjacent columns. As one uses Ctrl-button & applying MIN function in every these efficient non-adjacent cells. You will have a formula same as this:


MIN function in every these efficient non-adjacent cells

Lastly, you need to key in the Enter button for you to obtain the smallest score gotten by students on every subject of school from the stated total marks list of every subject in the sheet.

total marks list of every subject in the sheet

Example 3: Getting Min Date at Excel

Excel records date as serial numbers, one can use the function MIN in retrieving the smallest or the latest date from a highlighted date set.

For instance, let’s consider the excel sheet below with other products & their dates of delivery. In the example below, we need to understand the 1st product delivery dates, which in different words, remain the initial date.

Getting Min Date at Excel

To get the latest data, we need to use the function MIN same as which we utilize for numbers. Then delivery dates can be registered in cells ranging from C2 – C9. We choose the whole range & apply MIN function similar to this:


MIN same to which we utilize for numbers

When you press Enter key, you will receive get earliest dates of delivery from the chosen range of dates of delivery.

receive get earliest dates of delivery

Example 4: Finding Min value of Range in Cells having Boolean Values

Though Boolean values aren’t usually viewed in Excel, there are cases when we’ve some cells at our information range using Boolean values, & we need to get the smallest value from a range. An example below shows some individual’s scores and in column B, & we need to get the smallest score from a list.

Finding Min value of Range in Cells having Boolean Values

Though we’ve some cells in Boolean numbers, the outcome is achieved via ignoring them. That’s because the function MIN at Excel doesn’t accept or read logical values or Boolean values. This means that, if we use the function MIN in our examples, it ignores the cells that have Boolean values & calculates the outcomes accordingly.

We’ve scored in various ranges of cells from B2 – B9. Thus, we choose the outcomes cell & apply the function MIN of range B2:B9, like displayed below:

MIN of range

Next, just key in the Enter button & get the smallest score from a list,

get the smallest score from a list

And with all that is the way one uses MIN function at Excel.

Some Significant Points to Recall

  • The prevailing Excel version accepts about 255 arguments at some MIN function.
  • To utilize MIN function at Excel minus errors, the facts below needs to be in mind:
  • If there is no argument supplied to some MIN function, this function takes back zero (0) being the output.
  • MIN function at Excel ignores every supplied argument existing as text, empty cells, text values, & logical values including TRUE/FALSE.
  • MIN function just understands numeric values; therefore, it takes back the #VALUE! Error-in accessibility of values that is non-numeric at its arguments.
  • Function MINA is dissimilar from the function MIN. Its primary variance between MIN function & MINA is MINA function assesses FALSE or TRUE values as 0 & 1, while MIN function disregards them. Therefore, one uses MINA functions just if we hope to comprise of logical values at our acquired results.

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